How to get rid of opponents: to outsmart or outshine?

If you’ve noticed a cloud on the cloudless horizon of his happiness, site always help bring back the peace and serenity of the relationship. When cloud takes on the image of the caller and seductive (or Vice versa, humble and meek) rozluchnytsi, dared to encroach on your man, it is necessary to take urgent measures to “eliminate” rivals. Today’s article is about how to get rid of rivals.


Build off of that would do the competition is to be the mistress of your men, or only to think about it.

Women’s intuition is capable of accuracy to signal when someone is attacking a loved one, exactly as that the fact of change has taken place.

In the second case, you need to decide if you’re ready to fight for your happiness or choose to avoid the person who dumped you. If you choose the first option, then keep reading this article.

Keep calm

Your heart and your own eyes, suggests that the unknown or quite a girl friend flirts with your husband or boyfriend? Well-wishers “told” that he saw them together?

Building strategy how to get rid of sassy rival, the most effective will help:

  • complete composure
  • the assurance that the threat to your happiness there
  • maintaining the secrecy of his knowledge

Soberly analyze the situation, forget the options for black magic and crime, suppress the desire to make a scandal to deprive of hair or other vital parts of the body “this brazen bitch”.

But the silent experience – not in your rules. Moreover, it is in danger of depression and lowering self-esteem.

Imaginary opponent

Practice psychologists confirms the long-known fact (in which each of us, of course, do not believe): most favorite lead closest friends.

So how to get rid of a familiar rival after such a “double strike” you want any ways, you should be ready to discredit rivalseven if you are the most peaceful creature in the world.

If the weaknesses of the adulterer’s you are familiar with, to do it will not be difficult.

War – means war: put her in very bad light in General of the company in the presence of his beloved, under the guise of good intentions, nobody knows you’re aware of what’s going on behind you. “Advise” her with all the effective cream brightening antennae, a new diet, the excellent epilator for a psychologist in the end.

During the next meeting, tell her that you saw her with an old acquaintance Sasha: Oh, you are so right for each other, it is so long you wanted, we immediately see a serious and wealthy man – not that those are to you all the time glued. Before this way to get rid of rivals, including acting on high: what you deny, don’t be shy, everything on your own, you’re a free woman, etc.

Even better would be if Lena will “return” to her ex. Men do not tolerate competition, most likely, a good shake from your boyfriend and the break it provided.

Well, it is – the pangs of jealousy and hurt pride.

How to get rid of the opponent: double agent

Keeping calm, sense of humor and just having information, who exactly is your rival, make friends with her and strongly anonzero your “strong” friendship.

At least, it enters into a stupor your man. If you are going to meet his new best friend mysteriously say that “you have something to discuss.” Sleep your blessed just cease, and later staged a showdown with his new girlfriend.

“Friendship” with her gives you a lot of possibilities: find out what kind of person she is to small, but a little mischief.

But the main thing is the constant stories about how everything you have with your man (in bed), he gives you gifts, invites and all, you are soon going to travel. In light of the fact that your man is most likely assures the other woman that you completely lost interest and is going to break up with you, it will be a big blow for her.

The second candy period

Those who consider it below their dignity to do harm and to spread rumors, offers a completely different version of how to get rid of the arrogant rival.

The main goal is to cause loved the feeling of jealousy and the desire to re you to achieve.

Start with the updates hairstyles and style, make new friends, go out more with friends. If you live together, close in a room for hours and talk on the phone, if separately several times deny the meeting, arguing that you “today is what to do” in the future, “you have so much to do in the next month”.

Be unpredictable and in General, the company as often as you can “switch” to members of the opposite sex. Give a reason to be jealous, but try not to leave direct evidence. If a man is worthy of you, he will make the right choice between the affair and the real risk of losing you.

We suggested a few tactics how to get rid of the opponent.

In fact, the female mind in the struggle for happiness and the desire to take revenge on the presumptuous competitor shows miracles of ingenuity, until the attraction of detective stories, photo montage of incriminating evidence, surveillance and verification professional seducers.

Whichever method you choose, remember that you are no worse than the one with which is forced to compete. And you have plenty of opportunities to prove it!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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