How to facilitate the acclimatization of the sea to a little kid?

Vacation is the most awaited season. For many, it is associated with sea, white sand, hot sun and bronze sunburn. But these expectations can ruin acclimatization of the sea.

This process is heavier than just tolerate children. The younger the child, the harder the body gets used to the changed conditions. The website “” will talk about how to prepare a toddler to the sea and how to facilitate the process of adaptation of the organism crumbs to the new conditions.

Causes of acclimatization

Hot country – a favorite vacation spot of many Russians. There absolutely other climate, and time zones may be different.

How many unusual food items!

These factors can cause ailments not only kids but also adults.

Our body begins to rapidly adapt to changing conditions. For some, this process is painless, and someone seriously responds to new conditions.

The symptoms of acclimatization

On the second or third day there are the first signs of acclimatization of the sea. Heavier all this process carry the babies. Their immune system is not yet fully formed, so to a different climate to get used harder.

The baby begins to act up for no reason, disturbed sleep. Appears lethargy, runny nose. Baby refuses to eat. May have a fever, and diarrhea with vomiting — a common phenomenon in severe acclimatization.

In preschoolers and schoolchildren the process of habituation is not as painful as in infants. There may be whims, a slight discomfort, but they quickly pass.

Problems can occur with food. In a foreign country with its own kitchen. New dishes children try reluctant or even unable to flatly refuse to eat. To avoid this from happening, bring on the rest of their products (jars of purees, juices, cereals) or try to make something that even remotely would resemble a home-cooked meal, for example, broth or vegetable soup.


At hand should always be antipyretic drugs that give, at high temperature (38 degrees C). If the child complains of abdominal pain, suitable means, improves digestion. Can occur and diarrhea, these drugs are not to be redundant.

With the process of adaptation to changing conditions the body needs to handle himself.

Acclimatization in children of the sea may be delayed for 1-2 weeks. If the condition worsens crumbs, website strongly recommends that your child see the pediatrician.

How to avoid acclimatization of the sea in children

  • Must be the process of preparing for sea. This includes strengthening baby’s immunity with vitamins, hardening. And two weeks before the rest it is recommended to start living a vacation mode: an exception was physical activity, adherence to diet and sleep.
  • The process of acclimatization, the child is almost two weeks, so a short trip is not the best option. In no time the baby’s body to get used to the changed conditions, as it’s time to return home. And the house starts the reverse process – re-acclimatization: after the hot countries the baby begins to re-adapt to the home environment. If you want to get the most from your holiday, relax on the sea for 3-4 weeks.
  • To avoid heavy acclimatization of the child to the sea, try to choose resorts, the climate is not so different from home. In the winter if you decide to go in the hot region, the reaction of child’s organism can be unpredictable. In warm countries it is best to fly in summer.
  • Timezones, too, should not differ greatly, then, to respect the rhythm of sleep and rest the child will be easier.
  • Long flights can have a negative impact on the health of the baby. Better to fly to another country in the evening to the child, and you could relax.
  • In the first days of vacation do not need to immediately flee to the sea or go on trips. Let the baby relax in the hotel. Let him sleep, calm down. You still have time to show him the sea.

  • During the acclimatization year-old child on the sea it is not necessary to change the usual mode of the day, or start to enter the menu of little-known dishes. So you can provoke diarrhea or other unpleasant diseases. Give your baby only bottled water brands tested. The nursing mother must be careful to consider the local dishes, in order not to worsen the condition of your child. As foods take your favorite porridge, puree. The same applies to the nutrition of older children. The usual snacks or other treats, steamed dishes, soups not cause troubles with digestion. Avoid street food, as in many similar establishments food is prepared in full insanitary conditions.
  • During the holidays parents and wants to go on a trip or visit a local dance club. But such campaigns are changing the child’s daily routine. This adaptation of child’s organism may be delayed.
  • All the time remember that the southern sun can be very dangerous! Do not walk with the baby in the sun without a Panama. Sunscreen should also be at hand.

If taken all necessary measures, acclimatization of the child to the sea will take place in a matter of days and not cause any trouble. And when the child was grown, be sure to show him and the sea, and local attractions. Infants, of course, the sea is not interested, but students and preschoolers swimming in the sea bring a lot of pleasant emotions.

The author – Nadezhda Stepanova, site

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