How to get rid of mold in the apartment?

Mold is the enemy, in front of which equal “Khrushchev” and palaces, rural houses and luxury offices… Under more favourable conditions, it spreads very quickly and affects a variety of surfaces! How to remove mold in the apartment — tell unusual female site

Mold in apartment: what is dangerous and what conditions she needs?

Most often in rooms you can meet black mold, and less green.

Black – a cluster of dark spots, which, when favorable mold conditions, increasing very rapidly, multiply and coalesce into large spots. To touch the black mold appears like mucous pellicle, and it has a characteristic musty smell (sometimes we are talking about a smell “musty”).

Green – “hairy”. Most often on spoiled food, unwashed dishes etc. In the apartment green mold can “settle” in the kitchen — in the fridge or in a breadbox, quickly hitting even fresh food.

Any mold is harmful to humans. Life in a musty room can cause asthma, allergies, and various health problems. It is dangerous to use inside, that is to eat contaminated foods. How not to recall the delusional Soviet myth “in the mold penicillin, eat — healthier you”!

All types of mold is a micro-organisms of fungal origin.

They are very hardy, and even if you remove a spot of mold, wash and dry the affected object or surface, upon the occurrence of the proper conditions, mold can develop again (even years later!).

Get molds microorganisms to the apartment from the outside world – with food, things, even with air, but to fight it is useless, except to make your own house a sealed bunker!

To really get rid of mold in the apartment to remove her pockets, clean the affected items and create enabling conditions to it would not start again.

Mold on the wall in the apartment may occur if:

  • In the house a little light (it happens in rooms facing the North side, shaded with trees, constantly pulled curtains, in rooms without Windows, bathrooms, closets, etc.).
  • The high humidity. Suffer from mold on the first floor under which there are cellars with “stagnant” water, the inhabitants of settlements with a humid climate (like Batumi), and holders of sealed insulating glass – all the moisture (in the bathroom, drying clothes, parousia pots, etc.) stays at home…

Warm or cold the room is affected, but only in relation to humidity. Ideal for mildew – damp and hot room, “greenhouse”.

But it is often cool apartment can be a problem – the moisture there for a long time does not evaporate, the sunlight is not enough… it Often happens in winter when Windows are closed constantly and the heating mold is alive and well, and in the summer, with an abundance of direct sunlight, heat and dry air, the open Windows disappear until the fall…

Mold in your apartment — what to do?

“” warns that the following tools are able to remove the traces of the action of mold, but do not give 100% guarantee that it will not appear again on the same surface!

Chemicals from mold in the apartment:

  • Biocides (disinfectants) – “Rehana”, “norteks”. Potent money — if you handle them the infected surface, then you can be sure that in the treated spot mold will not appear. To effectively use these tools in the repair when the affected removed the old Wallpaper, etc, so that kitchen walls are not began to sour rot again (we still talk). Also suitable for smooth surfaces – plastic panels, laminate flooring, tiles. But with parquet flooring and wood can not ride – wood is a porous material, and mold can hide inside, to impregnate means all the wood is completely unrealistic.
  • Fire funds. Also very potent, they should be used, making the solution.
  • Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol or peroxide should wipe the affected items after cleaning them from mold – washing machine, blinds, tile, plumbing, etc.

There are folk remedies, they are fighting with mold in the apartment.

This solution of the essential oil of tea tree (1:1 with water) or 5% solution of vinegar that is sprayed from a spray on the infected object. The vinegar will smell but not for long, it will be possible to ventilate and to erode it.

Before processing any of these tools need a brush, rag and detergent wash the infected area and dry it.

How to show the mold in the apartment completely?

Mold infested apartment? How to deal drastically? Prepare to repair!

From the walls, removed all the Wallpaper and plaster, the floor is all parquet, laminate or linoleum, the substrate under them. Bare surfaces are treated with a biocide.

If the problem was moisture penetration from the outside (nadpodvalnyh apartments), it is necessary to put waterproofing and/or insulating materials.

The walls that were infested with mold, primed special antifungal composition, and then coated with cement or plaster, which is glued Wallpaper.

You also need to process all items that have been infected with at least a little: appliances, blinds, furniture, utensils, etc. Fabrics (towels, curtains, etc.) need to degowski boil in a saucepan. Some items like wooden kitchen boards, bread bins, etc. it is better not to use (especially if it is a utensil in direct contact with food).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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