How to fix credit history: tips for women

In his quest for perfection, we know dozens of ways to improve anything from recipe signature salad to family relationships. And let men better than we know how to build a career and earn money, but we know exactly how best to control the family budget.

The stereotype that we are prone to spontaneous rash purchases, is obsolete as the modern woman is guided easily in terms of installments and loans, monitoring of promotions and discounts, and make justified decisions, especially when it comes to major purchases.

Sometimes for such purchases or, say, repair we issue a credit — so we receive credit history. This is a report about how and when the credit was taken, as he repaid, if there was any delinquency penalties. In history are recorded and repaid, and existing loans.

Before you decide on a loan (whether by cash or by card), the Bank analyzes credit history in order to understand whether to trust the new borrower. Interestingly, it’s not just about whether to give or not to give credit, but on his terms. If you in the past enjoyed a loan and promptly repaid it, it means that you have a good credit history and you can negotiate the lowest possible interest rate or a greater loan amount.

For example, a consumer loan for a borrower with good credit history can be issued in the amount of 200 thousand rubles at the rate of 28%, a borrower with bad credit history is not issued at all or in the amount of 100 thousand to under 35% plus one-two guarantors.

Life situations are different, and if you’ve in the past had problems with repayment of the loan, this does not mean that the Bank’s door are closed for you forever: just need to know how to fix credit history.

Of course, delete anything, but for starters you can query the document and independently verify their credit history for errors. If you find inconsistencies — this is rare, but it happens — it is possible to address in Bank and to require changes, unless of course they are documented.

Then to regain a good reputation as a borrower should apply for a small loan and repay it in a timely manner. So your credit history will be a new positive facts, and this will definitely increase the chances that in future the Bank will give you and larger the loan on favourable conditions.

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