How to get rid of anger?

Women’s website “” today will help you become kinder and will tell you how to get rid of anger – this is the main causative agent of negative emotions and nervous diseases. Anger bad mood, deteriorating relationships with family, depression appears and gastritis.

Anger can flare up suddenly or quietly accumulate over the years, but both forms are equally dangerous to health. We’ll show you how to tame this fire-breathing dragon.

Threat rage

A wise man said: he who Angers you, controls you. And it’s true – anger doesn’t let you think clearly and control the situation.

Outburst of anger may cause such a trifle as the rude word of the conductor in the morning transport, or more global things, like unmet expectations. Stuffy tube, head for the third time rejected a draft of the project, the total control mother in law, somewhere in the world back to war – how much there is to get rid of anger when there are so many reasons to get out of yourself!

What is the physiological mechanics of anger?

Fit of anger is a protective reaction of the organism to the emotional excess of the threshold for the emotion.

Uncontrolled anger can bring a lot of problems and disagreements at work and in personal life. And how many bad decisions can we make and actions to perform under the influence of rage!

Know how to quickly get rid of anger is to be healthy not only morally but also physically.

First of all, anger affects the nervous system, which leads to constant irritability, stress, insomnia and may even lead to depression. Anger is always accompanied by a rush of adrenaline, and the more it happens, the more suffering your cardiovascular system.

And the hormone cortisol produced by our body with outbursts of anger that endangers not only the immune system but also the shape, as the triggers hunger. Don’t want to “earn” high cholesterol, high blood pressure, spasms in the intestines, and frequent colds – then learn how to get rid of harmful anger, read and learn about the Zen ?

Bay, Lola, Bay!

“Petrified”, accumulating negative emotions are much more dangerous than momentary outbursts of anger. Psychologists advise not to save them, and allow them to escape.

But there is a catch. Screaming, beating dishes and dirty cursing the woman (namely so often seems sudden anger) – the picture is not pleasant. Just try to imagine yourself in that condition in front of the boss, boyfriend or mother-in-law ?

Then as quietly and peacefully get rid of anger, that nobody saw?

The perfect way is an active exercise. In the case of aggressive anger best helps the driving range.

Will fit an old pillow or punching bag your man. Let go of the energy until complete exhaustion, until you feel that the morning is unfair reprimand of the chief you don’t care anymore. General house cleaning, intense aerobics, half an hour of martial arts or just exercise – it will help you to let off steam, depending on the degree of anger.

If pissed you off during the day, evening, be sure to stabilize the emotional state and only then begin to communicate with loved ones.

How to quickly cool down and get rid of anger

  • to shout out loud, of course, if your road home lies through the forest ?
  • tear the paper – reach deposits of office waste paper
  • write an emotional letter and burn/ print on your computer and delete
  • take a cool shower, knowing how to wash away negative emotions and resentment
  • to speak negative of the mirror, imagine that in front of you – the person who caused you anger
  • to interrupt a man whose words make you angry, instead of silently listening to it (to avoid the accumulation of hidden anger)
  • to tell someone how much you at the moment, evil will approach a friend or social network
  • ask yourself what you really want and give yourself that so how to get rid of momentary anger can satisfy your hidden needs
  • to turn anger into a comic situation – imagine that situation happening at the circus or the theatre, and the actions of the characters dressed in ridiculous costumes

Exercise for anger control

If you often experience true rage, it’s time to exercise emotions. You will help exercise, “as in two step to get rid of anger”.

In a moment of annoyance take a step forward and focus on their feelings – rage, the desire to break something or kill someone. After a minute take a step back and make sense to retreat, to relax the muscles and breathing deeply.

Practice on small troubles, and soon you will be able to control his anger. Your goal is to minimize the time between steps.

Take care of your health

Negative emotions can be the cause of diseases and their consequence. High blood pressure, skin diseases, lowering blood sugar, digestive problems and headaches – are all factors of irritation and anger.

Disturbed hormonal balance and insomnia make you lose your control over your feelings. To manage your life, it is important to get enough rest night and day to give the body exercise.

The best way to get rid of anger is to try not to test. Learn to understand and accept different people, cultivate a willingness to restrain and to forgive.

Restraint and tolerance will help you in life much more than anger and bitterness.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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