How to get rid of oily sheen on your face?

Today will tell you how to get rid of oily Shine on the face, because the problem is well known not only to the young ladies, but Mature ladies.

In the article we will talk about the features of oily skin: there are some basic rules and little tricks, the observance and use of which will allow you to say goodbye to unwanted Shine on your face. But before you experiment with your own face, women’s website “” offers to find out why he was so greasy, because this “glow” can be not only a cosmetic defect but a medical problem.


The Shine on the face: causes

Common, but not the only cause of the oily sheen is oily or combo skin type.

The main reason for undesirable Shine is enhanced sebaceous glands. Extracted from them in large quantity sebum and makes the face shiny. And the reasons for their activation can be:

  • Hormonal

The problem must be addressed at the doctor’s. Result from cosmetic glitter fix will be temporary.

  • Dermatological

As in the first case, the problem requires a medical consultation and possibly medication.

  • Disorders in the nervous system

Stress, emotional depletion often stimulate the sebaceous glands.

  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Improper nutrition: the prevalence in the diet of fatty and spicy food.

After identifying the cause, resulting in increased sebum secretion, it will be easier to cope with a greasy luster.

How to prevent oily Shine on your face?

You can’t always go to the doctor for advice, and to remove the Shine from the face is necessary. To Shine on the face will help the proper daily skin care.

Cleansing special attention!

  • Washing

Oily skin requires frequent washing, two times a day is enough. The main thing – to do it right. To start the procedure with the warm water so open pores. Then use cleanser, it can be a special cosmetic lotion, the gel cleanser water-based or tool-based clay. To finish, wash with cool water – this will close the pores.

  • Toning

Get rid of the remnants of the cleanser, allow the skin to tone and remove Shine on the face will allow the infusion of herbs: mint, sage or yarrow. But alcohol lotions possess a drying effect for oily skin it is better not to use.

  • Deep cleansing

Is not more than 1 time in 7 days, this is good to use steam baths with herbal decoctions (chamomile, sage, or calendula). Our site has in detail told how to do steam baths for the face. How else can you get rid of a greasy, beauticians suggest: after evening cleansing, periodically (every 3 days) massage skin a small brush with soft bristles.

Daily care for oily skin

  • Hydration stresses that oily skin needs hydration. Remember: it shines due to excess sebum, not moisture. Use moisturizer every day. Cream for this skin should be light, with the consistency of a gel.

  • Deep hydration

Extra moisturizing oily skin is necessary, it is good to combine with a deep cleansing (once a week). On well-steamed skin to apply a mask that will provide it with the necessary moisture and yet removes excess sebum.

How long to get rid of oily sheen: a mask for oily skin

Well eliminate Shine skin mask on the basis of white and blue clay, milk products, lemon with egg white and lemon with yeast and cucumber pulp with boric acid.

No less effectively cope with a greasy luster of the mask below.

  • Coffee

25 g of natural yoghurt or low-fat yogurt mixed with coffee grounds, apply to the face. After 5 minutes, wash with cool water and use moisturizer.

The result: a smooth matte skin without inflammation and oily sheen.

  • Greens

This mask removes Shine from your face and it normalizes skin balance.

To combine 100 g of chopped parsley, and the same steamed “Hercules”, add tea tree oil (3 drops). The composition after thorough mixing apply on face and rinse after half an hour.

  • Cherry

Slightly dries the skin, ridding it of the Shine.

In fresh cherry juice to moisten gauze and a quarter of an hour to put it on the face and neck.

  • Banana

If you’ve done it at least once, you already know, as well helps to get rid of greasy Shine and inflammations this beloved fruit.

Flesh half a banana mixed with 20 g of fresh lemon juice applied to the skin. After a quarter of an hour to wash off.

Cosmetic tweaks

  • Fat ugly Shine on the face will help to remove Foundation, but only that which is labeled “for oily skin” or “matte”. It is recommended to use it only in the morning.
  • To obscure the Shine may loose mineral powder. Its particles absorb Shine during the day it can be used repeatedly.
  • Instead of powder you can use matting napkins, with their help, you will remove the Shine from the face and will not mess up the makeup.

Remember that skin care should be regular. Only the correct and consistent care will save the skin from oily sheen, making it beautiful and healthy.

Author – konopacka Tatiana, site

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