How to freeze in the freezer peppers for the winter: whole, halves, fresh, how to cook cake mix in the pan, the oven, slow cooker

Bell pepper in strategic vegetable stock for the winter is not the last place. The benefits of prefabricated home is much more than store-bought. Experienced mistress knows how to freeze peppers in the freezer for the winter, so that seasonal vitamin store, and place in the chamber for other products leave.

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The content of the article

  • 1 Useful properties and composition of vegetable
  • 2 Advantages of freezing
  • 3 Rules for the preparation of fruits
  • 4 How to freeze peppers in the freezer for winter in different ways
    • 4.1 Entirely
    • 4.2 Cubes or strips
    • 4.3 With fresh herbs
    • 4.4 In the form of meats for stews
    • 4.5 Baked
    • 4.6 Stuffed
  • 5 storage of vegetable semi-finished product
  • 6 Reviews: “it Turns out crumbly, not sticky”

Frozen cubes, whole fruit or halves of sweet pepper — a convenient preparation for the winter for soups, stews, steamed vegetable dishes and meat in a pot. Suitable for harvesting ripe, not cracked pods with thick walls that do not have stains and damage. Only such fruits have excellent flavor even after freezing and thawing.

Useful properties and composition of vegetable

Bell pepper is not only colourful, fragrant and tasty vegetable, but also useful. Even frozen it retains most of the vitamins, minerals. Pepper is rich in minerals such as sodium, iodine, calcium, selenium, potassium. Vitamins include: Riboflavin, vitamin a, ascorbic acid. Regular consumption of sweet fruits can protect the body from stress and depression, restore immunity, improve brain function. In more detail the composition and use of the product disassembled in the table.

Table — the Content of nutrients in bell peppers and their effect on the body

CompositionQuantity per 100 g, mgEffect on the body
Vitamin PP1,2— Participates in metabolic processes;
— stabilizes the nervous system;
— normalizes cholesterol in blood
Vitamin A0,33— Participates in the normalization of metabolic processes;
— slows the aging process;
— increases the production of sex hormones;
— stimulates the formation of new cells
Vitamin B10,1— Restores the protective function of the body;
— promotes the regeneration of tissues and organs;
— stimulates brain activity
Vitamin B60,5— Helps the absorption of protein and fat;
— involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids;
— normalizes the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system
Vitamin B9 (folic acid)0,017— Responsible for the functioning of the immune and circulatory systems;
— participates in DNA replication;
— involved in the production of amino acids, the “hormone of happiness” serotonin, adrenaline
Vitamin C250— Responsible for the condition of the hair, skin, nails;
— improves immunity, helps the body to resist various infections;
— regenerates cells and tissues;
— involved in the production of hormones;
— normalizes metabolism
Calcium8— Strengthens bone and muscle tissue;
— regulates blood clotting;
— responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels;
— stimulates the nervous system;
— activates enzymes and hormones
Sodium19— Normalizes the acid-alkaline balance;
— stimulates the nervous and muscular tissues;
— responsible for process production of saliva, gastric juice
Potassium163— Normalizes water-salt balance and heart function;
— prevents the occurrence of seizures;
— supplies brain cells with oxygen;
— reduces swelling
Magnesium11— Stimulates brain activity and improves memory;
— prevents depression, helps to deal with stress;
— regulates the thyroid gland and muscles
Phosphorus16— Normalizes metabolic processes;
— responsible for growth of the organism;
— strengthens bones;
— stimulates brain activity
Iron0,6— Helps to carry oxygen to the cells;
— part of the blood;
— responsible for the production of thyroid hormones;
— promotes the absorption of b vitamins

Sweet peppers, in addition to minerals and vitamins, is almost completely digested, also contains endorphins — “hormones of joy”. After eating a few slices, you can improve mood, get rid of the Blues. Thus, in contrast to the high-calorie chocolate, healthy vegetable will never be the cause of extra inches at the waist.The advantages of freezing

Knowing how to freeze fresh peppers for the winter, you can stock up on half-finished almost to the next harvest. Removed from the freezer green red or yellow slices can then be used for frying, simmer in a pan, boil the meat in the soup. Mistress, there are the following advantages of freezing.

  • The preservation of vitamins. When freezing does not occur thermal processing of vegetables, whereby the valuable substances are preserved.
  • The availability and cheapness of the method. Grow a crop of peppers in the garden, the balcony or in the greenhouse, it is possible to inexpensively provide the family with preparations for the winter.
  • Save time when cooking. Freeze cleaned and cut fruits, you can speed up the cooking of vegetable soup, stews, or stuffed peppers, just get the semi-finished product from the freezer.
  • Confidence in the quality. Prepare the peppers yourself, you can be sure that the product is frozen and thawed only once, and the trade went only fresh fruit.

If the technology freeze is made all the rules, sweet pepper not only preserve the color and shape, but also your specific taste, rich aroma.Rules for the preparation of fruits

Wondering how to freeze peppers for the winter, the hostess usually choose from two available methods: freezing whole vegetables or cut into pieces (cubes, strips, quarters). The choice depends on the future goals of the use of prefabricated:

  • the fruits of the whole — used for stuffing, filling with minced meat with rice and vegetables;
  • cubes and slices — add when cooked in soups, stews, saute and stew, used for stewing, baking.

To freeze peppers for the winter is successful, the vegetables are pre-selected, ready. Adhere to the following principles.

  • Selection in appearance. Select heavy, large fruit with green stems, culling instances with patches, cracks. These pods will not lose shape when frozen due to its thick walls will retain more vitamins.
  • Remove internal parts. After culling, the fruits are washed, remove the legs, cut out the partition. Seeds are carefully cleaned. Do it better with your fingers, not a knife, not to damage the wall.
  • The elimination of the excess moisture. After cleaning the peppers are washed again, then wipe with a paper towel, piece of fabric, dried. It is important that inside there was not a drop of water.
  • Sort by function. For freezing entirely, take a long, conical fruit is medium in size. For stews, salads, sautéed select varieties different color to the finished dish turned out bright.

Many Housewives are wondering whether you can freeze hot peppers. Technology procurement Chile is practically no different from the freezing of its Bulgarian “relative”. Little pods washed, dried, ice pieces or as a whole. However, some still pre-boil the fruits of chili pepper for two to three minutes to remove excess bitterness.How to freeze peppers in the freezer for winter in different ways

To freeze peppers at home you will need a freezer and a variety of containers: trays, packages, containers. So that the fruit does not stick to the pallet, its bottom made of clean cotton cloth. All utensils must be dry, preferably sealed. Depending on the preferences of households and the purpose of use vegetables, harvest methods, described in detail below.


Features. To freeze the peppers whole for winter is not difficult, even in the complete absence of culinary skills. Before use, the workpiece must be removed from the freezer, drop in for a few minutes in cold water. These “cups” can be easily stuffed meat, preparing then according to the usual hostess recipe.

You will need:

  • bell peppers the same size — any quantity;
  • clean water;
  • tight packages with strings or clasps.


  • Prepare the required number of sweet peppers of any color.
  • In a large pot pour water, put on stove, wait until boiling.
  • The washed and dried fruit without partitions and seeds carefully placed in a pot, boil for about a minute.
  • Vegetables get, turn on cloth and dried. Moisture inside the pods removed with a tissue.
  • Put dry fruits in one another “engine”, combining five to seven pieces.
  • The workpiece is placed in plastic bags, to the maximum removing them from the air, close the zipper.
  • Place in the freezer.
  • To “cups” do not stick together and not frozen in the film, on the first day of freezing them every three to four hours take out, stir slightly, not opening packages.

    Cubes or strips

    Features. Pepper, frozen pieces of any shape, takes up less space in the freezer, used in various culinary recipes. The procurement process takes approximately 48 hours. Store cubes or sticks in the container, a special package, just wrapped in plastic wrap.

    You will need:

    • sweet Bulgarian pepper — 1 kg;
    • packages or containers for storage.


  • Pre-prepared fruits of any color, cut with a sharp knife into four or six parts.
  • Flush from juice, dry slices.
  • Now, each slice cut into thin strips or rings (for pizza), diced (for soup), rectangular bars (for the stew).
  • Put the pieces in bags or suitable containers, send in the freezer.
  • Every half hour, remove the container, shake it several times to cubes or slices, not frozen, not turned into a lump. Go to a full freeze.
  • Check that the lids of containers tightly closed and in bags leave no gaps. Failure to comply with technology-frozen green pepper slices will become dry and tasteless, will lose nutrients.With fresh herbs

    Features. To cook frozen peppers you can even with herbs for example parsley and dill. This billet will remain aromatic even after long storage in the freezer. Herbs should be taken fresh, just picked from the garden.

    You will need:

    • bell pepper — 2 kg;
    • dill — 150 g;
    • parsley — 150 g


  • Greens sort, wash, pour in five or ten minutes with clean water in a bowl.
  • Drain the water, pour new, steep for another 15 minutes.
  • Remove from the bowl the dill and parsley, shake the beams, slightly dry. Now chop with a knife.
  • Prepared sweet pepper cut into slices of any shape.
  • Take two trays or tray, cover with a cloth. On one thin layer of smooth greens, on the other lay the pieces of pepper.
  • Freeze in the freezer day, occasionally shaking the trays to prevent sticking.
  • Remove the trays, combine herbs and vegetables. Mix raspakujte in portioned packages, securely seal it.
  • Store in the freezer.
  • In the form of meats for stews

    Features. Freeze can not only peppers, and other vegetables from the garden. Cooking winter stews, this cuts much easier and faster. Just have to add in the pan the spices, some water and salt to make a fragrant dish with vegetables. To keep the workpiece can be up to the next harvest, tightly Packed in the container.

    You will need:

    • bell pepper — eight the fruit;
    • young the eggplants — three pieces;
    • tomatoes — five pieces;
    • the young zucchini — two pieces;
    • green peas — two cups.


  • Wash the pepper, remove the partitions and seeds, dry on a towel.
  • Zucchini and eggplant (previously well soaked in salted water) peeled, cut into thin circles with a thickness of 0.8-1 see
  • Dense tomatoes cut into circles, without removing the skin.
  • Polka dots iterate from Sora, washed and thrown back in a colander.
  • Every vegetable placed in separate packages, placed in the freezer. Every half hour take out, shaken.
  • After five or six hours, when all the products will freeze and become solid, pour them into one container, stir.
  • Put in a large tight bag or container, put into the freezer for storage.
  • Another simple recipe of mixed vegetables for soup: freeze grated one carrot, chopped one diced onion, one diced bell pepper and a small bunch of chopped greens. Process the vegetables separately, then mix, place in the package. You can add in a “soup set” frozen pieces of broccoli, cauliflower.


    Features. Bulgarian peppers can be frozen not only fresh, but also baked. Such preform in winter, thawed in the microwave, seasoned with garlic, vegetable oil and spices served as a separate dish or additive to garnish.

    You will need:

    • sweet peppers of different colors — any quantity;
    • the container for storage.


  • Pre-cleaned and washed the pepper spread on a baking sheet.
  • Sent the whole vegetables in the oven for 40 minutes, heating it to 180 °C.
  • Take out peppers and put in a saucepan, insist under the lid for half an hour.
  • Remove the fruit from the peel, put in dry container, close airtight lid.
  • Put into the freezer for storage.
  • Stuffed

    Features. You can freeze peppers for the winter semi-stuffed meat with rice and vegetables. This dish will only take out of the fridge, cook on the stove or in a slow cooker in a favorite recipe. The only drawback — stuffed peppers take up much space in the freezer, but the taste is worth it.

    You will need:

    • pepper — ten pieces;
    • pig-ground beef — 0.5 kg;
    • round rice — 100 g;
    • onion — one;
    • carrots — one;
    • seasonings;
    • salt;
    • vegetable oil.


  • Pepper clear from the stalk, seeds and partitions.
  • Carrot grate, onion finely chop and fry the vegetables in vegetable oil.
  • Boil the rice until soft, drain, rinse.
  • Add in minced carrot and onion fried, rice, spices, and salt. Mix the ingredients with your hands.
  • Nafarshiruyte every fruit, lightly tamping the stuffing with your fingers.
  • Put it in a bag, send it to freezing.
  • Additionally, some Housewives boil the peppers in boiling water three or four minutes, then stuffed. Others add in minced meat the garlic, egg, fresh herbs to taste.

    Storage of vegetable semi-finished product

    Freeze peppers for the winter at temperatures from -19 °C to -23 °C. this range allows you to save all valuable properties of the fruit. The shelf life of this piece while in the freezer for five to six months. The taste and aroma remain the same, not changed even after defrosting.

    Storage duration depends on the temperature in the freezer. Recommended indicators and timing listed in the table.

    Table — storage Time for frozen pieces of peppers

    Storage temperature, °CThe shelf life of pepper, months
    -6Not more than 1
    -12About 3-4
    From -18 and aboveFrom 6 to 12

    Knowing how to freeze peppers for the winter, you can easily stock up on vitamin semi-finished products until the next harvest. If you follow all the rules of the workpiece, it is easy to ease the process of cooking delicious and healthy meals, even defrosting vegetable cubes. It takes only a few seconds of holding them under running water, pour in the soup or vegetable mixture.

    Reviews: “it Turns out crumbly, not sticky”

    This is a mandatory billet I have every year, we love and soup, and fresh cabbage salad (for him specifically doing a mix of peppers of different colors). Recently I learned that to freeze the peppers you need in a wide open container, this increases the content of vitamin C. So, then slightly pulling the strips of pepper and pour in convenient packages, otkolupyvat in winter, nothing is necessary, pepper is easy to type as you need.


    The last couple of years is also adapted to freeze the peppers (used preserved). I’m much easier to freeze the peppers, diced. I don’t plansyou and virtually dry. Just thoroughly washed, cut into cubes , spread on a towel, slightly promaktiv, removing excess moisture. And then immediately spread on a cutting Board and put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Is currently preparing another batch of pepper. 20 minutes later, pepper was already podmorozit and it can pour in the package. So pepper turns crumbly, not sticky with each other, it turns out crumbly, not sticky with each other.


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