How to get rid of the smell of tobacco cigarettes in the apartment

The smell of cigarettes is persistent, as part of a tobacco leaf contains a lot of oily resins, which tend to penetrate deeply into carpets, clothes, soak curtains and soft furnishings.

And if people who do not smoke, smoke from cigarettes may just be unpleasant, for those who suffer from asthma or respiratory diseases, tobacco smell can be dangerous. From the smell of cigarettes is hard to overcome, however, the known effective ways.

Today on the website “” we’ll talk about how to remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment.

Emergency assistance

“How to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the apartment quickly?” — this issue may occur when you had guests and you allowed them to smoke indoors.

  • Open wide the window, make a draft and ventilate the smoke-filled room for some time. If the room is smoky, get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the apartment this way.
  • To enhance the procedure, it is possible to arrange the circulation of air moist towel. Dampen a towel and shaking them, moving around the room. The towel can be moistened with vinegar in acidified water. Leave it wet in the place where the smoke smell from cigarettes will go away faster.
  • Well, if you have a room where Smoking, is air-conditioned. It can also help to remove the smell from tobacco.
    Advice from if you expect smokers, it is best to clean carpets – they are most quickly absorb the smell of tobacco. If all the same happened that the apartment you smoke, then sprinkle on carpets baking soda (for at least an hour), then vacuum them – the smell of tobacco that soaked the carpet should be gone.
  • If smoky kitchen, to help get rid of the smell of the cigarettes will help the hood, but only one that works on the principle of circulation. How to choose a cooker hood for kitchen, we were told earlier on the website.
  • To mask the smell of smoke can flavor cooked in the oven meal.
  • Also advise those who are looking for ways to remove the smell of cigarettes in the apartment improvised means, take the Bay leaf. Ignite Bay leaf and walk him around the room where people smoked. Bay leaf from the smell of cigarettes in the apartment to get help quickly.
  • To remove the smell of cigarette in the apartment will help electric furnaces, heaters. Enable devices at the highest temperature, leave for a long time the smell will go away.
  • Masked the smell

    Just note that the filters and catalysts, essential oils, candles don’t take away the smell of smoke, and interrupt (mask) it.

    Aroma oils

    If you have essential oils, they can become first assistants in disguise the smell of cigarettes.

    Especially good to cope with this problem oil of citronella is to get rid of tobacco smell in the apartment it very quickly. If you have an oil burner, you can use it.

    But even if the special lamps you don’t. Enough to drip a few drops of oil on a conventional electric lamp and turn on the light. In the process of filament lamps around the room will scent of citronella oil, which will absorb all the tobacco odor.

    The oil should be applied on the cold light bulb.

    Oil of citronella will not only remove the smell from cigarettes, but smoke from the room of all insects.


    Quickly get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the apartment (reviews this method is recommended more often) to help special candles “antitobacco.” They include lavender, eucalyptus, citronella and other essential extracts of plants.

    Arrange around the room a few candles “antitobacco”, ignite them – smell of cigarette in the room will not.

    Air fresheners & cleaners

    Fresheners and cleaners are the most popular among the population.

    • Why not just invent to combat the tobacco smell! I recently tried air freshener in gel Gel Fresh. A little shell-box, which consists of two halves. A little open, and the air fills with a pleasant aroma. I like that it is not necessary to spray spray. Convenient. But it helps only in small rooms. I smoke in the toilet, so that works there. Ruslan.
    • The best at killing tobacco smell air purifier Luxus (Luxus edition). It is to absorb odors and not mask them. I took grapefruit. Very satisfied. Maria.
    • Successful use of odorgon is the best odor absorber. I sprayed on carpets, curtains, furniture. He absorbs the air. Sasha.
    • I have a great odor neutralizer Breesal Aqua “antitobacco.” Smells like, say, a convenient form of the bottle. Three presses and the smell of tobacco in the room where people smoked, no. Galina.

    Sinks and Draper

    • Odor absorbers tobacco to get rid of this problem help great. In the room where the smoke, need to place special sinks that you can buy in outlets, household chemicals, and can be done yourself. Absorb unpleasant odors placed in the room container with ground coffee, orange peel, activated charcoal, baking soda.
    • Increased ability to absorb tobacco smoke has Draper antitobacco. Near the ashtray is a container graupera – special mineral granules that quickly draw the tobacco smoke. It can also be used as filler for ashtrays. If the humidity in the room increased, you must Draper periodically dry.

    Flavored granules “antitobacco”

    Effective odor neutralizer tobacco are granules for ashtrays. They need to fill to the bottom of the ashtray and the odor will be immediately absorbed. Well and quickly to get rid of the smell of cigarettes help the granules with the smell of coffee and vanilla.

    Industrial methods

    Of course, the best way to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the apartment – no Smoking. But if it’s not in your power, I suggest you to make use of industrial ways of dealing with the smell of cigarettes in the room.

    • Give the air unit. It is great to moisturize the air and clean it will kill all unpleasant smells, including the smell of cigarettes.
    • Cleaning the air, of course, expensive device. Therefore, those who have no opportunity to buy it, you can purchase air conditioning for the stipulated function of air purification.

    Bought a Panasonic, which is thought the function of air purification. Now tobacco smell disappears very quickly from the premises. Alexander.

    • Well to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the apartment air ionizer. Under the influence of this device the particles of the smoke falls to the floor, in the air they become less, air is cleaned.
    • You can buy the flavoring of the air from the smell of tobacco. At the heart of his work lies the principle of cold evaporation (oil burner – hot evaporation). Flavoring automatically inject scent into the air, and mounted the fan distributes it throughout the room.
    • Female site advises those who smoke to pay attention to smokeless ashtray with the function of air ionization. In such ashtrays mounted fan, and a filter which picks up the smoke. They work on batteries, USB-input.

    Old tobacco smell in the apartment: how to remove?

    If you bought through the smoke-filled apartment, then to remove the stubborn smell of tobacco in the apartment will only overhaul.

    I bought a cheap apartment. Went straight to the weathering. Aired for a whole week – nothing! Tobacco ingrained in the walls, especially in the bathroom where there was a center area. Whitewashed ceiling: 2 – 3 weeks normally, and again appear yellow spots. Helped only overhaul – stripped-cut down all the plaster, whitewash. The store bought a special paint “anti-Smoking”. The only thing that helped. Eugene.

    There are cases when the smell of cigarette is very difficult to remove, such as in the case described in the opinion. How to remove stubborn tobacco smell in the apartment, if you do the repair is not possible?

  • Remember, most of all absorb the smell of the carpets and textiles. Need to wash all fabric items such as curtains, bedspreads, etc.
  • What to do with pillows? Better to give them to the cleaners, but if freezing weather – to freeze them on the street.
  • Upholstery, carpets clean Vanish — it is better to do this with a wet vacuum. Possible, clean the carpet with snow. Tobacco smoke just go away.
  • Knock the mattresses and upholstered furniture. To do this, take a flannel cloth, wetted it in the water (you can drip the essential oil of citronella), put on knock the surface and beat with a rug beater. The dust that will come out will be immediately absorbed by the cloth.
  • What to do with the books was a smell of tobacco? To get rid of the smell of tobacco in the books is very difficult, in fact impossible. Therefore, in areas where smoke, books should not be. If they are, then they need to be stored in the cabinets with glass door. If the book is filled with smoke, they need a long time to erode in the frosty air. And not the fact that the smell will go away.
  • As you can see, the universal remedy to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the apartment does not exist. To deal with this problem comprehensively need to put absorbers, regularly ventilate the room, wash the fabric stuff in the house. Well, it is better not to smoke!

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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