How to get rid of the habit of living in the past?

Women’s website “” today will try to get you to live in the past – the habit which makes a real gray, and the anticipation of the future is bleak.

Talk about the reasons for such existence (not life), try to motivate you to change priorities and give some practical advice. Entirely – or even partially – remaining in the past, you deprive yourself very much, and it doesn’t seem a problem at first glance.

Of course, sometimes all I want to potentiometrical, and you also have that right. It is even useful – but in small doses.

Constantly immersed in memories of the past, you will start to feel inferior in the present. And memories are not necessarily good, but constantly thinking of the bad memory, you extend your feelings of guilt or resentment.

You postpone life goals by the wayside, no longer plan for the future, lose the harmony and satisfaction with own life.

The time when we begin to live only in the past one, often occurs in several common situations:

  • After the break in relations. As a rule, if leave you, to break free from the past difficult. But in all other situations, often there are times when “rolls”.
  • After moving to another city. The absence of old friends, a new house, yet surly new colleagues. All this seems strange to me, and Willy-nilly begin to remember how good it was before.
  • After immersion in the everyday routine. “Stuck” in work and family, we begin to think of a carefree “youth”, College years, and sad about what did not return.

If you really want

The first step to stop living in the past – it is your sincere desire to get rid of this condition. Indeed, many even enjoy this suffering, “bright, romantic melancholy”, as well as the attention of others for this reason.

Actually, you’re just afraid to break the link with in the meantime. But when the permanent memory of the former begins to bear suffering, you need to get rid of him.

The main thing you need to remember that the past takes all the emotions you could experience in the present.

Subconsciously you are looking for them today, ain’t going with them in their memories. And only there can you be “happy”.

In fact, it is a surrogate, a fake, an imitation of feelings, you don’t have a minute to live in the past, because imagination can never be brighter than the same emotions experienced in real life.

Moreover, the “original” will never return, because it is history. This is proven by the thousands of alumni and attempts to collect old friends. It seems people are the same, and the times you had with them once upon a time, there. Exactly “as before” will never be. gives you a simple formula: don’t need to live in the past, to be happy. And Vice versa: to feel miserable enough to allow the past to host in your life.

Of course, keep constantly in mind this thought difficult, so we offer some practical exercises to restore control over real life:

  • Opening the tap water, I can imagine how your negative habit and especially the memories that hurt the “flow” out of you. Closing the tap, you “block” access to my memories.
  • Throw a party where you tell everyone that the past can not live with all honors “bury” their habit of living the old memories (and if you want, very disturbing memories). Well, if the process would be ritually destroyed some object that embodies that of your cargo.
  • Write down on a sheet of paper all the memories that interfere with your life. Not to paint every detail and describe every single memory one single emotion. After revising the list – so you’ll know what experience you lack in real life. This is an important step to understanding how to stop living in the past, we can only start to receive them today!
  • Once the desire to recall the past, to look at the page in social networks or review old photos, go to do what you’re after you will be able sincerely to praise yourself. Put things in perfect order in the house, go to the gym, cook a fantastic dinner. So you will be able to raise self-esteem affected by permanent habitat in the illusions of the past.
  • Every morning start with the fact that mentally list everything you have good in your life right now, and what you hold dear. Gradually you will learn to appreciate it, and time travel will leave to the writers of science fiction films.
  • To understand that the past can live happily ever after is impossible, go to the experiment. Gather the people you used to be good, and try to do something spontaneous and reckless, as when, “in his youth”. I bet the thrill of spending time together will be far from what you’re used to remember.
  • And, of course, to stop living in the past is impossible, if you do not begin to truly live in the present day. It is best to concentrate on the present moments helps meditation. Read a book called “life in the here and now” – they will put everything in its place. Arm yourself with our tips from the article about the effect of the pending actions, if you really have the feeling of something not done in the past.

    And the past – let it stay in the past or will be a valuable source of your experience. And no more.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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