How to get rid of belly: all methods

“My problem is that I have parameters 90 to 90, but the stomach 75. For fans of “eat” does not apply. From exercise joint pain. Diets do not work. I’m 42 years old, height 157, weight 55. How to get rid of belly? Galina”

Female site you do not like their readers, answering questions. Today we will answer a question Galina “How to get rid of the belly?” and give a few tipsthat we hope will be useful to all our Beautiful and Successful women!

To get rid of belly will help straight posture

It is known that slouching has a negative effect not only on the spine, but also on the internal organs. Under the action of the hunched back, the internal organs are compressed and slightly move forward, what triggers the tummy. Smooth, straight posture will keep the abdominal muscles toned. As a consequence, tight stomach.

In addition, You, Galina, can you advise the following: stand up straight and lightly suck in the belly, feeling the tension in the abdominal region. Try throughout the day to maintain that sensation. Constant tension of the muscles will strengthen them, whereby they will be easier to keep bulging tummy.

Get rid of the stomach help physical exercise

As if You wanted to, but to get rid of belly physical exercises can not escape. The previous advice of getting rid of the abdomen is of little use if abdominal muscles are weak. Optional exercise to the point of unconsciousness or appearance of pain. By the way, in the beginning of the session the appearance of pain in muscles is normal that after a couple of days passes.

Galina, if I understand You correctly, You do not mandatory a muscle “cubes” on the belly, and is sufficient to reduce the waist in volumes. In addition to the regular swing press be sure to pay attention to lateral (oblique) abdominal muscles – all sorts of twisting. If You are a instructor, along with it can choose the most effective for You exercise on the area of the press. Or look for exercises for the obliques online.

The well also eliminates the abdomen and reduces the waist twist wrap. Just wrap choose heavier, preferably metal. If it is hollow inside, you can drill a hole and fill the cavity of the Hoop sand, salatov then the hole with tape. This way You will utilite Hoop and make it more effective in combating stomach. Be prepared for the fact that the first time metal Hoop can leave bruises on the waist, which, as you strengthen the muscles pass.

To summarize: exercise for getting rid of belly quite and 15 minutes a day. Only you need to deal with efficiently, and not anyhow. And happily You can and in front of the TV, each time increasing the time torsion.

To get rid of belly help a balanced diet

For getting rid of belly, You, Galina, will have some time to follow a special diet for a flat stomach (for example, a diet for a slim waist and a flat stomach).

First and foremost, reduce consumption of starchy foods and sweets, fast food, fast food, smoked meat products and different enough fatty foods. Include in the diet of raw vegetables, fruits, legumes, dairy products, lean meats and cereals.

If you have the desire and the opportunity, arrange fasting days. Best of all – yogurt. During the fasting days, in addition to the kefir, drink 1.5-2 liters of plain water, green tea without sugar. Just don’t overdo the fasting days – not more than 1 day a week, and do not sit in the yogurt for 2 days in a row, as it will appear dizziness, weakness, and possibly even nausea.

And don’t forget to lead a healthy lifestyle: refrain from Smoking and alcohol, especially beer, which, as You know, brings in the female body a lot of calories.

How to get rid of belly? With the help of massage

Massage is generally an effective means of correction. Massages will help to get rid of the belly as it improves metabolism in the skin, blood circulation, and promotes combustion of subcutaneous fat and improvement in bowel function.

Of course, it is best to have massages from professional therapists. But something You can do yourself.

Complete the abdominal massage is intense, but do not press deeply. Basic techniques – rubbing and kneadingas they contribute to active lipolysis. Rubbing belly clockwise spend, not only the pads of the fingers, but also engage and phalanges. Effective technique – kneading fat folds on the sides of the abdomen. To do this, grab all the fingers the folds of fat and carefully knead her fingertips. Pleated capture either vertically or horizontally against your chest. In addition to rubbing and kneading also pinch and pull back the skin of the abdomen.
Just 10 minutes of daily massage of the abdomen against, and a couple of weeks You will notice significant results. For convenience and more effective massage use anti-cellulite creams.

Can also try out the various vibration plates and other devices to reduce the volume of the stomach.

How to get rid of belly? With the help of water procedures!

Another way of getting rid of the abdomen and make the waist slim – water treatments. You can during your shower RUB the belly clockwise hard MITTor make a kind of whirlpool, sending jets of the shower on the abdomen and flanks.

It is also useful Russian bath, especially if You, Galina, will be soared with a broom, paying attention to stomach.

After the water treatment can be rubbed into the skin of the abdomen cellulite cream.

How to get rid of belly? Cleansed of toxins

It happens that the waist is distributed in width due to accumulated toxins. And then get rid of the abdomen will help enema.

I found this way to get rid of belly online and, judging by the reviews, it is very effective. However, still recommend first to consult a doctor!

So, to get rid of belly, you need to do a regular enema (with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters). In the water you need to add a tablespoon of salt, and the put an enema through the day, and so for two weeks.

Of course, this procedure is time and to do so constantly is not recommended. Just once is enough to get rid of the abdomen, and then to try to keep their waist size. Well, the course of enemas necessarily combine with copious drinking of water and limit sweets.

How to get rid of belly? To go to salons and medical centers

In case of availability of money and free time You can go to beauty salons and medical centers. Now offers a variety of salon treatments for getting rid of belly: a variety of wraps, thalassotherapy (seaweed body wrap), lymphatic drainage, acupressure, vibration and massage, electrolipolysis, muscle toning and more.

Through these procedures, the stomach really tightened, the muscles are strengthened, and the result becomes visible, but not immediately, but after passing a course of 6-10 treatments.

Well, if none of the above apply to You, Galina, is not suitable, there remains only one way out: tummy tuck.

How to get rid of belly? Operating method

In any case, the tummy tuck will give you instant and perfect result, and most importantly, without any effort on Your part.

What is a tummy tuck? Skin fat and muscle layer under the skin of the abdomen are cut, and the fat on the belly and sides are removed by liposuction.

The only disadvantage is a visible scar in the lower abdomen through the growth of the pubic hair, which compared with the surface of the skin only over time, and though covered with underwear, but does not disappear completely.

These are, Galina, numerous ways of getting rid of the abdomen. Try to find your most effective and…. good luck in the struggle for a slender waist! ?

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