How to get rid of “crow’s feet”: care for the skin around the eyes

Today, “” will help you to minimize crow’s feet around the eyes, the appearance of which causes many girls to smile less and to control your emotions.

Crow’s feet is wrinkles, which entirely difficult. They do not hide with makeup and externally make us a couple of years of age. Dry skin under the eyes is literally going in the accordion at the slightest hint of a smile, and sometimes “mesh” visible even in a resting state.

The skin in this area is extremely thin and has no sebaceous glands. That is why she is more prone to dryness and aging. In fact, dry skin in this area is the main reason for the appearance of deep facial wrinkles. The skin in this place needs very special care.

Therefore, in order to clean crow’s feet around the eyes, it is not enough to use regular moisturizer for the face, even the most qualitative and effective.

Moisturizing with oils

To make the skin under the eyes is elastic, you can use almost any oil, from olive and apricot ending. A lot of vitamin E, beneficial for the skin under the eyes contains almond oil.

Apply this oil around the eyes with a thick layer and leave for about a quarter of an hour. Then blot the rest of a paper towel but don’t dry thoroughly, do not wash and do not use extra cream.

To perform the procedure is best before going to sleep regularly through the day.

Cream mask for the eye area

To create simple tools to help effectively reduce crow’s feet under eyes, you will need:

  • Sea buckthorn oil – promotes regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin
  • Vitamin E (oil solution) – makes the skin elastic
  • Cocoa butter – antioxidant and binding element

All ingredients will be needed in equal amounts (per tablespoon). A small piece of cocoa butter melt in a water bath, add vitamin E and sea buckthorn oil. All thoroughly mixed, pour into a jar and leave in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Cocoa butter hardens, and you get almost solid cream that starts to melt already at their fingertips.

Color means bright orange (thanks to the sea buckthorn oil), but assures you that one of the skin yellow pigment will remain.

Apply the cream about a half hour before bedtime for 10-12 minutes. The layer should be thick, but such that the mask did not spread. The rest of wet cloth but don’t wash completely.

Performing this procedure three times a week for about a month you will see the first results – the tool will help to smooth out fine crows feet under the eyes to remove even deep wrinkles.

A set of measures against facial wrinkles

In addition to moisturizing, the skin around the eyes requires power.

Saturate the skin with protein and make it more supple decoction of flax seeds. Take about a soup spoon of beans, pour 100 gr. water, let stand a few hours, and then provari over low heat until the seeds will swell and turn into slime. It’s the need to impose on the problem areas, you can even in several layers, after the previous lightly dry.

The most simple remedy for crow’s feet under the eyes is the aloe juice. You can squeeze few drops of juice from the freshly cut leaf and apply under eyes. If the skin is sensitive or dry, it is better to mix it with cream for this area, otherwise the skin can start to zadnici.

Parsley juice nourishes the skin.

Grind herbs in a blender, put in a piece of cheesecloth and carefully squeeze the juice directly into the cotton swabs. Put the tampons on eyes and lie down with them quietly for about 15 minutes.

Mask, smoothing crow’s feet around the eyes obtained from half a large spoon of olive oil, one egg yolk and juice of quarter of lemon. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the resulting mixture apply on the eye area for about half an hour.

Remember that to apply any tool you need around the eyes, gently hammering his fingertips.

Crow’s feet and wrinkles under the eyes – prevention

To start the prevention of facial wrinkles must be about 25 years old, especially if you have dry skin.

In the summer wear sunglasses (by the way, in winter with bright sun and snow also don’t be shy) and glasses, if you often squint, so that is something to consider or read.

Avoid the appearance of puffiness under the eyes, as they are strongly stretched skin, and then she returned to long tone.

Use protective cream in the summer and in the cold, every day do gentle massage of the eye area and try less nervous.

In addition to moisturize and nourish the skin, give her a gentle massage every night – and crow’s feet and dry skin around the eyes doesn’t make you less smile!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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