How to get pregnant after a miscarriage not to repeat earlier bitter experience?

Miscarriage is not a reason to forget about the joy of motherhood. But rather warning about the problems of your body. How to cope with them, avoid them in the future and getting pregnant after miscarriage will be discussed in this article.

According to the statistics of miscarriage ends exactly half of all pregnancies. Often, a woman even suspects that inside her developing child. Involuntary termination of pregnancy occurs in the period from several days to several weeks from the moment of conception. Several factors contribute to this.

Causes of miscarriage

  • “Natural selection”. The mother’s body expels the embryo, which develops with defects incompatible with life. This usually occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea, chlamydiosis, mycoplasmosis, herpes infection and other genital diseases cause severe inflammation. During pregnancy they worsen, melt the mucous plug uterus and stimulate inflammation of the uterine endometrium, which attaches the ovum. Sexually transmitted diseases involve not only involuntary abortion, but a situation when after a miscarriage can’t get pregnant.
  • Abortion and surgery on reproductive organs, mechanical damage to the cervix, its deformation, adhesions. Cause of miscarriage becomes weakened cervix that can not hold inside the ovum. Sometimes a tilted uterus can interfere with pregnancy because of the abnormal structure of the body.
  • The imbalance of hormones. On the course of pregnancy is influenced by the hormones produced by the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, thyroid gland. They can cause miscarriage at any period.
  • Chronic diseases. These include problems of the cardiovascular system, metabolism, disorders of body weight. The probability of getting pregnant after a miscarriage higher in women not suffering from anorexia and obesity.

Pregnancy after a miscarriage

In the opinion of obstetricians and gynecologists, planning for pregnancy after a miscarriage, perhaps 3-6 months. Some experts speak of the need to wait a year.

But to help you answer the question of how better and faster to get pregnant, should only a doctor who knows about your problem. After all, it’s not how many you get pregnant after a miscarriage, and was able to make a new pregnancy.

To prevent a repetition of the situation, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the miscarriage. To do this, you and your spouse will need to be examined. As a rule, it includes the following.

  • Research on women’s blood hormones, and urine — ketosteroids. The object of the study will be the concentration in the body of the future mother of male sex hormones. Notice an overabundance of them can and visually for excessive owolosenie feet, hands, presence of “whiskers” on her face and dark hair in the lower abdomen.
  • Analysis of the functioning of the adrenal and thyroid women. Pregnancy after a miscarriage in early pregnancy is possible only in the absence of their dysfunction.
  • Examination of both parents for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. In identifying the mandatory treatment.
  • Ultrasound of the uterus and appendages, which allows you to see anomalies in the structure of the body, a growing tumor, the condition of the endometrium.

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How to get pregnant after a miscarriage if everything is fine

If any diseases, the doctor will prescribe a treatment. And after a few months you can get pregnant and successfully carry a child. But if the doctors found nothing? Then focus on your way of life.

  • Any nerves. After a miscarriage you can get pregnant immediately subject to important rules: “I am calm. I am absolutely calm.” Eliminate from your environment anything that causes nervousness. Take my husband to the resort, change the environment. Your mental state has a direct impact on the physical condition. If the nerves continue to misbehave, drink soothing tea from the leaves of lemon balm and mint.
  • No bad habits. And to give up alcohol and nicotine should both parents. They degrade the quality of male sperm, causing pregnancy may be a long time to come, and the fruit is formed with defects.
  • Low medicines. Reduce to the possible minimum the reception of all medicines. Always consult your doctor if you take any of them permanently. Perhaps something can be replaced by diet supplements or do without them.
  • Proper nutrition. You should eat a healthy diet. If you have a slim body type, eat more protein and proper fat and valuable fish, flax seed, olives, avocados). It protein and fat metabolism has a direct impact on the production of sex hormones. If you have problems with excess weight and it’s not hormonal imbalances in the diet include more vegetables and fruits. They should be more than half of your daily diet, and 60% of them should be consumed raw.
  • The intake of vitamin E and folic acid. These substances will prepare your body for pregnancy and will help the proper development of the fetus in the first, the most dangerous risk of miscarriage weeks.
  • So, is it possible to become a mother after a miscarriage? Of course, you can. Go to future pregnancy responsibly. And the second time you definitely will succeed!

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