How to get revenge on the neighbors?

Relatives and neighbors are not known to choose. And if the meetings with the first to avoid, the second you have to co-exist almost constantly. Especially “lucky” to come across neighbors, which cause acute sense of resentment.

About how to revenge neighbours for various discomforts, which they deliver and to call them to order, today, and tell your readers of women’s website ““.

But before you start talking about radical measures with rudeness and insolence of neighbors, it makes sense to consider all options for a peaceful solution of the conflict with them.

How to solve conflicts with neighbors

Before to take revenge on the neighbors for noise or other inconveniences, you should still try to reach their conscience. To do this, they need to talk. Moreover, to conduct such a conversation is recommended, in accordance with some rules:

  • It should not be on the noise of drills or other loud noises in the apartment next door too sharply to react, for example, start banging on the radiators or banging at the ceiling. First you need to try to negotiate peacefully.
  • If the noise in the neighboring apartment lasts long enough and brings severe discomfort, you need to go to the neighbors and politely explain to them that their activities interfere with normal life the rest of the tenants. Sometimes it happens that people are not even aware of the extent of the inconvenience that they cause others. In this situation, a normal conversation can solve the problem at once.
  • The question how to get revenge on the neighbors without breaking the law, it should be addressed just the same with the law itself. If they make noise after 22.00 and don’t respond to polite comments, you need to call the police, previously warned them. If caused material damage, for example, flooded the apartment, and did not want to refund, you need to sue in court.
  • Even if the neighbors are doing repairs for months and days listening to music, and in a break between classes just live your active life loud, it might be better to think not about revenge, but about the isolation of the ceiling, walls and floor of his apartment.
  • This method will certainly help to avoid unnecessary conflict and unnecessary hassle, and at the same time help reduce heat loss in the apartment.

    The problem of how to get revenge inadequate neighbors who do not take either polite requests or explicit threats, is somewhat more complicated. And yet even in this situation, you can try to take some effective measures.

    How to take revenge on noisy neighbors above for endless repairs

    How do I find the website unfortunately, a situation when the neighbors above are doing a major overhaul for months, cannot be called a rarity. And if the noise in the apartment repaired practically does not subside throughout the day, nerves all tenants. Not surprisingly, those who live nearby, viciously begin to think about revenge for his lost health.

    A particularly strong offense to conceal a young mother, who for months can’t get to sleep kids. The most resourceful and vengeful offer the following methods of re-education of unruly neighbors:

    • Submit to newspaper ads about selling a neighbor’s apartment at a very low price, and to clarify that to call on all questions better in the early morning on weekends or late in the evening on weekdays.
    • Another idea to take revenge on the neighbors below, above or the side for a long noisy repair — invite friends, deaf, and have karaoke. It must be done in a time when the neighbors would be home. Better yet, give them a surprise on move-in day that they are together with the guests were forced to listen to the disgusting sounds throughout the occasion.
    • Hang on the front door of their apartment a notice calling for silence. You can also hang on the walls of the entrance caricatures and cartoons on the violators of peace.
    • To periodically disable the light in the plate. If the neighbors don’t compromise and refuse to take a break from work at least during the daytime sleep of the child, you can just turn off the lights in their apartment at the time of placing the baby. Noisy repairmen will realize that they are not joking, and stop. If this does not help – to cut the shield wires. But this measure, of course, is extreme.

    Often neighbours are quite quiet and even polite talk with the other tenants, but do not give plaguing anyone, spreading all the dirty rumors.

    How to get revenge on the neighbors for gossip

    In such a situation, it would be more accurate to refer to the law and to punish the Tattler or gossip girl for slander. But to prove it fact is very difficult, so many people prefer to use a different kind of revenge – an eye for an eye.

    From the face of gossip girl to place in the newspaper Dating Frank ad. If slander is spreading a man, his punishment must be praised as a representative of sexual minorities. Such a hearing would be for him a real shock.

    And the most courageous decision of question of how to punish the neighbors for gossip, is to call them on straight talk. You just need to come to them and demand proof of what they were told by a specific person.

    It is also desirable to bring in a witness the person who received this or that false information from the lips of the slanderer. In such cases, usually the gossips are frightened and continue to try to remain silent, to have pleasant conversations never happen again.

    Unfortunately, to assert their right to a clean reputation, few. More often people prefer to take revenge in secret.
    However, secret revenge brings excellent results in many cases. For example, if you need to give a lesson to the neighbours-gardeners.

    How to get revenge neighbor in the country

    For whatever reasons, just don’t fight residents living nearby! Often one cottager interfere with the life of another, planted fruit trees right on the border, hurting his pet too often or just arranging on-site celebrations.

    Depending on the cause of the quarrel, the methods of retaliation can be different.

    • Revenge insolent neighbor’s cottage, which was shaded half of your site high fruit trees, destroying some of them. It is enough to drive a tree trunk small copper nail. As a result, it will wither and dry up gradually.
    • In order to take revenge on noisy neighbor in the country, some resourceful owners threw in his toilet yeast. As a result of the latrines around the area begins to spread a terrible stench, and it obviously will ruin the neighbors fun.
    • If the neighbors behave unfriendly, always trying to do mischief, they have to pay in the same coin. One of the most common types of revenge neighbours, cottagers is the dispersion in their garden, the seeds of various weeds in the summer they had no time to engage in sabotage.

    Generally, of course, ways to get revenge inadequate neighbors, there are many. But using them, it is important to remember that revenge should just be a way of influencing the people who forgot about the existence of morality, but in any case not an end in itself. And if possible it is better to avoid.

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