How to get rid of acne on the face (allergic, inflammation, hormonal), methods to accelerate the maturation of the tubercle and disguise the problem quickly at home

Acne is unsightly and annoying phenomenon. Black dots instantly create an impression of untidiness. Inflamed red bumps attract everyone’s attention and can ruin even the best makeup. How to get rid of acne on your face? Will help you are methods of disguise? And what are the ways to eliminate the problem permanently?

Olga Smirnova

18 Mar 2018

Acne can be purely cosmetic defect, if formed on the background of improper care. It is not excluded and medical origin of rash, if the rash is a manifestation of internal disorders in the body. Determining the causes of inflammation is the first step towards their elimination. Neutralizing provocateurs of acne, you can achieve perfectly clean skin on the face.

Causes of rash

Cosmetologists say that the main trigger of acne is the improper care. The use of unsuitable cosmetic products stimulates the sebaceous glands. In the absence of a full cleansing is the way to defects of the skin. And Vice versa — with proper hygiene the rash recedes.

More difficult things if the acne was a consequence of metabolic disorders or internal diseases. The doctors and cosmetologists allocate a number of reasons that provoke the inflammation of clogged pores.

  • Skin lesions infection. Microorganisms living on human skin, form a specific microflora. If for some reason the balance of beneficial and harmful microbes is disturbed, the latter to intensify their activity and provoke a number of skin diseases, including acne. There are also subcutaneous mites — they can be the main cause of acne deep and strong inflammation.
  • The impact of the environment. If the person is on the street in bad weather, and his skin is exposed to the cold, searing wind, UV light, we can expect rashes. As a rule, it will be a small rash of closed comedones, as the skin tries to protect itself from adverse conditions a reinforced division of epithelial cells.
  • Wrong way of life. Smoking, alcohol consumption, addiction to fat, sweet, smoked the diet provokes metabolic disorders. Metabolic processes are undergoing negative transformations in all areas of the body. As a consequence, changes the scheme of functioning of the skin, increased secretion of sebum, pimples.
  • Allergic reactions. Cosmetologists say that the main cause of acne on cheeks in women is allergic. The ladies are sometimes not aware of their belonging to allergies. Reactions can cause skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, food.
  • Internal disease. According to Oriental doctors, diseases of internal organs “designed” rash on various areas of the face. Having considered carefully the map of acne, you can detect possible areas for diagnosis. Often a rash on the forehead signals the disorders in the intestines, the nose, liver, cheeks — lung, chin — endocrine system.
  • Endocrine disorders. The endocrine system carries out a vital function through hormones regulates the work of all organs and systems. Hormonal changes are most often provoke the appearance of inflamed pimples on the face. If the rash is associated with menstrual cycle or pregnancy, it takes place immediately after the stabilization of hormonal levels. More significant problems with the hormones assert themselves with pimples and inflamed nodes for a long time.

To effectively treat acne on the face will be possible only if you correctly installed the reason for their appearance. When you neutralize the skin is able to restore function and to cope with the problem without the use of chemicals or drugs. However, handpicked for home professional care will prevent repeated skin problems.
The mechanism of formation

Cosmetologists distinguish between different types of skin rashes. And one can go into another. The reason for that is the General scheme, which produces pimples on the face. The “problem” develops according to the following scheme.

  • Pollution and blockage. Under the influence of precipitating factors, activates sebaceous glands, it allocates too much fatty skin secret. Dead skin cells mixed with fat, closed duct of the sebaceous or sweat glands. Inside the glandular structure begins to accumulate a secret. The capsule is stretched, the secretions accumulate more.
  • Inflammation. In the content flow begin to multiply pathogenic microorganisms. They provoke an inflammatory process.
  • The formation of pus. The body responds to infection by increasing blood flow and activation of the protective cells that break down the contents of the pimple is formed inflammation with pus.
  • Out the pus. When the layer of skin covering the duct from the top becomes too thin, the pus breaks out. The contents flow out, it begins the process of reparation.


Clogged pores (black dots) represent neosporine, but closed sebaceous ducts. They still only accumulate sebum. Closed blackheads (comedones) — are formed at the site clogged ducts due to the enhanced skin protection from external factors. A plugged duct covers on top of the skin, the fat builds up inside, unable to leave. Also beauticians allocate miliums is closed tight cystic masses on the epidermis. Unlike the rest of the rash, they contain keratin and other skin proteins.

Inflamed pimples are divided into papules and pustules.

  • The papules. Have inside a cavity filled with pus. It is illuminated outwards through the thin film at the top.
  • Pustules. Pustular acne does not have a cavity with pus. They are distinguished by an extensive phase of the inflammatory process. Outside similar with knots.

Types of acne on the face play a huge role in deciding how to address them. For acne and blackheads suitable intensive cleaning, while the inflamed of education require the use of medications.

Beauticians have noted a pattern: the black dots are often formed on the background of insufficient cleansing of the skin, inflamed nodules — due to hormonal disorders, white pimples with pus — the result of a large number of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin.
Fundamentals of professional treatment

If the rash appears on the face regularly, and frequent and painful inflammatory processes are already tired, you need to tackle the problems thoroughly. The first step is to visit a beautician. If necessary, he would send to the dermatologist (in case of suspicion of infection) or physician (if possible hormonal disorders). Depending on the results of the tests and established the cause of the problem can be assigned:

  • antiallergic drugs;
  • antibiotics with systemic action;
  • hormonal means;
  • probiotics;
  • sedatives;
  • hepatoprotectors.

Often doctors advise to stick to a fractional power mode, to observe a drinking mode and to protect the skin from the effects of sun, frost and wind. It is advisable for some time to adhere to a low-carb diet.

After treatment with the drugs problem should subside. Now it is important to follow the rules of skin care — use products for washing, exfoliating, high quality tone and moisturize.

Care recommendations it is better to get a professional. All funds must match the type of skin and to work on prevention of acne.
Home remedies helpers

If the rash continues to remind himself, for example, periodically springing up in areas T-zone, should try to reduce the oiliness of the skin in the specified location. For this you can use a proven home remedies for acne.

Honey and egg yolk

Features. Eliminates inflammation, dead skin cells, whiten marks lesions.

Preparation and application

  • A couple of teaspoons of liquid honey mixed with egg yolk and a few drops of lemon juice.
  • The mask is applied in a few layers and leave for 15 minutes.
  • The course of treatment is five treatments, which should hold through the day.
  • Yogurt and oatmeal

    Features. Yogurt in combination with oatmeal normalizes skin microflora and the activity of the sebaceous glands. The mask draws out the inner debris, so at first the condition of your skin may slightly deteriorate. This is not a reason to abandon money. Gradually it will cleanse the skin completely. The finished mask can be stored in the refrigerator for three days.

    Preparation and application

  • Mix a Cup of yogurt and Cup of oatmeal (flakes), ground interrupt a blender until smooth.
  • To the mixture add a few drops of lemon juice, mix thoroughly.
  • The mask is applied on face for a third hour.
  • The procedure is performed daily throughout the month.
  • Soap and salt

    Features. On antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of soap has long been known. Mask on the basis of this tool to cope even with the severe skin inflammation.

    Preparation and application

  • A piece of soap finely rubbed, add a little water and whisk into a thick foam.
  • Add in the mass of a teaspoon treatment salt (sea and iodized, tea tree extract), stirred well.
  • The weight applied on the face for a quarter of an hour. Wash off with warm water.
  • Repeat the procedure three times a week for a month.
  • To get rid of acne will help and herbs. It is recommended to wipe the face with infusion of chamomile or succession. To do this, a tablespoon of raw brew Cup of boiling water. After an hour of infusion is used for protyani. Also copes with inflammation aloe. It is applied directly to the cut sheet on entire face. After drying wash off with warm water. Petechial rashes are treated with juice at night, to wash it is not necessary.

    To prevent rash after drug treatment should regularly make masks with clay. For antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect in the mass is added a drop of tea tree oil.
    How to get rid of pimples on the face before an important meeting

    Gaping red pimple can occur suddenly, endangering the scheduled date or undermining your confidence before a business meeting. In this case, will help emergency home treatment methods that eliminate sporadic eruptions quickly and without a trace. Urgently to clear the face of acne will help handy tools or drugs from the pharmacy. It is important to determine the type of rash and to choose the most effective “weapon” against him.

    • Black. Quickly to overcome them will help soda peeling. Apply a tablespoon of baking soda in baby soap lathered hands. In a circular motion rubbing all the areas of concentration of acne. Rinse with warm water. In order to avoid inflammation of the sprinkled places treated with peroxide. It will help to further whiten the acne. This should be done carefully so as not to burn the skin.
    • Allergic. To bring this type of lesions is possible with the help of hormonal ointments. “Hydrocortisone” quickly reduces inflammation. In addition, taking even one pill “Fixiate” quickly eliminates small pimples (hives). In emergency situations you can combine both tools. Before applying it is advisable to consult a doctor.
    • Subcutaneous. These rashes can appear on the skin very long — up to several weeks. Subcutaneous inflammation may disappear independently or pick, and gradually converted to dry a pimple, leaving a pigmented spot. Hormonal acne on face and neck most quickly removes the drug “Prednisone”. It can be used only occasionally so as not to cause habituation of the skin. Already one application at night is enough to inflammation self-destructed.
    • Red. Red inflamed pimple, and do not have white tops, may it please directly in the lobby of the restaurant or in the reflection of the office door. To avoid this, you should eliminate the inflammatory process in advance. Will help eye drops or remedy for runny nose with a vasoconstrictor component. Drops applied on a cotton pad, lightly cooled in the freezer and apply for 15 minutes to the pimple. The procedure can be repeated three times.

    If an important event you have time, can quickly improve skin condition and minimize the rash with tar soap. Enough to wash them twice a day. Preferably using a soft sponge.

    To eliminate pimples spot helps celandine infusion or calendula. The rash is treated with a cotton swab dampened in a vehicle. Proven folk remedy from inflamed acne is the garlic. Cut a clove can be rubbed a pimple. To repeat the treatment several times per day.

    Often as a means of emergency assistance is used toothpaste. It really dries quickly and reduces inflammation, but modern pastes are not suitable for application to the skin because of additives. It is better to replace the hygienic means of tincture of mint, which is due to the menthol, also has a vasoconstrictor effect.

    What to do with Bunting

    Things are more complicated if the face appeared prosyanka (“white eel”). Such education often focus on the eyelids or under the eyes. It is impossible to squeeze them — they just don’t come out of the skin. Inflammation miliums are not accompanied, but the image “well-groomed person” spoil thoroughly.

    To deal with the prosyanka in advance, because after removing the small white dots may remain on the peel and reddish marks. Removal spend in the beauty parlor with the use of special equipment. Practice:

    • laser removal;
    • burning current;
    • radiowave treatment;
    • diamond grinding.

    Among these methods is considered the least traumatic of radio wave exposure. It should be chosen, if after a couple of days planned for an important event.
    Abscess: if you squeeze, how

    Festering pimple is a very unpleasant event, before an important meeting. Not only that, he’s red, inflammation spreads around the skin sore or itchy, and the white tip sometimes rises, resembling the crater of an erupting volcano. In this case it is necessary to remove the source of inflammation — pus.

    To press the pimples on the face, of course, impossible. However, this prohibition is largely ignored. Moreover, if the pimple is fully ripe, then removal of content will speed the healing. It is better to consult a beautician, but won’t every zit to run to the salon… since there is an urgent need to squeeze pimples on the face properly. For this you should know that is strictly forbidden:

    • touch inflammatory acne, which has not yet matured;
    • work with your bare fingers;
    • scrape with your nails;
    • to push education around the mouth;
    • Solarium and steam the skin before.

    Fully ripe is considered to be painless whitish pimple. Puberty pimple on your face to speed up, you can use ointments:

    • Vishnevsky;
    • Ichthyol;
    • sulfuric.

    Best pull the pus out of the first two drugs. Their point is applied to the pimple. If there is a need, on top of a band-aid. The pain may go through a couple of hours, which will indicate the willingness of the spot to “release”.
    Order mechanical effects

    To remove pimples from the face mechanically, you need to prepare your tools sterile needle (boil for 20 minutes, treated with alcohol, burn), sterile gauze or wipes, antiseptic, cotton swabs, cotton wool. The procedure of extruding the following.

    • Training. The face wipe carefully with antiseptics. So do we just washed with soap hands.
    • Opening an abscess. Gently pierce the zit with a sterile needle in the middle.
    • Removing the pus. Fingers wrapped in gauze or cloth, press down the pimple first downward and then upward.
    • Finish. About the absence of pus speaks the allocation of ichor or blood. It is removed with a cotton swab moistened with peroxide. The skin is again treated with antiseptic.

    After removal of pus pimple instead of a crust, however, the inflammation should disappear completely, which will greatly facilitate the process of masking.

    Way to hide the problem

    The fastest way to get rid of acne at home helps cosmetics. True, it can provoke a rash in striking proportions. But if the situation superestrella, to disguise pimples on the face for several minutes. This will require:

    • tone cream skin tone;
    • Foundation or concealer a tone lighter than the skin;
    • sponge cosmetic;
    • powder;
    • scissors blue and green shades.

    On cleansed and prepared for the makeup skin tone cream is applied to the usual color. Carefully shade it, including acne. Then you can do so: treating red inflamed pimples blue or green corrector, and then carefully gloss over the shade of beige counterpart. If no proofreaders on a pimple cause a lighter tone, and then carefully shaded its borders. Top-to-apply powder.

    To inflamed pimples on the face were not gaping spots should be very cautious about the application of decorative means. At the time of disguise is better to confine bronzerat or dark blush applied under the cheekbones. Pink or peach color on the “apples” of your cheeks only set off the inflammation and will make them brighter.

    After the successful release of the cosmetics should be thoroughly washed. “War paint” should not be left on the skin for longer than three hours, otherwise inflammation can grow and spread to other parts of the face.

    It is better to cure acne once and for all than to mask them and use extra methods against inflammation. A couple of months of therapy will make life comfortable even without make-up and special cosmetics. Clear skin — a sign of health because the Troubleshooting is better to begin immediately after their appearance.

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