How to get rid of wrinkles on the face: cosmetics, gymnastics, massage

How to get rid of wrinkles on your face? What tools you can use at home? Is there really an effective and affordable techniques that are suitable for every woman? Whether to resort to salon procedures or enough proper home care? Features of wrinkles after thirty years.

In fact, the mark of 30 years is rather arbitrary. The first wrinkles can appear on the skin is already twenty-five years. Unpleasant role to play in this process and genetics, providing a tendency to premature aging, and skin type. Plus, the process of wrinkle formation occurs in different ways in different parts of the face. It is important to note.

Causes of wrinkles on the face

In 2009 British researchers published the results of research on how skin type affects the intensity of aging. They found that owners of dry epidermis this process is active. If at the age of twenty-eight girls have already seen the first wrinkles on the face, then with high probability we can assume that in eight years the number of wrinkles will increase by fifty two percent.

The results of the research, published in the British weekly the British Journal of Dermatology, could be considered a sentence for owners of dry skin, if not one “but”. In the publication the scientists pointed out that with proper care, the intensity of wrinkling in the skin is reduced. So women who care for the person at home, for eight years, the number of wrinkles increased by only twenty two percent. This data allowed the scientists to conclude that home care helps to maintain the youthfulness of skin and reduces the intensity of wrinkles.

But wrinkles are not all identical. They are formed on different areas of skin and do not look the same. Their localization depends on a number of factors.

Facial expressions

The first face formed wrinkles. Usually they look like deep folds of skin on the forehead or between the eyebrows. Their creation lead to the usual movements of the facial muscles, which we do every day. Habit to knit his brow forms a one-two longitudinal folds in the frontal lobe. The habit of preloading the lip creates multiple folds around them. “Wrinkles proud” appear between the eyebrows and have the clear vertical lines.

To smooth out wrinkles on the face resulting from facial movements, it is first necessary to change habits. Because nothing will help if you to continue to deform the skin habitual facial expressions.

The condition of the body

Is the main factor of aging of the epidermis or, alternatively, long-term preservation of youth. Leather is not just a layer of cells on our body. It is a living organism, in which the process of regeneration, which is strongly correlated with the General state of the body.

The condition affects the hormones that with age in women change. It is proved that during the onset of menopause and a decrease in the production of female sex hormones of estrogen, the skin ages rapidly, there is sagging of the face. During the illness of the epidermis is not the best way, as it often suffers from dehydration.

So the question is, how to remove wrinkles on the face, beauticians recommend to pay attention not only to symptoms of aging. This process starts on the inside, happens in the body as a whole.

In order to preserve the youthfulness of the body and skin, it is important to monitor their health. The body needs proper rest, adequate drinking regime — not less than one and a half liters of fluid a day. Is important to the health of the endocrine and nervous systems, the absence of stress to which the epidermis responds by loss of tone, increased sensitivity.


Skin — on layers. The thickness of the outer layer is only 0.2 mm. Beneath it lies the dermis, and below it is the subcutaneous fat. That is, the structure of this organ is fairly large and it and all life on our planet, there are forces of gravity or earth’s gravity. Under the action of these forces with age begins to occur in a natural ptosis — drooping of the tissues.

Twenty-five years from its marked symptoms protects the elastic structure of the dermis and high tension of the epidermis. At this age, the face resembles a triangle turned sharp top down, or the “triangle of youth”. With aging triangle turns upside down: there is prolapse of tissue, there is sagging of the cheeks, formed pronounced nasolabial folds that go down corners of the mouth.

This process is irrelevant to the condition of the epidermis — the outer skin. Emerging wrinkles that are due to ptosis of tissues appear usually after the age of 45, it is possible to remove only the influence on the deep structure: the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue.

The cause of ptosis is observed the formation of skin folds after weight loss: the amount of fiber decreases, and the skin literally sags. The possibility of external correction in the home is limited.

Care and its absence

Early appearance of wrinkles, you can blame genetics and dry skin. But as practice shows, with sufficient daily face care, their education is much slower than in the absence of attention.

Care at a young age is regular cleaning and tonification of the epidermis. Twenty years every day is important to moisturize the skin.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of hydration. Need it the epidermis of any type: dry, oily, normal. Hydration allows skin to maintain adequate moisture level in the dermis, which is eighty percent water. Do not use the cream daily means to provoke the dehydration of the skin and early skin aging.

“Why you need to regularly moisturize the skin? comments question a cosmetologist Olga FEM. — If there is insufficient moisture, its cells cease to function normally. In them the metabolism slows down, cells divide more slowly, the skin longer to recover. They look worse, quickly grow old”.

As a rule, the need for regular hydration no doubt girls with dry skin. But the owner of fat believe that it is not necessary, however, to reduce the allocation of fat secretion, epidermis it is important to dry.

This belief is dangerous to the development of dehydration of the skin that cause the appearance of wrinkles around the face. Dehydrated epidermis is similar to parchment paper. It is thin, wrinkled, and the fat is not decreasing, but instead growing exponentially. So the skin tries to compensate for the lack of moisture and reduce its evaporation from the dermis, the thickest layer of fat secret.

Aging and struggle with wrinkles

Cosmetologists distinguish six types of skin aging, which can predict the localization of the formation of wrinkles. For each type of entity has its own recommendations on how to get rid of wrinkles on face at home and in the salon.

Tired face

With his age becoming women of normal build or thin people with diamond or oval face. A decrease in the tonus of the facial muscles, reducing the turgor of the skin. Progresses pasty, that is, the drooping of facial tissues, descend down the corners of the eyes and lips. From the first wrinkles are formed nasolabial folds and the tear trough.

“Tired face” usually looks good in the morning, when the woman rested enough. But by the evening the signs of aging become more pronounced. Therefore, an important component of aging this type of aging is sleep — sufficient and complete.

Recommendations. Quickly to get rid of wrinkles at home will help formulations with AHA acids. This surface is weakly concentrated peels based on fruit acids. They stimulate the production of collagen — a structural protein of the epidermal barrier, and maintain its tone. They also improve the complexion. Additionally use body formulations with vitamin C in the form of serums creams.

Baked Apple

Type of aging is called rugulose, as wrinkles appear abruptly on the entire surface of the face. It looks wrinkled as a baked Apple. The probability of aging for this type exists for thin women with dry epidermis.

In his youth, they are attractive due to matte dry skin, prominent cheekbones. But with age, their appearance changes rapidly. Dry skin with insufficient own lipid layer quickly loses its moisture and shrinks. The absence of dense subcutaneous layer excludes its sagging: ptosis of tissues almost not expressed. Therefore, the wrinkles are formed small but numerous, with the consistent form of the oval of the face.

Recommendations. For women, aging in melkomorschinisty type, it is important to increase the intensity of hydration of the skin. You can get rid of wrinkles on the face by using hydrating masks like: hyaluronic acid, collagen. It is also necessary to use products that restore the natural lipid barrier. It is a means for everyday and extra care: moisturizing lotion for cleansing the skin, the emulsion under the cream, nourishing serum.

Bulldog cheeks

In this type of aging is characteristic wrinkles on the forehead or under the eyes. Face literally “floats” down. The lower part becomes swollen, almost flat, “floats” decollete, while the upper looks perfectly smooth.

The type of “bulldog cheeks” older women with oval face. They have often formed a double chin, flews. The person suffers from swelling, the formation of characteristic wrinkles in the lower part: deepening nasolabial folds, formed “puppet wrinkles” — lines that visually separates the cheek from the nasolabial triangle.

Recommendations. It is important to control weight: the bigger it is, the more pronounced the processes of ptosis. For home care you must choose pharmaceutical products containing substances that strengthen the vascular wall. Prevent edema of the extracts of marine algae, vitamins b and C. Use cream that improves microcirculation in the tissues.

Mixed aging

The most common type of is typical for women without excess weight, with combination skin. Starts the aging process with the “fatigue of the person”, where it slightly goes down. Over the years, the pasty is enhanced and the skin becomes somewhat land, that creates a tendency to the formation of wrinkles.

Recommendations. Mixed aging it is important to choose equipment care individually. Will be helpful compounds with AHA acids, high-quality hydration of the skin, cosmetics with lymphatic drainage effect.

Muscle aging

Rarely appears in people of European appearance, is more common in Asian, Eastern peoples. The person retains a clear oval, good muscle tone and epidermis for a long time, and does not seem to require any maintenance at all. But in the short term it changes dramatically goes down, the upper eyelids start to hang, there are deep and pronounced wrinkles on the neck, under the eyes.

Recommendations. Women with a muscular face, it is important to maintain the hydration of tissues, which should use moisturizer and serum on a regular basis.

Last sixth type of aging is old jaded face. Characterized by extremely dry skin and signs of all types of ageing. To remove deep wrinkles on the face at this age, usual care does not work. And they care about women “who are over seventy” significantly less than thirty ladies.

Useful treatments and home care

There are many salon techniques correction of age changes of skin. These include not only popular injection, merits of which are debatable. But more gentle, not requiring deep penetration into the epidermis and causes rejuvenation, smoothing of wrinkles.

Such procedures include peels, microcurrent therapy, massage.

  • The chemical peeling. “Currently recommended to use agents that cause minimal injury to the skin, within the epidermis, says dermatologist Natalia Polonskaya. — The previously used substances that cause a violation of the deep layers, did not prove effective. Delicate compositions superficial peels do not hurt the living cells of the epidermis, causing peeling and stimulating effect. We histochem peeling of the Horny layer of the epidermis, weaken its barrier qualities and forced to promote the regeneration of active ingredients, improve the update of the dermis”. To eliminate wrinkles in a short time, Natalia Polonskaya recommends tool combination with retinol, fruit acids. “When the skin loses tone, the first wrinkles above the lips, there is a cosmetic problem, stimulating the renewal of the peel will be useful, — says the doctor. — He will give your epidermis a boost of energy and encourage natural regenerative processes.”
  • Microcurrent therapy. Stimulates rejuvenation by means of current pulses. “Microcurrents weaken the tone of the weakened muscles of the face, thereby providing a lifting effect, says the effectiveness of techniques cosmetologist Olga FEM. — At the same time improve metabolism, stimulate lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling”. Microcurrent therapy is recommended with thirty years. It should pass the courses. At a young age is a course of six treatments, after forty years it will take 8-10 treatments and a monthly maintenance therapy of one treatment.
  • Massage. Professional massage removes wrinkles under the eyes, eliminates swelling, reduces the severity of the ptosis tissues. He did not tones, but rather, relaxes the muscles, causing deformation of the skin and formation of wrinkles. To include massage in a range of procedures from wrinkle necessary when tired, mixed, muscular types of facial aging.

Often massage is considered an alternative to the gym, recommending exercises for correction of age changes. “Gymnastics is definitely good for the body, says beautician Olga FEM. But to fight against wrinkles its use dangerous.”

Massage aims to relax muscles, whereas exercises — on their toes. How to behave the muscles that you “work for” and related, impossible to foresee. A high probability that after the exercises you will get more pronounced wrinkles, caused by increased tone of the muscles.

Homemade equipment, how to remove wrinkles on the face folk remedies are as effective as salon. But without proper daily care skin quickly loses its tone and appeal, acquired in the course of the course of microcurrent therapy or peeling. Therefore, to underestimate home care is not necessary.

Funds with peptides

They are often called products with Botox-like effect. But to confuse the first with the second should not. They have dramatically different composition and they act in a similar way.

Peptide tools do not contain the botulinum toxin, they are applied to the surface of the skin, not injected inside. They do not have side effects as Botox, but do not act just as fast. The compositions produce protein-based, usually Argireline or Matrixyl. The principle of their action is to slow the transmission of impulses of nerve cells to the muscles, causing the formation of skin folds. Mild relaxation of the muscles causing a smoothing of wrinkles.

Funds can be used in home care. They should be used rate — up to three months, then take a break. They will not help to get rid of wrinkles, as they have a cumulative effect. But this effect is completely safe.

Follow the guidance on the application of peptide drugs.

  • Control localization. “Muscle relaxants are particularly effective for eliminating wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, — the cosmetician Olga FEM. — They reduce crow’s feet, deep longitudinal folds. But it does not work for the nasolabial folds, as their causes drooping of the tissues. They will not help wrinkles caused by skin dehydration”.
  • Repeat the course. The effect lasts up to six months. When facial wrinkles will return, the course must be repeated.
  • Make sure you have a problem. Beauticians recommend the use of a peptide agent after 35 years. But if at thirty you have pronounced wrinkles, use peptides locally to the problem area. The highest efficiency they show after 40 years. In older age they still work, but not so pronounced.

Funds with peptides presented in the form of creams and serums. To use them in as extra care.

Moisturizing mask: 5 of the rules

The most effective mask from wrinkles with melkomorschinisty type — moisturizing. Apply them after cleansing and tonification skin twice a week. They saturate the skin with moisture, making it look younger and smooth wrinkles.

Stick to the following rules for the application of moisturizing masks.

  • Apply after gommage or mask-exfoliant. Active substances penetrate deep into well-cleansed skin. Gommage or enzyme peels dissolve dead cells of the stratum corneum, improving the passage of moisture into the epidermis. Mask on the basis of the AHA acids performs a similar function, but additionally are struggling with rosacea, improve the complexion. Use peeling means 1-2 times a week, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Specify the composition. Moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, light natural oils. These compositions can be applied from wrinkles on the neck, and even in the particularly delicate area around the eyes.
  • Don’t do every day. No need to go to extremes in trying to hurry to get rid of wrinkles. The condition of the skin will improve with regular good care gradually. It makes no sense to apply moisturizing mask twice a week.
  • Alternate compositions. For aging skin, prone to dryness, it is recommended to alternate the masks moisturizing and nourishing. The latter effectively restore the lipid barrier, if made on the basis of oils, phytohormones, vitamins.
  • Lie down and relax. One of the most common mistakes in the use of anti-aging mask is to apply it on the face and go “walk” around the apartment. Beauticians warn that such substance is quite heavy, so if you want to obtain from them the effect of lifting should take a horizontal position.
  • Moisturizing mask suitable for all skin types and should be applied in antivozrastnoy care regularly.

    Enzyme mask

    Products contain enzymes that work on the surface of the face. They stimulate venous return, cause a reduction of facial muscles, thereby exerting a massage effect. After a course of enzyme masks, face looks fit. The effect lasts for several months.

    The disadvantage of such formulations is their high cost. Plus for home use contain the active substance in lesser concentration than the cabin, so the effect of the use of the house will be less pronounced.

    Modern cosmetology offers many ways to remove wrinkles on the face. This can be done in a professional and homemade equipment. At home you can provide the skin with sufficient care to reduce symptoms of aging. Focus on your aging and choose care products with effective composition.

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