How to find the man for serious relations?

The majority of women sooner or later there comes a time in life, when you finally want to find a man for serious relationship to really, to the whole of life to in the future wedding and kids together…

Where to look and how to identify the men ready for a serious relationship, will tell the website ““.

Look for the man, not the relationship!

The main mistake many women they start dreaming about some “serious” format of relationship, not even having to accept a particular man, with whom you want to bring to life all these dreams of “gravity”! That is, a woman can think up a scenario of how it should occur and to develop, it could be called “serious relationship”, and then frantically to find someone who will behave in this scenario.

“I will meet serious man to somewhere for a business lunch, the first three dates we will be in different restaurants on the third date he will kiss me a pen, on the tenth we can agree to sex, a “serious” man will always have time to call, he will not leave me without texting before bedtime, he will ask me out on a date not less than four days, he wants to meet my parents, and certainly not later than a year we will have a beautiful wedding. That is a serious relationship. Here it is reasonable and correct. Here’s the kind of man we need to look. And do not care that after a casual acquaintance with some long-haired dude with a guitar who suddenly suggested we go to eat ice cream in the Park, something in your heart skipped a beat… it’s not serious, so serious relationships are not, I imagine all the different planned!.. But the Manager seems to be perfect – no awkward impromptu ice cream does not allow, I think, we really can be… it is certainly a bit of a nerd, but a relationship that develops — as in the book it is written!”

Here lies the mistake. To have everything really – with mutual feelings, mutual trust and support, with a desire to be around for a long time and create interesting joint future – it is not necessary to think in advance of some scenarios and rules.

When going steady with a loved one – trust me … you will feel it and will not go wrong! And while you’re thinking about how to find a man for serious relationship, then get rid of the stereotypes about the “seriousness”: look for someone with whom you feel good, easy and fun!

Prolonged and really intimate relationship possible between people who are congenial to each other. How to properly and well implemented your boyfriend prescribed the script for “a serious relationship”, if you don’t share intimacy, the understanding without words – sooner or later this relationship will be painful. And if there is understanding without words – the scripts-you don’t need!

Where to find the man for serious relations?

This is a question that has no answer. There is no place on the globe where single men go with the label on his forehead “ready for a serious relationship!”.

Ask acquaintances of the couple – where they met? I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of different answers ranging from Dating to social networks and ending with different accidents of the type Dating to the subway, etc.

To find a man for serious relations is possible in the same place and a man for frivolous – that is, anywhere! Dating with the opposite sex happen absolutely anywhere – at work or at school, on the street, in different companies etc. Until you start to communicate with a specific person, you don’t know whether he is thinking about what his life could be in a serious relationship.

Don’t avoid Dating, be open to people – quite possibly, your happiness goes with you same morning bus, or in the next room. In his forehead not light “Free and want to marry.” Very often it happens that a man does not want and does not intend anything serious, that is considers himself as not ready for a relationship, but falls in love and radically changes your priorities…

Look for someone with whom you feel good. And then decide what you want from this man – a short whirlwind romance, just friendship or a long family happiness…

But, of course, is to understand that there are places where having a serious relationship do not look: night clubs, bars and pubs, etc. on the one hand, to meet someone simple, but there you guys go to to pick up a girl for the night or “hang out” for a while.

Find in the club a man for serious relationship is how to find an artist among the blind or a musician among the deaf. If you find there is someone who after some time will offer you my hand and heart – it would be a rare exception!

A good option, where you can find a man for serious relationship Dating sites. Of course, even among those men who write in the survey that looking for a serious relationship, a lot of liars, cheaters and just plain weird types that you probably will not be interested, but all of these people are fairly easy to measure and weed out literally after a short exchange of messages.

How to find the man for serious relations? Don’t be afraid of new people, often there are “people”, expand your social circle… And that’s when the knights will begin to be interested in you, seek among them with whom you will be comfortable – and your relationships themselves will begin to develop at the pace and direction as you’d like!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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