How to get rid of love addiction: effective techniques

Today women’s site reveals the topic of love addiction– what are its symptoms and causes, and most importantly – how to get rid of this destructive feeling.

Falling in love, people are waiting for the continuation and reciprocity of feelings, and, if lucky, build a happy, strong, equal relationship. But it happens the other way. If your love has become a persistent drug addiction, to get rid of it would be the right decision.

Spot the difference

Before you learn how to get rid of love addiction, you must ensure that your sense are but as slavish subordination to man, and not liberating and inspiring feeling that is called love.

The word “drug” is suitable here could not be better – you can’t be without the object of his love, constantly think about him, imagine a life without him is impossible.

Yes, first love is very strong feeling and is similar to a drug. But we’re not talking about that, and about the situation when the relationship has already evolved and is “on track”, but you continue to call him every hour to know where he is, to suspect, to worry, to forgive much, to quarrel, to put up first, to do whatever he asks. You lose yourself, and he’s further away, less appreciate you, but your love, paradoxically, grows and becomes a real manic state.

By the way, psychologists themselves still do not fully understand what to do with women in a similar condition and how to help them get rid of love addiction. It is with women, men suffer from this much less. If a single lesson, one day a broken heart often makes a man almost a woman-hater, the woman’s nature, pushing it again and again stepping on the same rake.

However, causes of love addiction, according to experts, is the lack of affection in childhoodand low self esteem and lack of self-love nowadays.

How to get rid of love addiction?

Psychologists recommend, above all, auto-trainings. Assuming the regularity of these exercises can work wonders.

Phrases for auto-training (self-hypnosis) you can choose itself, but they have the sense to be: “in my life” (here you can list what follows: my favorite job, good friends, good health); “I am worthy of happiness and love”; “love me for what I am who I am”.
Repeat this phrase 20 times before sleep and in the morning when I Wake up.

Quite effective are some more techniques from the same series:

  • write his name on a piece of paper and burn;
  • every time you open the tap, visualize that along with the water goes and you love him;
  • imagine it for everyday physiological cases ? – it’s great to reduce the admiration for the man.

Active actions

All described above refers more to work on their psychological state and will be useful to raise self-esteem. But you’re wondering how to get rid of tough love based on radical methods? you full support in this – nothing to sit idly by, need to be active!

1. Find the strength and destroy all the fetishes associated with it – a diary, it is in the fire, search the Internet, dedicated to it – are removed, are thrown out all his pictures (except the one where he is more like his first photo in the passport ? ), and donated them to the toys go to an orphanage.

2. Do not seek meetings with him, get rid of all contacts, which you could make contact with him, avoid talking with himif he calls – he says he is busy and never call me. Proven that feeling, not backed up by communication and personal meetings, is faster.

3. Make a list of everything badthat he did do and say all the most offensive. Put it near the phone and every time the hand reaches for the phone to call him, look in this list. It’ll cool your desire.

4. Write a farewell letterin which you say what you think of him and thank for all the good that he gave you.

Restrictions on the time “rehabilitation”

At the same time, how to get rid of spoiling the life of love addiction, you need to know what exactly not to do during your healing:

  • to seek solace in alcohol, nicotine, drugs.
  • into the arms of the first men to numb the pain, revenge, quick to forget.
  • to be alone to “think”.
  • feeling sorry for myself.
  • to complain.
  • throw Hobbies, sports, hobby on the cause of depression.

In order to get things done required a lot of will power and strong spirit. But if you are seriously thinking about how to get rid of love addiction is the first step, then you really want to. And this, as is the case with any addiction is half the battle.

Healthy and of free you happiness!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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