How to get rid of rosacea at home?

The blush on the cheeks always indicative of health. But some reddening of the skin, it is not seasonal, and permanent.

Red spots, pronounced blood vessels and weave (the so-called spider veins), red stripes — all of these symptoms may indicate rosacea. What is it? What are the causes of the disease? Is it possible to cure rosacea at home?

To these and other questions we will answer in our today’s article on

Rosacea and its main causes

Many cosmetologists consider it a disease and offered to treat rosacea of the face of medication or alternative remedies at home.

In fact, rosacea is a violation of blood circulation in our skin. It affects only the superficial layers of the epidermis and this is why redness is so apparent. The blood rushes to the face, but the drain is somewhat difficult.

Therefore, red spots (usually on the face, neck and neckline), which did not pass, and often pronounced capillaries is become visible lost its elasticity and ability to shrink blood vessels.

One of the main reasons rosacea is heredity. If you suffer from it your mom and grandmother, most likely, a violation of blood circulation in the skin will manifest itself and you. In these cases, sometimes it is impossible to treat hereditary rosacea facial at home, you will need medical intervention and various medications. And yet the causes of rosacea may be the following:

  • diseases of internal organs (e.g., liver), problems with the thyroid gland, cardiovascular disease and hypertension;
  • hormonal imbalance and hormonal changes (during pregnancy, for example, during menopause or when taking hormonal medications);
  • the wrong food (fatty, spicy and fried foods, the abundance of hot spices) and bad habits (especially alcohol and Smoking);
  • facial injuries and frostbite;
  • abuse of tanning (in the sun and in the Solarium);
  • frequent washing with hot water and heat treatments, a visit to the baths and saunas;
  • aggressive massage of the face and improper cosmetic procedures.

If the symptoms of this disease are not too bright, you can learn how to get rid of the symptoms of rosacea. Homemade treatments are ideal as a preventive measures and will help to eliminate unpleasant and unsightly symptoms.

The website will tell you about the principles of self-treatment details.

Proper home care with rosacea

First and foremost,, sensitive skin with impaired circulation requires a competent and very careful care. Here are some basic rules that, when manifestations of rosacea should be performed rigorously.

  • Choose a special makeup for skin with rosacea — this line has many brands and models. But the treatment of the specialized cosmetics rosacea was really effective, use its course at home, to avoid habituation.
  • If the symptoms of rosacea seem to be too clear, you can completely replace one of the creams (day or night) on the pharmacy, specially designed to eliminate this problem. Remember that the structure of the therapeutic agent will be quite dense, therefore it is better to use this cream at night.
  • If there is no possibility to acquire such funds for the treatment of pronounced of rosacea on the face, select cosmetics for sensitive skin, not cause irritation and does not stimulate active blood flow to the upper layers.
  • Pay special attention to skin cleansing and removing make-up — this process in any case should not be too aggressive. Wash your face with lukewarm, not hot water, use no soap, and a soft foam or jelly. From scrubs and peels should be abandoned.
  • Eliminate all that contain alcohol, do not use cosmetics with fruit acids, lots of warming essential oils and extracts of mint and menthol, eucalyptus and clove, ginger and cinnamon.
  • Do not use brushes, hard sponges and sponges for the face, rough towel, tumblers, etc. — all this equipment will only interfere to treat rosacea the skin of your face.
  • Avoid inhalation and reheating the steam, as well as manual (mechanical) cleansing for face and other aggressive cosmetic procedures.
  • Masks and compresses from rosacea

    A great option to strengthen the vessel walls to seal the face skin and reduce red spots and capillary veins — the preparation of a mask or compress from rosacea of natural home ingredients. Here are some really effective masks that will reduce the symptoms of this unpleasant disease.

    • Potato mask

    If you went out into the cold or, on the contrary, overheated in a heated room, your face, neck and chest are very red, you can make potato mask — it is very effective relieves existing redness. Everything is simple: peel one big potato, chop it in a blender or RUB on a small grater, put weight on places rich redness. Keep the mask for 15 to 25 minutes (depending on how much you have time), then rinse the mixture with water at room temperature.

    • Chamomile compress

    If you are more interested in not so much withdrawal symptoms how long how to treat rosacea at home the most, is to try a chamomile compress. Chamomile is very effective relieves inflammation, but it helps with rosacea due to its ability to narrow the blood vessels, make their walls more elastic. Take a dry chamomile flowers and boil 2 tablespoons in 100 milliliters of boiling water. Allow the infusion to cool completely, strain it and apply on face soaked gauze or cotton swabs.

    • Natural oils

    Don’t know how to get rid of rosacea on your own? We offer one of the best mask at home from natural oils.

    It includes the most effective in relation to our vessels ingredients: olive moisturizes the skin and prevents it thinning, cypress strengthens blood vessels and grape seeds get spider veins.

    Take a teaspoon of olive oil and grape seed, but the essential oil of cypress will only need a 3-4 drops. This mixture liberally slather the face, and the excess can be removed after a while with a napkin.

    These masks and packs should be done daily if you have pronounced symptoms of rosacea, and only once or twice a week for prevention, if the redness does not bother you too much. Do not forget about the proper care in combination with home treatment it will help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, strengthen the skin and to align its color.

    Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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