How to get rid of the annoying fan guy: how

It happens that I start Dating a guy just out of pity, or due to the fact? that is very much persistent he is, or in the process realize that you are not a couple. There comes a point when the guy is tired – no strength!

Some lovers guys don’t understand the obvious, even if You repeated 200 times that nothing no tenderness. Okay those annoying fans that you met a week or two… There are those who after a five-minute Dating already can’t imagine life without you!

And how to get rid of annoying fan?
What to say to annoying the guy realized once and for all that your story ended?

The Most Effective method to dump the guy Immediately

The most effective way to break up with a guy who you don’t like – don’t meet him at all! You say to yourself that you will not meet with him, and:

  • Don’t let annoying fan nor telephone nor e-mail nor occasions for meetings and visits. Well, the phone can give random, usually meaningless set of numbers is enough to shut the guy up.
  • Tell him that you are a lesbian and not interested in guys.
  • Tell the annoying fan something like the phrase “I’m not interested, and I don’t like your options”. Let him wonder what’s wrong with him.
  • Tell the annoying fan that you are the representative of the sect, practicing celibacy and lack of sexual contacts, tell us what gave to the sect all their possessions and start to persuade him to join.
  • Don’t understand – feel free to use the “selected Russian Mat“.

Method Truthful: tell him honestly

Try to talk honestly with the annoying fan. Honestly and openly tell him that You do not like that you will never be able to love and that it’s time for you to leave.

This method, oddly enough, the most Inefficient of the presented here. Some guys simply don’t understand you and assume that your “no” is actually “YES”.

And then comes the very different methods…

The Radical way: I’m Dating someone else!

Tell the annoying fan that he met another: smart, beautiful, apartment, car, and a bunch of merits, which he did not see how their own ears. Tell me what he is calling you to marry.

What not to do: don’t tell him that changed him. Cheating is a dirty thing… let him stay on you the purest memories!

The Sadistic way: throw him a Hell of a life

Make life annoying fan unbearable. To do this:

  • Covet it to all, suspect it as soon as possible
  • Demonstrate the most disgusting facets of your character.
  • Find fault with him, criticize his actions, clothes, parents, and so on.
  • Ask him nevozmojnogoO. for example, if he was uncommunicative, drag him to parties and companies, and if the party, forced to sit at home with you.
  • Require incessant declarations of love.
  • Call it “by Huey”, “duey” or think of any more disgusting diminutive nickname.
  • Often remember their great former.

Way Wedding: baby, let’s get married… tomorrow!

As soon as you realize that this fan you strongly enough, start openly talking to him about the wedding. Say:

  • All your girlfriends are married for a long time, and you have a burning desire to get married
  • A fortune teller foretold you to get married this year (very effective!)
  • Carry it at the Bridal salons
  • Let your parents hint to him about the wedding
  • Say that you can’t wait to become a mother – talk about dirty diapers, strollers and screaming babies.
  • Tell the annoying fan that want to have 3 children.
  • Say what you will, triplets, and probably this year a fortune teller foretold (after that it will portray the delay period).

Even if a fan really wanted to marry you, these hints can greatly scare and he will not be slow to evaporate from your life.

Simplest way: ignore it

Unplug the phones, don’t reply to e-mails, do not go in ICQ, at the meeting did not pay attention to him, in a word, ignore it. Do it all as long as possible while annoying the fan will not stop to attack you.

This method is as old as the world, and smart men operates smoothly. Moreover, men also like to apply this method to the boring girls. So why don’t we use it? ?

Magic method: make the conspiracy-lapel

Is it possible to Unscrew the old fan with magic? Yes, people, there are several conspiracy-lapelsthat can help you. Here the most simple of them.

Lapel with a broom
For this fold you will need an ordinary broom. Before the arrival of the guy mimetite of apartments soar over the threshold, repeating:

“The house will include fire, home – ice.
The house is a gentle, home – angry.
As the dust over the threshold with a broom swept
So (Name of guy) let him go – not coming back.”

Then you need to get from one twig broom and put it under the threshold.
After leaving the boring guy will break a twig in half, one half burn it, and throw the other out the window.

Lapel during a handshake
Conspiracy pronounced himself when shaking hands or any other hug, try to look people in the eye: “Like needles in the hand will burn, your heart will prick, I’ll otvertetsya”.

Interesting ways to break the boring guy

There are other ways how to get rid of the annoying fan. Ways these innovative and unusual, but risky. Testy Yes a jealous boyfriend may behave very inappropriately… watch out, girls!

In bed
During or immediately after sex you casually call him a false name. If anything, the excuses: “Oh, I’m sorry I met you. He was soooo mmm…”
Let him think that “mmm” your ex much better than his own ?

Come on a date with a friend, and even better – mom or dad. The guy will try desperately to please your parents. Naturally, the date will fail.

Acquaintance with his parents
It is necessary to Express all the nastiness of the character and give a few sophisticated things, Yes, such, then to his parents shied away from you like the devil from Holy water.

Suppose you say to his mother: “Oh, what a pretty dress!!! My mom last year exactly the same to the second-hand passed it there was a speck of a cherry… and you what to wash?”
Or: “Oh, look at those mushrooms, did you make this? Yes? How lovely! My grandmother is exactly the same, tried to poison my grandfather, as I remember! Your husband also likes to take a walk?”

In the boutique
You two have a wedding, birthday celebration or even for any event. Arguing that you have no pageant dresses, flip it into a boutique is more expensive… let’s say, Christian Dior. You have to like the most expensive dress – ask to buy it!

His answer what dress he can’t afford, looking him in the eye, saying, “Honey, if I you can’t afford it, then go to lectures by Napoleon hill, he conducts training for losers”.

Good luck and remarkable sense of humor!

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