How to find and calculate Alphonse and how to break up with him

You know, what is the most offensive insult for a man? No, not a mention of one of the members of the order Artiodactyla! And not even a hint of signature of the lack of “cubes” on the belly! And this is the word “gigolo”. One who corrects his financial situation at the expense of a woman in love.

And hurt by this word not work… only the gigolo! As long as there’s love and wealth, these scoundrels will not run out! Our task is to calculate Alphonse. How – read on!

Varieties of Gigolos

To see Alphonse in a cute guy you can the sooner, the more you know about the habits of these scams at all! Thus, the main varieties:

“Honest” Alphonse

Also known as “gigolo”. Rare subspecies of Alfonso, who does not hide their selfish intentions! “Target audience” of these subjects – the ladies consciously “buy” the illusion of love, or at least courtship.

Contrary to popular belief, a gigolo is not a “male prostitute” for one night. In addition to sexual relations, he can do everything what the woman expects from the gallant cavalier to say her compliments, to escort to social events, even to give gifts (of course, generously pays for itself due to the “remuneration”). The contract with the “client” is not a gigolo, but both sides of the “deal” in General it is clear what is happening. The classic “employer” gigolo – a lady of a certain age, who for some reason imagined that sincere affection men it does not Shine.

If you don’t show Gigolos their interest in his “services”, then he’s quickly restrained himself – a deception in its tasks not included!

The resort Alphonse

That’s really who was the cause of bitter breath of a million lovers of adventure under the southern sun! The traditional scenario – lost on vacation vigilance she meets on the beach (disco, bar,…) with a cute local resident, who turns her head… But, unfortunately, forgets wallet at home, the money in it! The hour of departure, the lovers exchanged addresses and phones… And then it turns out that the address of Ahmed Ibn Mustafa is not living, and the phone is no longer in service operator…

To see Alphonse this breed, getting to know the resort, immediately find out about a new acquaintance the most information (get, for example, to show a passport or other documents), and do not believe the tales about forgotten purses! If so you want to spend money – pay for themselves, and in any case, for two!


The one that gets acquainted for a particular purpose – for example, “nakladove” you have a cell phone. And disappearing for achieving this result. Calculate Alphonse-“Sprinter” can be pretty fast – he’s not going with you six months for the pen to go! Clear signs – in the first week of Dating he tells tragicthat he had serious problems in life, in which he is absolutely not guilty: skunk-head was fired, the creditors will threaten violence, Cartaromana kicked out, if he doesn’t pay for a month and .t.p. And we can only help you! Of course, he will return! As soon as possible!

In such a situation, you just have to wait and see the reaction. If the guy really has issues, but he values relationship with you and doesn’t want them to tear down, decide all by myself! And if it’s Alphonse, then, seeing that the effort and artistic talent go to waste, he hurried to disappear from your horizon. Another to look for gullible!

Alphonse-“marathon runner”

This will not be the niggle of phone type! His goal is to live at your expense. Happily ever after.

This gigolo to calculate just difficult – it rubbed you the confidence, and the first couple of months or longer, no “anomalies” for it is not usual. And then… for example, it is fired. And he begins a long and tedious, with sighs and complaints to look for work. You run in circles, comforting (and, of course, containing – temporarily!) a loved one. The job search is delayed… Or, on the contrary, terminates the employment on the position of the wiper. Well, I think that his salary five times your below!

“Marathon man”, in contrast to the “Sprinter”, and did not think to leave you – why did he have to lose your loving “nurse”!? The duration of this story depends on your patience.

“The fortune hunter”

Perhaps the most ancient form of Alfonso. Fear him you should, if the dowry really is – real estate, auto, financial status, etc. Marriage swindler encroach on the most sacred page “marital status” in your passport! And it is unlikely he will delay the offer hands and hearts! Hastily made an offer – has a reason to see male gigolo. But then he wants to get a divorce. Successfully and profitably!

So if you’re “the enviable bride”, think in advance about the legal part of marriage – for example, make a prenup with these terms for a divorce that would satisfy you! And in any case, do not hurry to rewrite her husband own property! And a warning about the formalities of the beloved is before you go to the registry office – if he married you, not your dowry, it is formalities and will remain!

How to recognize Alphonse at an early stage

All these scams there are two stages of relationship with you: “introductory-romantic” and “financially practical”.

First (at least on the first date!) Alphonse is almost impossible to calculate – it is nothing of the sort from you wants, on the contrary, by all means strive to gain your sympathy. This stage lasts the longer, the more serious his plans for your financial resources. Alphonse accumulating credit your trust – you don’t much give a man who was seen a few times? But if you have some no common history, and the “credit limit” increases!

But in the second stage, you may notice signs that you can learn by Alphonse:

  • Complaints on a no-win situation that could be solved with money.
  • Statements about your unique role in his life. Because like all men are bastards and traitors, he never will!
  • Permanent total impecuniousness. Those “forgotten” wallets, the reluctance to go to those places where you have to pay for ticket, dinner, travel, it ceases to give you anything, as before, to pay for two etc.
  • Direct requests to pay for it, buy or give him anything (albeit with a promise to return the money).

And another good “antalfalva” prevention – more about it to find out. Alarming symptom if a guy hasn’t introduced you to any of his surroundings in order to refrain from Dating your relatives, friends, etc. Look under some pretext in his papers and try to remember the maximum data (and not only funny pictures with protruding tufts!).

To see Alphonse, you can even arrange for a little test – ask most men in debt. Not too much, but not quite a penny. It is unlikely that he will want to spend money, until he got with you “dividends”!

Well, if you know his place of work or study (and not with his words! You can look into the foyer named the man of the organization and politely ask the receptionist if it works here?). A source of interesting information could be the Internet why don’t you check the accounts in social networks, Dating sites…

Our female site advises not to consider these actions shameful! It’s not espionage, and personal safety measures. Better to calculate gigolo, than to suffer being deceived!

What if you “took the bait” Alphonse?

What are your actions if the time to calculate Alphonse failed and you were deceived? First, don’t blame and don’t be ashamed of yourself! It can happen to every woman – as a broken heel that was stolen in the tram purse, not the weather service predicted rain…

Second, don’t be afraid to give the case a resonance! Of course, to return something that was given with your consent, the law is difficult. Consult with a competent lawyer – whether it is possible to prove the fact of fraud and to expose the gigolo? Well, if we can find other women who were also victims of this man.

But, in addition to material damage, Alphonse can cause a cardiac wound. To cure it – time and… a new love!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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