How to find a job introvert?

Today’s article on the “Beautiful and Successful” will be about how to find a job introvert – vulnerability, self-absorbed and extremely closed person. Because such qualities are often not something that the team can’t get along, but even a confident interview can be difficult.

And if possible, at work we have to literally suffer, experiencing constant stress and nervous diseases. For psychological comfort the introvert need special working conditions and occupation.

Introvert is not a sin, but a lifestyle

According to scientists, introversive and extraversive psychological personality types can easily “coexist” in one person, but one always prevails. You cannot be half introvert and half extrovert, a type often manifests itself in a variety of situations.

Introverted (focused inwards) is experiencing discomfort in active communication with a large number of people constantly refuses to corporate events, during communication loses a lot of energy, and rejuvenate can only be alone or at home.

That is why the job for introverts is not for all.

Personal qualities: isolation, unsociable

Many psychologists agree that introverts just do not fit the sales, as there is such important skills as improvisation and free communication.

In addition, the introvert’s hard to take a leadership position, but, at the same time, such individuals make good managers if they have to deal with people and objects.

Although the work for uncommunicative introvert, not associated with people today are hard to find.

It is also believed that introverts and large corporations – are incompatible, the work of the psychologist is for him and did a very painful lesson, and tutoring will develop an internal alarm, as you’ll have to let strangers into personal space.

The answer to the question, what kind of work is suitable for introverts, is simple – the minimal interaction with people.

Great area for interaction with machines (IT and computer-aided manufacturing), plants (landscape design, Botanical garden) or animals (veterinary).

Strengths of the introvert:

  • creativity, creativity
  • a good memory
  • analytical skills
  • a deliberate decision

Networking and well-prepared improvisation

A high degree of competition today is not on the side of the introverts, because extroverts more likable in the background closed and even a little “retarded” applicants.

But still to find a suitable job for the introvert can be, if you follow a few tips

  • Networking is a salvation unemployed introvert. The point is to find a job through acquaintances of the people. At the same time check whether the “rule of five degrees of separation”. Actively use the Internet: speak about seeking a job in social media. Make it creative (write, for example, video resume, our tips on how to do it, read here) – likes and reposts you provided. During the period of temporary unemployment loans their personal accounts make them more presentable.
  • Communicate with hiring Manager over the phone. If call caught you off guard, don’t be shy to ask for a moment to take his notes and gather my thoughts. But remember that the work associated with the phone, for introverts is not suitable.
  • If you schedule the appointment, make sure the interview was held with the employer alone. A large number of people in the room will not play with you. The ideal option is a Skype interview.
  • All the information that you need in a personal meeting with the employer (as in the case of a telephone conversation), write it down in Notepad. Duplicate a brief summary, write down your strengths, professional accomplishments, benefits – in General, everything what is being asked during the interview.
  • Psychologists, talking about what kind of work suits introverted of introverts, I come to the conclusion that this is any position where you want to analyze. Therefore, in the interview ask more questions (make a list in advance), of course, if your interlocutor is not an introvert ? Concentrate on working moments, show that the work is interesting to you in advance “dig” the maximum information about the company, come up with some interesting ideas. The employer is sure to appreciate it, and you will be able to parry in case of tricky questions.
  • During the interview, show your full potential and don’t take multiple interviews in one day – you will need at least one night to recuperate.
  • Remember that to find a job pronounced introvert is simply vital this, so she charged it with energy, and didn’t take her. Otherwise every night you’ll feel like a squeezed lemon.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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