How to get rid of nightmares?

Women’s website “” will tell you how to get rid of nightmares and normal sleep during the night. Perhaps no man in the world who at least once did not dream these horrible fall-chase-disaster-monsters-pitch-black-darkness and other horror movies.

We Wake up in a cold sweat, sometimes try to scream and after a long time can not sleep, trying to digest sleep. Nightmares are scary, overwhelming, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste.

What’s the frequency of bad dreams is considered abnormal?

Dream a nightmare one time in six months – is not a problem, but bad dreams several times a week can really unsettle.

By themselves, bad dreams don’t affect health if they are not protracted.

Interviewing experimental group, scientists have determined that, seeing the nightmare man always feels the anger, disappointment, shame, but not fear. Hence the theory that in dreams we “recycled” feeling, which is not handled in a day.

The question “Often has nightmares, what to do?” doctors hear from people that due to bad dreams I’m afraid to sleep or sleeping poorly, experiencing stress and chronic fatigue.

The reasons why can “come” bad dreams:

  • overeating, especially eating before bed food that is digested for a long time, and soft drinks
  • reaction to drugs
  • stress
  • depression
  • existing or developing disease
  • fatigue
  • monotonous life routine

Elimination of these factors can be the solution to the problem “at night, constantly having nightmares, what to do?”.

Psychological roots bad dreams

If none of the factors did not help to get rid of nightmares, the problem is mental in nature.

Try to understand yourself: what is your thoughts maybe some problem within me on a subconscious level. Try talking to a loved one, and if that does not help, then refer to the psychologist.

Ask the expert what to do if you have nightmares every night and he can advise you in detail to write the story of the bad dream and to read them several times aloud.

Thus, the “patient” gets used to repeating the story, and ceases to experience negative emotions. add: you can keep a diary of dreams, write their stories, and then analyze what events during the day lead to it, what feelings you experienced.

The other is by meditating on the plot of the nightmare and the gradual content change in a positive direction that there is nothing left unpleasant.

Experts claim that this treatment quickly and positively affect the quality not only sleep, but also life in General, so how to get rid of nightmares in my sleep about four sessions.

Ways to get rid of nightmares

  • Maximum relax before bedtime and make a comfortable sleeping place. Massage, foam, oil burner (essential oil such as sandalwood, Melissa, bergamot, strengthen the nervous system), massage and sex instead of a night watching Thriller and news about attacks and violence.
  • Enough to dream before going to sleep or just remember the good. So you will have some “program” on a pleasant dream instead of a scary.
  • Before bed try to relieve any irritation and get rid of negative emotions.
  • Don’t think before going to sleep on negative scenarios and terrible events that can happen.
  • What to do if you keep having these recurring nightmares every night? Think of his horror film (or draw!) alternative ending better than the comic. This method of therapy called method of rehearsal of mental images. Then you can try to become a Director of my dream, to run his story. It is believed that this can be learned quickly.
  • Eliminate the “lack of nature”. Experts call lack of life beautiful scenery one of the reasons for the constant nightmares. It will be enough for half hour a day to sit on the bench in the Park or watch the river from the bridge.
  • Sleeping on the back is fraught with lack of air, and the brain can specially provoke the nightmare, to Wake up the body.
  • Before sleeping don’t say and don’t think about what you’re afraid of. One of the theories of nightmares – a fear that a night “out” of our subconscious.
  • Run or walk before sleep, so as to get rid of the constant nightmares in your sleep, if sufficiently tired physically.
  • Talking to yourself

    There is a theory that nightmares come when you’re constantly putting off the decision of a complicated question. Perhaps you are ignoring some problem that it’s time to deal, or putting off an unpleasant conversation.

    The plot of the nightmare do not have to interpret directly, but if it is constantly repeated, it means something in real life you are very concerned about.

    So, you at night having nightmares, what to do? Find primary and indirect causes and eliminate them! Well, if there be a man who could Wake you up during sleep, and calm – don’t hesitate to ask about it.

    More positive emotions, honesty with yourself and others!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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