How to fill out the envelopes

Correct filling of the envelope is necessary to ensure that your letter reached the addressee without problems and delays. Rules of filling is particularly important in the modern technologies of sorting mail. Depends on the speed of processing and delivery of your message.
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The question “Who is singing? “2 answer guide 1 In the upper left of the envelope, fill in the address of the sender. Legibly and without abbreviations write your name(surname, name, patronymic). 2 Specify the postal address – street name, house number and apartment number. Write the name of the settlement (town, village, city) and the district name. Be sure to indicate the name of the territory, region, Republic. 3 Specify your index. If you don’t know the index – refer to the post office or help Desk. 4 In the lower right corner in the same way fill in the address of the recipient. The address write legibly in ink or complete the hard copy on the typewriter. 5 In the code stamp complete the index, respecting the stylization of the figures. If the numbers do not match the sample, your letter will not be able to pass the test. Related videos Please note In the territory of the Russian Federation information about the sender and recipient on the envelope fill in Russian. In case of international delivery address please write in Latin letters in English. Sources:

  • an envelope how to complete in 2018

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