How to get rid of blackheads on nose at home?

In our today’s article on the website we talk about the problem, which is common to many is the black spots on the face. Someone is almost there, and someone, on the contrary, there are too many, they are visible and deliver a lot of inconvenience.

What is their nature? Is it possible to reduce their number? How to get rid of blackheads on the nose? The answers to these and other questions are looking for below.

What are the black dots?

This unpleasant and unaesthetic phenomenon has a medical name — blackheads. Black dots are open comedones, in essence, it extended the time of our skin, which is clogged by sebum, and the upper part still dirty. It is because it has the form of small black specks, which are in abundance can pave the nose, forehead, chin or cheeks.

To quickly remove blackheads on your nose can be, and very successfully. But it’s time and will remain open, because it will be very important to the proper and constant cleaning and prevention of contamination again, which we will discuss below.

What are their causes?

Probably there is no person, which would be perfectly smooth and clean skin. The reason for the faults is improper care and our not-too-healthy lifestyle. But open comedones can appear if:

  • you have clogged pores. They clogged and dead cells of our skin as well as dirt and dust, but even before the fat are allocated to our skin;
  • you have oily skin. It becomes clear from the previous paragraph: oily skin secretion of sebum is increased, and as a result, the pores are closed to them, amassing to themselves of external contamination;
  • you are not eating healthy. Like spicy and fatty food, butter cakes and sweets, alcohol? All this affects our skin and causes it is not in the best form;
  • you properly care for your skin. Forget to wash off makeup? Ignore the scrubs and peels? Often touching his nose and forehead with dirty hands? No wonder, then, that the black point is a characteristic problem for you.

How to remove blackheads homemade facial

First and foremost, it is important to properly cleansing our skin, and great option is homemade facial. The website will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of blackheads on nose at home.

Step # 1: open pores

This can be done by using steam baths. If you have ever done inhalation, is about the same. Boil water in a small saucepan, add herb (antiseptic has chamomile and calendula, but you can use any other plants). Tip over the hot water face, and the top cover up with a towel. Try to survive the time until the water starts to cool down, is about 20 minutes.

Step # 2: proper cleaning

Now let’s talk about how to safely squeeze the black dots on your nose — after all, clear pores is often the only way. At home is very important to disinfect! Wash your hands, scrub nails with a brush.

Now wrap the tips of your fingers with gauze or thin cloth soaked in alcohol (it is better to take salicylic). Squeeze will only have “Mature” acne — you quickly recognize. They are a little swollen, and she got a black dot is large and well-marked.

Gently apply pressure on his nose with two fingers on either side of the comedone, released sebum and dirt must be removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Step # 3: close your pores

After all the blackheads removed (and those who could not squeeze, do not “finish” with excessive zeal!), you need to wipe the face lotion. If you have very dry skin, use an antibacterial lotion without alcohol, and alcohol use by only a point.

It is also important to close the pores steamed to the mud they did not get again. Take a piece of ice (you can pre-freeze herbal decoction), wipe his face with. Or lubricate the skin with beaten egg white, it forms a film that tightens the skin and after drying it need to rinse.

Rid of blackheads: cleansing mask

After carrying out home cleaning, you will need prophylactic against the emergence of new blackheads on nose. They can be a purifying and brightening mask for the face. Below we give three recipes are very simple, but very effective.

Mask of blue clay

This mask is one of the most uncomplicated and ideal for oily and combination skin. Buy blue clay (it’s important to take it blue, as it has antibacterial and astringent effect) is possible in the nearest pharmacy. Dilute clay with boiled water to a viscous state of the mixture, apply on the skin (if the skin of the cheeks dry, slather on cheeks). Leave the mixture to dry completely, until it starts to pull the skin, and you will not feel discomfort. Now you need to wash off the dried mud of warm water with the use of porous sponge or sponge for washing.

The mask of oatmeal

This is another very effective mask to cleanse and very simple to use. It is well suited for normal and dry skin. Take a little cereal, if they are very large, chop them in a blender. Add a little warm water (for normal skin) or warm milk (for dry skin), stir the mass to a thick and syrupy consistency.

Keep it is also recommended to dry, but drying up, the flakes can fall, therefore it is better to lie down while applying the mask or make it, when you take a bath.

Mask of sour cream and salt

Take a spoon of sour cream and mix it with coarse salt. It’s not so much a mask, as the scrub that can clear the skin from dead cells (so they are not scored open pores) and to lighten it. After washing (and hot water if you have no on the face of pronounced spider veins), apply a creamy salt mixture on the face, fingers massage the skin, focusing on the problematic in terms of blackheads areas nose, forehead, chin. Try to extend this massage at least 4-5 minutes, then carefully wash the mixture with water.

As you can see, these three recipes are really very simple.

If you are interested in how to remove blackheads on the nose, enough to carry out your home cleaning once a week and Supplement it with masks (can be done once a week an oatmeal mask, and the second time, for example, creamy salt scrub). So you will be able to get rid of this unsightly problem as quickly as possible!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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