How to get rid of a hangover: the best ways

How many times told the world: keep yourself in hand! Do not drink a lot! Observe measure! Nevertheless, the next morning you frantically, shaking hands typing in the search engines the saving phrase: “How to get rid of a hangover”. Well, since you’re here, then you are really bad. Female site take care of your readers and made a few simple but effective recipes to get rid of a hangover. Heal! ?

Get rid of a hangover active action

In the first place, come to in the morning helps a cold shower. Just don’t overdo it, for the unprepared body too cold shower can trigger colds, because the morning after copious libations, our immune system is weakened.

Then the time will be active exercises and stretching exercises. It is only at first it seems impossible, but by making simple exercises, the body will become saturated with oxygen and will come in tone. Of course, nobody says you have to raise the barbell weighing a hundredweight or hard rock press. You need just to cheer up!

Another good way to get rid of a hangover is to go in the bath or in the sauna. By the way, the holidays just for this feature. You can slightly warm up with a broom, however, not to succumb to too much heat, so you don’t strain the cardiovascular system. After the bath goes well strong tea with lemon.

And on a separate line, as a means of getting rid of a hangover is swimming in the hole, which, however, can be done during a visit to the baths. This method is well suited for already “seasoned” and just guarantees a fresh and cheerful look!

With Enterosgel

To excrete the breakdown products of alcohol that cause a hangover, take 3 tablespoons of Enterosgel for the night after drinking alcohol and in the morning. Enterosgel absorbs the alcohol, which helps take it out of the body. Drink the best sparkling mineral water.

Also very good, if you drink Enterosgel for half an hour before meal. Then intoxication will not occur quickly, and the next morning you will not feel a terrible hangover.

To get rid of a hangover will help food

Many people with a hangover is waking up ravenous! Well, if the stomach asks, should not deny him that. Allow yourself at Breakfast, delicious bacon and eggs! A hearty Breakfast will give strength, while the aroma of fresh tea with lemon will not go to sleep.

With Breakfast you can eat a bit of fresh herbs. Parsley, dill and lettuce contain vitamins A, b and C needed by the body after a meal, in addition, parsley freshens breath.

If the body the next morning with a hangover and unable to take any food, reward yourself with a sauerkraut. Sauerkraut stimulates digestion, and thus you can get rid of harmful toxins, poisons your body from the inside.

And an indispensable means of getting rid of a hangover is khash, a strong rich broth of meat. Khash is served with garlic, sprigs of greenery and fresh tortillas (or bread). Why khash is so good after a hangover? It gives the stomach a feeling of satiety, while not overloading other products, and herbs and garlic are known for a high content of vitamins.

How to get rid of a hangover? Of course, with the help of alcohol!

It is a means of getting rid of a hangover is not suitable for those who are going soon to drive or go to work.

If in the morning you feel, pardon the expression, will soon die, then you direct path to sober! Otherwise nothing else to save you will not be able ?

As if you wanted to, but if you feel the wild heartbeat, severe headache, dizziness, then you need to nip. During a severe hangover the walls of blood vessels constrict so that can cause cardiac arrest, so to expand them, you will have to take on his chest. Here are the most effective recipes:

  • 100 grams of vodka for 2 times under a plate of soup;
  • A bottle or two of light beer;
  • Cocktail “Bloody Mary”: vodka with tomato juice, which contains the necessary vitamin C.

In General, before the big meal is recommended to drink 50-100 grams of strong drink for 5-6 hours before, so as to prepare the body for further libations. In this case, the body becomes resistant and not much suffering.

What pills you need to take to get rid of a hangover

A good cure for a hangover are pills like Alkaseltzerthat can be taken not only in the morning, but before bedtime. And also: vitamin C in large quantities, asparkam, Pentalgin, if unbearable headache – any pain medication.

Many helps the next way to get rid of a hangover: for example, if you get up at 7am, then wind the clock on 5 am. Wake up, wash down a couple aspirin with water and go back to sleep. Then about 7 in the morning you will feel, of course, not perfectly, but well enough.

Get rid of this hangover fluids

During a hangover is dehydration, so it is recommended to drink in large quantities, but not ordinary water, and mineral, with the addition of lemon juice, natural juices, broth hips.

Favorite of many is the brine from pickles or sauerkraut, because salt delays in the body so we need liquid.

Well removes toxins from the body eating yogurt or milk. But if even before going to sleep, before you go to bed, drink a pint of milk, or more water, then the feast will be held for you almost completely. In the morning it will be as a cucumber!

Note: during a hangover is not recommended to drink coffeebecause it increases the pressure, and after drinking alcohol high blood pressure you’re covered!

Here is another interesting advice get rid of a hangover. “Experienced” is recommended in the morning to drink a Coke. To explain its action, no one can, but with the hangover she’s doing well, and also facilitates bowel movement and detoxification ?

And a few more tips for getting rid of a hangover

To the face didn’t look bruised and swollen, use a moisturizer and apply under eye cream puffiness, bags or dark circles. How to quickly put himself in order, we are told here.

The Council of science fiction: give yourself an enema! ? This is the fastest way to cleanse the body of toxins. If the stomach is stuffed with yesterday’s food and is not willing to part with it, in order to avoid heaviness in the stomach and deterioration of the General condition clean the stomach people’s method of “two fingers”.

Bother to his partner, pozostawia his stories, you feel bad, and, if only to get rid of you, your significant other will think of a dozen more effective ways to get rid of a hangover ?

In General, more sleep! In the dream, you will not feel the unpleasant effects of a hangover ?

Have a nice holiday! And the next morning was not painfully hurt, female site recommends to comply with the measure.

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