How to get rid of corns and calluses, if the shoes uncomfortable

Many women suffer from the appearance of corns and calluses on the feet. Female site will tell you how to get rid of this problem. Of course, you can just go to the beauty salon: professionals will quickly cope with the task. But sometimes it has no available funds, time, etc. So let’s learn how to get rid of corns and calluses and to return the feet smooth, healthy skin?

Causes of corns and calluses

Before you talk about how to quickly get rid of corns and calluses, we will understand the reasons of their appearance.

Experts say that the main cause of the problem is the shoes we wear. If it is new and nerazdelennaya, uncomfortable, tight, rubbing or too tight, the reaction of the organism manifested in the corns (calluses). May also RUB the interior seams or MIS-cut insole.

That is, the reasons are many, but they are enclosed in shoes.

Blisters appear in places some irritation. They occur quite quickly and at the same time accompanied by unbearable pain. If you see swollen skin in the form of a ball, which gathered the liquid, it is wet toes. Eventually they will either burst or shrink, and in its place will appear rough skin, which is dead.

These fabrics will be called already in dry corn, the core of which goes into the skin.

Corns are always dry. It is those areas of skin that are injured due to poor quality or uncomfortable shoes.

If a blister is shaped, which define the corns that do not: they can be diverse shapes and sizes and various thickness. The formation of corns can be described differently. The negative influence exerted by a certain body on the foot, leading to tissue death of the skin. The reasons are clear, but how to effectively get rid of corns and calluses? Read about it below.

First aid or How to get rid of corns and calluses for a long time

If you feel that the shoes are rubbing you, recommends just to abandon it. But it is unlikely that many will take this step.

So, if you already waited for the appearance of corns, the first thing you need to handle them.

Do it with a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide or furatsilina. Let the cotton pad a few minutes lie on the diseased place, and then gently wipe the area so that the corn does not burst. Worth thinking about, at least temporarily, until the corn is healed, change a pair of shoes on a more suitable option footwear.

A blister is a wound. If it gets bacteria, can be infected. So wipe the damaged area every 3-4 hours.

Next, attach the patch to protect from dust. But when I get home, then immediately remove the bandage and clean the wound. You need to give the blisters time to dry.

If you have dry corn, you can use medical drugs. Contact the pharmacy, there certainly know how to get rid of corns and calluses and will offer a special ointment.

As a rule, in antimasonry drugs includes ingredients that soften areas of rough skin. Apply the ointment on the area and leave it for 6-8 hours. Next is to make a footbath, which will further steam the affected area, and gently RUB the area with pumice stone.

Now let’s look at how to get rid of corns and calluses with scrub and pumice.

For example, a soap-soda baths. For this you need to take 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of soap (pre-shredded). This whole mix you pour warm water (not more than 1 liter) and stirred until complete solubility. Keep your feet in the water 30-40 minutes, and after that lightly scrape the dead tissue of the skin.

If your corns to bring not only aesthetic disorder, but still painful, use potassium permanganate and common salt. Salt should be very little, but to add potassium permanganate until the water acquires a pinkish hue. Do not hold the feet in the solution for too long: not more than 5-20 minutes. Also cannot wipe her feet with a towel, they should be dry — so it will hurt less.

Cold baths will not only relieve pain, but to soften the dead skin. For this take 1 tablespoon of salt and stir it in 1 liter of water. Keep your feet for 20-30 minutes.

If you have after processing calluses antiseptic remained hydrogen peroxide, use it in the fight against corns. Take 1 liter of water and add 2 tablespoons of peroxide. The feet keep the solution from 30 to 60 minutes, and then they need to be treated with a pumice stone.

How to quickly get rid of corns and calluses with the help of traditional medicine?

This would require sour milk. In the evening, before going to bed, pump serum to reheat it. Lower her feet and hold for 30 minutes. After bath, take equal parts of castor oil and glycerin, mix and spread on affected areas.

Do not underestimate the dangers of calluses or corns, as this not only puts your feet visual appeal, but also brings harm to your health. You have to understand that if you do not stop wearing uncomfortable shoes or time does not get rid of dead skin (help for foot care our article about how to make your heels smooth), we can come to the fact that a large part of the foot will eventually deform.

When the layer becomes too thick corns and they are very dry, the feet begin to crack, which brings even more discomfort and pain. When such breaks affected and not yet affected areas.

Now you know how to get rid of corns and calluses. Take care of yourself and your feet!

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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