How to enlarge Breasts at home without surgery with the help of hormones, folk remedies, massage, food + reviews

Even in the pursuit of sports, patanatomy the body, no woman is not willing to part with an ample bosom. The size of the bust of concerned women of different ages, and each lady in their own way to solve the problem. Services plastic surgeon, beauty treatments, miracle creams and gels – the choice is wide. However, effective ways to enlarge Breasts at home without any extra expenses and a scalpel.

Natalia Strelnikova

26 Nov 2017

The small breast is not always just a women’s whim. Size, indeed, is lost with age, after feeding, trauma, diet. There are ways to regain rounded and elastic form associated with exercise chest muscles, external and internal maintenance of skin elasticity, stimulation of blood circulation.

5 reasons sensitive issues

A number of factors that often do not depend on the action or inaction of ladies, affect the breast volume. There are five reasons why the bust retains a small size and does not want to grow.

  • Heredity. Breast is kind of crazy as it may sound, is inherited. This does not mean that in the puberty, the girl suddenly becomes mom’s size. However, it is possible to estimate the capabilities of his chest, looking at the female half of the relatives. If mom, grandma, aunt have lush bust fourth or fifth the size, you can count on a raise. “Generic” second size, most likely, will not go any further.
  • The lack of estrogen. Hormones influence breast growth in puberty. To identify the lack of female hormones can only be a specialist after survey, study the results of the tests. Hormonal imbalance is often associated with stress, lack of vitamins and minerals, physical exercise.
  • Diet and thinness. The female breast consists of glands that are activated by lactation, and fatty tissue. Therefore, weight loss fat in the first place leaves the bust. Thinness and forced diets are not increase breast.
  • Sports. At high physical exertion gradually burn off fat throughout the body, including in the mammary glands. It is difficult to train intensively and to grow bigger Breasts. One excludes the other.
  • Young age. Most girls who entered puberty, experiencing different kinds of systems related to appearance. If unformed girl worried about the size of your Breasts, it is patience. The mammary glands are formed to 21 years. Therefore, if in 13 years, the chest is only slightly marked, is not a reason to panic.
  • Small but supple Breasts is not cause for serious concern. Visually enlarge the Breasts without any physical, surgical or cosmetic intervention. Size for the dress is adjusted to a elementary bra with push-up effect.
    Ways to enlarge breast: pros and cons

    Make breast bigger help a set of measures aimed at strengthening the muscles and maintaining healthy skin. Ladies who dream to enlarge their Breasts for two or three sizes in two weeks will likely be disappointed. Cosmetics help to bring the skin in order, and physical activity – muscle tone. If you manage to increase the volume, no more than one size. The effect would disappear very quickly without constant care.


    Many products contain elements and compounds that are useful for breast enlargement. Of course, you should not count on the effect of “rejuvenating apples”: ate the pumpkin, and the next morning woke up with Breasts. However, to include in the diet some products will not be superfluous to maintain the health and beauty of the bust skin. What to eat, tell the table.

    Table – Diet to achieve the rounded shape of the breast

    ProductHow to use
    Fresh greens (lettuce, parsley, cilantro, dill)– Composed vegetable salads;
    – as a seasoning for soups or meat
    Soy– Roast with vegetables;
    – finished milk;
    – as an additive to protein shakes
    Walnuts– As a dessert, mixed with honey;
    – in salads (e.g., beet)
    Pumpkin– In the vegetable casseroles;
    – as a filling for pies
    Dairy products (cheese, yogurt, milk)– In its pure form for Breakfast;
    – as an additive to salads of fresh vegetables
    Spices (fenugreek, fennel, turmeric)– As a complement to the dishes;
    – in beverages, brewing is fennel tea;
    – with steamed vegetables, meat, soy
    Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, beans)As a boiled side dish;
    – part of the veggie burgers, the falafel;
    – in soups;
    – in the form of porridge

    Contrary to well-known rumors, to bust size does not affect:

    • cabbage is a good source of nutrients, but does not affect the breast size;
    • raw yeast dough contraindicated for use, the effect has not, may cause serious disorders in the digestive system;
    • beer is addictive, contains female hormones that contribute to the increase not only breast but also other parts of the body.

    Most of the products “works” only in puberty, when Breasts are not yet formed. This should take into account that rich in estrogen, active substances, fats food will only hasten the process of formation of the breast. Genetically embedded shape will just appear faster, but no more. In addition, your reliance on fatty foods can cause the total set of weight: the bonus will increase hips, waist and shoulders.
    Classic massage

    It is important to massage for breast enlargement not to damage the mammary glands. The skin in the chest area soft, thin and sensitive, so a sudden, rough movement can leave bruising and discomfort.

    Massage helps to adjust the shape of the breast because of the abundant stimulating blood flow. In cells accelerates metabolism, faster is the regeneration of the epidermis, the skin becomes fresh and elastic. In addition, breast massage is the prevention of cancer. There are four ways to massage the breast.

  • Contrast shower. Direct bottom-up sufficient pressure warm water from the nozzle. Make a circular motion, avoiding first one breast, then the second. Gradually reduce the temperature of the water, and then again increase to a warm state.
  • Rubbing. Grasp one breast with his palms top and bottom. Straighten your fingers, make side movements, as if “rubbing” his chest in his hands. Act gently, without effort.
  • Vibration. Tap with fingertips on the chest, avoiding the nipples. Light vibration will provide a rush of blood.
  • Stretching. Move your fingers from the nipple to the base of the breast and axilla. Proceed slowly and carefully, sliding movements.
  • Any massage should be around the nipple area, use a rich cream or vegetable oil for a comfortable slip on leather. The basis is recommended to add essential oils that positively affect the epidermis orange, ylang-ylang, rosemary, geranium. The best time for the procedure – immediately after a warm shower. Much to steam the skin of the breast should not be.
    Home care

    Without natural ingredients anywhere if it comes to female beauty. Enlarge Breasts at home for a couple of sizes with masks is difficult, but it is easy to increase the elasticity and to give freshness to the skin. Recipes treatments with natural ingredients presented in the table.

    Table – Cosmetic products and their use

    Clay maskCosmetic clay;
    – water or milk
    Dilute clay powder with liquid;
    – stir until the state of sour cream;
    – apply to chest and stand for 15-20 minutes;
    – rinse
    Oil compress– Fatty oil;
    – essential oils
    – To use as the basis of olive, sesame, grapeseed or almond oil;
    – the basis to add a few drops of essential oil – ylang ylang, orange, geranium, fennel;
    – RUB the mixture chest, to leave for the night;
    in the morning rinse.
    Apple mask– Apple;
    – butter;
    – med
    To make applesauce;
    – mix with one tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of honey;
    – apply on the chest, leave on for 15 minutes;
    – rinse

    One of the folk remedies is iodine mesh, which is applied with a cotton swab directly on the mammary glands. For women reviews it is quite effective remedy which is worth trying out. You should take into account the peculiarities of tincture of iodine to dry and paint the skin.

    It is recommended to apply iodine grid each day anew, not repeating the previous line. It will protect against possible burn injury. Contraindications: thyroid disease, tumors, lactation. If you are feeling unwell it is better to abandon the procedure.
    A set of exercises

    You can try to increase the volume of the bust with exercise. After several weeks of integrated training chest, most likely, will not change, but the bust will be much larger. The secret is that the mammary glands are attached with connective tissue to the pectoral muscles. With the weakening of muscles glands “SAG” and seem less. Uploaded breast lift and visually enhance the bust. For chest muscles effectively recognized five exercises.

  • The clenching. You can perform sitting on a chair or standing. Bring your hands in front of his nose in “prayer” position. Dilute elbows to the sides, so that the hands looked parallel to the floor. On the inhale squeeze the arms together, without deviating from its original position, count five seconds. On the exhale, relax. To start, repeat ten times, gradually increasing the number in training.
  • Raising the folded hands. Squeeze his hands into fists, fold the forearms together vertically in front of you. The elbow should form an angle of 90°. Slowly lift clasped hands on the inhale, on the exhale slowly lower. The higher the elbows, the greater the muscle tension.
  • Running with dumbbells. Stand straight with dumbbells in hands. Alternately raise the hands from thighs to chest. The greater the weight of the dumbbells, the harder it is to perform the movement, so to start with kilogram weights.
  • Push-UPS. Traditional presses from the chest executed with a focus on socks. For women allowed to rest against his knees. An important condition is fully straightened back without roundness and sagging. Hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width, palms – parallel to each other. When bending the elbows are drawn up and the shoulders become parallel to the floor. You can start with two presses per workout, gradually increasing the quantity.
  • “The wall”. Uprites hands on the wall, slightly bending your elbows, straighten your back. Try to “push” the wall, straining the shoulder and chest muscles. Alternate tension and relaxation. You can do ten times for two-three approach.
  • If you do not want to spend time with boring workouts at home, you can sign up for classes in yoga, tennis, or swimming. Pleasant company, new physical skills, harmony with the body will give a positive attitude, a good mood. As an added bonus will be to support the physical form, strengthening of pectoral muscles.

    Some girls are dreaming to quickly increase breast, appeal to the hormonal method. Hormones from the group of estrogens stimulate breast growth, but to pick up the pills yourself is not recommended.

    Estrogen is not only luxuriant female forms, but also the health, well-being, mood. Hormonal disturbance can badly affect the functioning of the whole organism. Enlarge Breasts using hormones after consultation with a specialist breast physician or gynecologist.

    It is best to combine several ways. Tightening of the muscles in combination with massage and natural masks will produce the desired result. The chest will rise, will gain roundness, the skin is smoothed and becomes elastic. Visually, the bust will appear larger.

    Experiments with medicinal herbs

    Folk medicine offers a way of how to increase bust folk remedies, namely decoctions and infusions of herbs. Plants are full of oils, volatile, fatty acids, phytoestrogens, which composition is similar to female hormones. Herbal infusion will support the bust, will restore women’s health.

    Nettle and lime

  • Prepare dried herbs one teaspoon – lime, nettle, and wormwood.
  • Boil three cups of water, cool down a bit.
  • Brew the herbs in a saucepan, cover with a lid.
  • Leave for an hour.
  • Decant the decoction.
  • On an empty stomach drink one glass once a day.
  • Four weeks make one month break.
  • Hops

  • Pour 20 g cones Cup of boiling water.
  • For at least two hours.
  • Strain through a strainer.
  • Drink half a Cup 40 minutes before each meal. The hops are very bitter to the taste, so in the infusion can add honey.
  • The phytoestrogens contained in hop cones, not only affect the breast growth, but the overall women’s health. Can occur menstrual disorders and General malaise, associated with hormonal surges. Abuse the drink should not be. After a month of use, discontinue for three to four weeks.

  • Prepare 60 g of oregano to one Cup of boiling water.
  • Pour the herb, allow to steep for at least one hour.
  • Strain the liquid through a strainer or cheesecloth.
  • Drink half a Cup three times a day for 15-20 minutes before eating.
  • Mallow

  • Pour two tablespoons of mallow root to three cups of water.
  • Put on fire, boil for 15 minutes.
  • Cool and strain.
  • Drink a glass three times a day before meals.
  • Herbs contain many active substances, therefore, it is necessary to take herbal courses, making a break. When choosing plants, consider the chronic disease and allergies. Before starting the course it is best to consult with your doctor.

    Quick results: visual trickery

    Easiest and laziest way to enlarge breast without surgery is the selection of a suitable clothing. Clothes and accessories are able to visually accentuate the chest, make a figure slimmer. Taking note six tips on how to visually enlarge the Breasts, any girl can achieve the desired forms without much effort.

  • The Empire style. Ideal evening dress in the Empire style (Empire waist and brightly decorated with lush bodice) will mark out the bust. Visually, the figure in the sky, to become slimmer. Due to this, the Breasts seem larger.
  • Formfitting t-shirts and t-shirts. Will suit slender ladies. Clothes with deep V-neck will accentuate even the most modest bust.
  • The ruffles and lace. Solid blouse with lace at the chest will make the bust visually more. For this purpose, suitable lush jabot with ruffles.
  • Bra. The correct bra inserts or push-up are able to visually increase your breast size by 2. Depending on the model, bra supports, lifts, compresses the bust to the center. Linen to choose you need size. Crushing bust disrupts the blood circulation, which is bad for the skin. Bras with inserts are not recommended to wear every day.
  • The drawings and bright colors. Transverse stripes, patterns, drawings in the chest area to visually increase bust. Solid clothing is best to choose bright, soft, white. The color black is slimming, but makes the breast smaller.
  • Sweater. Soft thin sweater, despite the loose fit that gracefully encircle the chest. In the colors should give preference to bright shades.
  • The most important thing is to always maintain the posture, especially sitting all day in an office behind a computer. Beautiful trim figure and emphasize the bust at no extra decorating.

    The magic method how to increase breast girl at home, there is no any changes in the body associated with a genetic predisposition. To regain breast size after pregnancy but is unlikely to increase the natural volume in the genes. You can improve the skin condition, adjust the shape of the breast. The choice of method depends on the age, chronic disease, estrogen levels. Quickly increase the volume of the bust can only use the little visual tricks.

    Reviews and advice

    Super-mask of thick cream! Buy the full-fat sour cream is better in bulk “home”. You can pre-wash the chest with a light scrub. Applied the cream on the entire breast, the décolleté and the neck (and face immediately smeared) took me about 2-3 tablespoons, and wait until absorbed until mask becomes transparent, then rinse with warm water. The skin becomes perfect, like a child, good lifting and the gland increases the volume of the breast. Recommended to do 3 times a week I did through the day, bought for a week 150-200 grams. Very happy, only when you walk or sit with this mask, avoid draughts, it is better to close the window entirely where you sit, can chest freeze! I was experimenting under the mask drenched chest a decoction of hops, or any similar action of the grass very well absorbed the broth. Separately say about the person, although it may not potem, but the glow is provided for the whole day! I did for two months, and I have naturally swelled +1cm, now a month do not and the difference is not so swell, although I drink now weed.


    I want to tell you how much I wanted to enlarge Breasts without surgery and what it led to. Well, I must say that in the cream-gels-other rubbing I initially did not believe, did not use. Tried all sorts of devices, the effect is, but so short that investments are simply not worthwhile and what’s with the breast will then because of this, nobody knows, so I did not continue. After reading about different fitness programs and sports, decided to swim (3 times a week), and six months after the breast volume can increase by one size to achieve good form. But a year swim all summer. I think that you can achieve more without plastics is really impossible.


    I tried to do the exercises at home, but the effect of breast enlargement only got when went to the fitness center and became involved with good weights and they helped me a little to increase the breast volume. So, if you want results, make at least a couple times a week in the gym.


    I believe that enlarge Breasts will help You rod, but if you perform a full set of exercises for the chest with dumbbells including, the result will be. But You must realize that grow to a fifth of the size it does not grow, but will strengthen and become more rounded and will be in the amount of course not much will grow at the expense of muscle.


    Tried a blend of essential oils, creams. Form and so normal. The size is not increased. Only one cream has helped temporarily, I forget the title, I ordered it via the Internet .The Breasts are a little engorged. After getting used to it ,after two weeks, returned to their previous state. Even inside took fenugreek( from peculiar body odor while taking). Not everyone will like it. Plus clover extract. The breast is too engorged ,but then at times before stopping. From hops extract comes from those who are located, cellulite. So probably only eat right and sport. Recommendation to put on weight is not for everyone. The Breasts may increase a bit, but the rest of the body much will get fat and will still be disparity. Maybe better to work on the waist and legs. When a woman is very slim, and the Breasts will seem bigger.


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