How to explain to a child where babies come from?

I was “found in cabbage”, and friend “the stork brought” — so we in our time have the adults explain where babies come from. Interestingly, and as was born female readers of the site ““?

Fantasy our parents were not rich. The most popular version, in addition to the cabbage and the stork, Roma lost, bought, mum swallowed a pill – pink or blue paper.

More advanced parents bought the children books from the series “Where did I come from”, and more advanced children found themselves secretly hidden on the upper shelves of medical encyclopedias and manuals, and clearly familiar with this issue, educating then on the street uneducated.

And how we, modern parents who want to do everything correctly and competently, efficiently and with sense to explain to a child where babies come from? Not from the Internet downloading them?

When to start a conversation on this subject?

Explain to the child 3 to 4 years, where children, not as difficult as it may seem to adults. Baby at this age already understands that everyone is different – there are boys, which later grow up to be men, and there are girls they grow into women.

For a child 3 to 4 years will be an interesting tale where he and his parents are the main characters.

  • Tell us what daddy’s cell (the seed) were in mommy’s tummy and they did such a good girl Mary. In the mother’s tummy to her house there. But it is convenient only for small children. When Mary grew up, wanted to go out. Mom opened the door at the bottom of the belly, and Masha was born!

The main thing that the child understood that he was born to a mom and dad who love him very much.

I think that in this age of such explanations, the child will be enough.

Where are the children: how to explain to the child 4 – 6 years

The child grows with each passing day, he learns. Necessarily affect the subject of sex and childbirth: the kid should know that it is not found in the cabbage, it’s not the stork brings — his birth mother. Seeing a pregnant woman, tell your child that she has a baby on the way. Upon learning that the neighbor’s cat had kittens, too, talk it over.

That is, the child in the head should be delayed information about what give birth to children. You will then be easier to explain to the child 4 – 6 years, where babies come from.

Often moms helps that baby out of the tummy, especially believe that children whose mothers exhibit section scar (from appendicitis) or say that the child get through the belly button.

Of course, at preschool age, when the baby begins to attend a children’s training facility, his curiosity grows – peers. If to 5 – 6 years for a response that children give birth mom was enough for him, now he wants to know not only where babies come from, but how they are born. That is, it is actually interested in the process of childbirth.

How to answer a preschooler to this question?

Perhaps for you the option to tell a child where babies come from.

  • The human body consists of many cells. They are almost the same in all people. But there are those that make a boy a man, and a girl – woman. They are called sex. House for future children among women is in her tummy (here, you can also explain that women’s cells need to keep warm (girls will try not to be nipped by the frost), and the boys allowed them to overheat). When people become adults, cells from the father’s house I want to get acquainted with my mother’s cells. Daddy cuddles close to mommy and let cells out. Here as a competition. All the cells run to my mom’s, and the winner is the fastest and most nimble of the cell. She takes her mother’s cell, and together they travel to mom’s house, joined there, and then turn into a small child.

Then build the conversation as you see fit. If you see that your child is ready to receive and understand information, give “names” cells. The father’s sex cells – the sperm and the mother’s – egg. By the way, the house, where it will grow baby uterus.

Tell your child that after 9 months the baby is ready to be born. The light helps him to see the doctors. Sometimes they do it with surgery – cut the stomach and get the baby, but the wise nature did to the child out of the uterus through the crack, which is located in the abdomen mom.

The older kid can tell that the crack we used to call “pussy”, but she has a more serious title, the vagina, and boys have “penis” – penis.

Tricky children’s questions

Moms are puzzled when the kid asks to see “crack”, where children are born. There is nothing to lose. The answer can be simple:

  • I can’t show you this place because you can’t do that. You know that there are secret places on his body that no one should see. They decided not to show to others. Their children can show mom and dad and the doctor when mom would let.

At the same time specify, if he knows what is secret? As you can see, a double benefit from the conversation – it will protect the child from kindergarten favorite games “doctor”, when needed, to show the place at the reception “doctor”.

The second question is mostly interested in girls. They already told you where babies come from. Still, through such a small hole should be fine. After learning that the baby comes OUT, the kids are wondering if it hurts? The answer is:

  • Yes, it hurt a little bit. But when I saw you I pretty was born, all the pain immediately passed.

Many parents are afraid or don’t feel the need to call private parts by their proper names. But believe me, for children “vagina” and “penis” are the same new words like “liver” or “spleen”.

Better not forget to say that these words when all people say is impossible. And then have the store to blush and turn pale when your child will want to share with everyone that he has a penis and mom’s vagina.

But even if it happened ( knows what kids are unpredictable people), then pull up the child and curse not. Calmly take the kid aside and quietly remind him that adults have the rules of communication and such topics should only communicate with loved ones. To shout about their knowledge of this issue as well ugly, like poking people in the nose.

Junior school

As psychologists say, in elementary school, interest in the topic of where babies come from, a few subsides. This happens not because they already know everything, but because there are new sources of understanding the world – child loaded in lessons, clubs, etc.

It seems that parents can relax and not look for ways to explain to a child 6 – 7 years where babies come from, but at this age psychologists advise to start talking to children about safety.

Do not think that we invite you to talk about safe sex and methods of protection – this topic will be discussed a little later. At this age it is necessary to tell children about pedophiles. Of course, to go into details is not necessary. But the child should know how to behave if a grown man asks him to show something, I will want to hug him or put his hand on an intimate place, etc. That’s what security meant.

Rules for baby how to behave with strangers, you can read in a separate article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

At this age the child already knows that children are born female. If some were sure to get them only cut through the belly, it is time to educate further. Good to have on hand one of the books in the series “Where did I come from?”. Also you can search for cartoons on this topic.

But before you watch them with your child, review them yourself to know how to comment on some points.

Literature on this subject a lot. Well, if the book and the girls will watch mom and boys dad. But if you’re shy parents, simply offer the child a bookthat helps to explain where the child was born.

We can say this:

  • Vanya, here is the encyclopedia, which will help to understand to you, what differentiates girls from boys, and how babies are born. If you would be interesting take, read.

Basically all the books in this series are illustrated in an accessible form – in the form of comics or children’s drawings. Given a simple circuit.

And let the Aussies bring babies in a kangaroo pouch, Georgians – eagle, Roma children in many skirts, and we like the French, we will do them ourselves and will be able to tell a child where babies come from.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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