How to flirt via correspondence?

From the correspondence in social networks and on Dating sites in our time, begins many romantic stories. How to flirt via correspondence, to interest the guy in further acquaintance and development of relations – to tell original women’s website ““.

Flirt via correspondence: “defense” and “attack”

Flirting between a man and a woman – is a fascinating intellectual “match”!

Flirting, both of you suit each other a makeshift check – how thin the source is able to make jokes (and understand the subtle jokes) how gracefully does hints, where vis is the line between acceptable poignancy and vulgarity in communication, etc.

Interesting, fun flirting possible when they have roughly equal intellectual and cultural level, and can wittily to “juggle with words”, while not slipping in rude harassment.

The concept of any flirting is an ancient game: “man follows the woman pretends that runs away”. And then there is a tricky point that is important to understand!

The fact that a woman is flirting, always understand what “the chase” — not really that cavalier to “catch up” at any time when it so wishes. But for men – it’s all real: because the lady can the gate turn to if something goes wrong!

From this we can deduce two strategies of flirting with a guy by correspondence — the “attack” and “defense”:

  • In “the attack” plays the one who initiated the flirting. In the case of the online correspondence is the one who wrote the first. In the classic version of “the attack” — it’s a strategy: when a fellow tells a woman that he likes her. Compliments, suggestions, meetings, various issues (in response to which the interviewee can tell you about myself) are the elements of “attack”.
  • “Protection” is a strategy for girls. In the “defense” need to take a compliment (not necessarily answering the compliment!), gracefully reject too persistent hints and requirements of reciprocity, but to make it clear to the interlocutor that you are not against the continuation of communication.

And the “attacker” and “defender” flirting, can you tell us about yourself in a positive way – in fact, it’s one of the purpose of flirting: to interest the interlocutor in her persona.

The girl in this sense is easier: any voiced her positive fact about yourself in effect can safely be multiplied twice or three times! It is meant that the guy priori infatuated, and it is in his interest to respond so enthusiastically whether he’s interested in a relationship with this girl.

Another point – the objectives of men is to do “easy flow”: that is, to ask questions, in response to which she will be able to tell about myself something good.

Might look like a flirt by correspondence? Example:

  • Guy: “you do anything like but study?”
  • Girl: “I started dancing, I want to take part in the presentation in six months.”
  • Guy: “Wow, you’re so beautiful, and even dancing – I’m sure you have good plastic movements, in the speech you will certainly be the best! I’ve always liked girls who can dance!”

But if a man describes themselves and their achievements, then it will be harder in response, she is not obliged violently to admire, and it can react calmly and modestly. Of course, a smart guy will realize that even if an instant “wow!” followed by something about the interviewee still put another “plus” in his favor.

But man, it is important not to cross the line beyond which the stories themselves become annoying bragging.

How to flirt with a man correctly on correspondence?

The meaning of flirting correspondence is to get to know each other better and to interest the interlocutor himself. In fact, flirting is a fellowship of men and women before between them will start a relationship. The communion of two lovers cannot be called flirting – because “pursuit” is completed.

So learning how to flirt with a guy by correspondence, before making his return?

  • Remember that you it is absolutely nothing that is not promised – so do not have to. Including – you don’t have to keep up a correspondence, if it gets you boring and uninteresting. You are the master of ceremonies at the festival – and to fill the awkward pause witty remarks are not required. In principle, this task is a guy to look for a more interesting interlocutor, the topic, make jokes and entertain the girl with whom he wants to communicate.
  • Of course, you can answer some questions with emoticons or one-word answers. But if you want to show a guy that you are interested in this correspondence, we still do not avoid the more extensive remarks in the dialogue. In the end, men are people too – they feel uncomfortable to continue the flirting, if you do not understand, how it reacts companion. Real communication is easier when you can see the facial expressions of man and his behavior. Flirting with a man via correspondence still requires some verbal expressions of interest in communication.
  • From the girl flirting is communication, as long as the man himself begins to translate the conversation on romantic themes. If he does not yourself, then perhaps he doesn’t want to flirt, so to do the first hints of something more than just correspondence, it is not necessary.
  • Correlate your real desires about the further development of relationships and how that’s what you mean man. For example, it’s silly to stretch the flirt on correspondence a bit longer if you have already agreed on the offer to meet. Playing “hard to get moral” men feel and usually do not like. For a long time to keep a man in uncertainty, if in fact you have already figured out for yourself – this is not the behavior of a “good girl” and ugly affectation.

How to flirt with a guy by correspondence, does not exactly teach any one textbook! But you are without difficulty able to master this art and start to get flirting fun — just practice!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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