How to get a man to chase you: tricks of flirting

To get a man to chase him, of course, does not mean to walk up and say, “come, run with me, and that’s the problem!”. So interesting! But much more interesting with the help of a secret women’s above to call the man an irresistible desire to run over you at will! And then – enjoy the situation may be, all over a beautiful affair, maybe married, maybe a fan will make jealous your lawful husband?

How to inspire a man’s primary interest in you?

The man singled out your person from other persons of the female sex, and were interested in maintaining relationships with you, not just be attractive, well-groomed and pleasant to talk to.

Such women a lot, and here you are – unique! How to show the man his uniqueness?

Talk to him about anything. I don’t mean an exchange of remarks on the run, like “hi-how are things-I-have-too-well-well-I-ran.”

Catch the moment when the target (man, that is!) not busy and not in a hurry. Well, if there won’t be excess people, especially friends, that the man was talking to someone else and you are not distracted.

And talk to him! The topic of conversation could be anything (give only platitudes like the weather, gossip about common acquaintances, etc.) – what you want, what you know about and what can you say exciting…

To read the book, seen the play, features edit a sunset landscape in photoshop, with the debates of historians about the battle of lake Peipus at all… well, if the interest in the topic will be General, so don’t shun carefully to find out in advance what the male is interested in!

The main task is to convince man that he can understand you better than anyone, what did you find not just free ears, and the man who so subtly gets you, thinks is so interesting, unbanal responds to your arguments!

Men love to be the best and essential: to give it is the first step to get a man to chase you.

The optimal duration of interview – about 15-20 minutes. Longer – susceptibility is reduced, and instead of interest in the conversation will appear washed-out.

Ideally, leave something unspoken, mediascanner: after all, talk like books. A book that is read from cover to cover, usually put on the shelf and in the near future it is not coming back, no matter how interesting it may be.

But if you break the reading on a cliffhanger, the reader will discard all the cases, but would quickly return to the book and to find out what happened next!

And a man – make him chase you is possible, if to keep in his head “zatsepochku, “something unspoken, to which he will return to mind again and again… What could be this “Shapochka”? For example, he’ll ask you about your profession, and you answer that strung on a string of pearls words of everyday life…

What does it mean?! “Oh, I got to run, maybe another time will tell!”. And that you were a journalist, he finds out later!

And don’t forget the Flirty looks from under her eyelashes, a charming smile, and other ways of gaining attention: in order to get a man to chase after him, let it be known that your heart may be conquered! Just do not let women mistakes when flirting!

Feminine wiles to maintain a constant interest

The first goal is achieved – the man goes in circles and makes tentative attempts to get closer. How to get him to chase you and not to lose interest in you? advice — don’t give the man too many chances to be with you and to communicate tete-a-tete. Of course, such moments have to happen, and then the man at all lost faith in what interests you, and spit on the whole idea. However, approximately half of the cases, when he sees you, let him watch you in the company of other people.

Met him eyes? It is not necessary to interrupt the conversation and gallop to run to him! Nod in greeting and keep talking – the inaccessibility beckons!

In addition to the above method of “ice and fire”, don’t be afraid to be different (and looks too!). Today you are daring and bold in jeans and a leather biker jacket, in a hurry, chew a hot dog and just throw a “hi!” on the go. And tomorrow – all in frills, do not shoot off your eyes and walk together to the bus stop…

In principle, the longer will continue these “cat and mouse”, the more men will win, the more he will cherish you when you reciprocate and your relationship will be in the “open phase”.

But it is important not to overdo it – if you notice that the man runs up to you, but the enthusiasm is clearly on the wane, or take the decisive date with listening to his confessions and the verdict “lovestory – be!“, either be ready to expunge it from the ranks of your admirers!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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