How to get started in your new job?

Women’s website “” today going to help you get started on your new job quickly and without stress. New post it opportunities and prospects. But not only that. It is also insecurity, fear not meet the expectations, the constant fear of doing something wrong.

Beginners are always concerned about two issues – how well they can cope with their responsibilities and how they will be in the team. We’ll show you how to facilitate the “adjustment period”.

If this place of work you not the first, but I’m sure you noticed that the process of development occurs in several stages.

Psychologists gave them names:

  • Adaptation, habituation. At this stage you acquainted with the rules adopted by the company.
  • Individualization, self-expression. When you show all your strengths and take the team to a certain place as a person and a professional.
  • Integration, unification. At this stage you occupy a rightful place in the team, being a person, your qualities are perceived by staff and begin to be appreciated.
  • But from a scientific point of view. In reality, to settle fully in your new job, it is necessary to highlight two aspects: the working plane (interaction with the head) and the relations in the team.

    New job? With joy!

    If you want to be as an employee perceived adequately, then behave in such a manner in which you intend to work for many years.

    No delays at work late and parishes. At first, it will give you a few extra points in the eyes of the boss, but in the long term will be your weak point.

    Not all managers appreciate employees, some believe that if you work late, then do not do their duties during the standard working day.

    Clearly and immediately define their responsibilities and accountabilities, and gently refuse, if you, as a beginner, try to take extra work.

    The possession of right information is the best way to learn the game from scratch on a new job, so you’ll feel confident. Sooner or later you will take its place in the company, so do not unnecessarily “complex” and adapt to the opinions of others.

    From the first days of work maximum use of their professional capabilities and experience. If the chief no questions asked, it will help you quickly “get on his feet” and reduce stress.

    As soon as possible to determine the informal leader of the team whose opinion is heeded by all, including the official guide. After the chief to build a professional relationship with him.

    Speak less, listen more

    If you want to settle easily in the new job, then wait for initiatives. If you have any suggestions for optimization, it is best to leave them to themselves – certainly there is someone who will take it as criticism.

    Ask more, listen carefully, draw conclusions. Have a good idea? Wait for planning meetings and speak to its head. This approach will show you with the best professional side.

    A new “second family”

    Harmoniously adapt and to fit in at a new job is your second task after you have shown yourself as a professional. Tips will help you do it faster and without stress:

    • Don’t flatter – it catches the eye, because in the early days you’ll be under public scrutiny. Even if you sincerely want to praise a great business dress colleagues, wait until you will have a good relationship.
    • A reasonable balance between modesty and confidence will help you get accustomed and begin to work successfully in the new job.
    • At first you will have to control your habits. If you’re used to thinking aloud, every hour turn the coffee machine or the constantly ventilate the room, you first take an interest, whether will prevent it to someone.
    • How can you talk less on the phone (especially on personal matters).
    • Avoid to compare a new job with the old one, especially in terms of relations in the team. Naturally dergisi evaluative comments about colleagues or boss.
    • If you don’t like an uncomfortable workplace, tell me about it only after will be assessed by your professional opportunities.
    • Don’t be shy to ask for help, ask more questions, let it be known that you are as interested in a good relationship. This is the best way to learn, to become his new job, join the team.
    • If in the team there is a conflict, do not take one side, despite the fact that you will try to poach.

    Learn people

    If from the first days on a new job you have identified a mentor, be careful: in addition to operational issues, it can drag you into the web of gossip. Focus on operational issues and the opinion about “accountant Marya Ivanovna, a twice-divorced bitch” word when she will meet her.

    Be sure to go to lunch with the whole team. Sometimes in an office canteen or near a cafe you can not only hear a lot, but better to know employees in an informal setting, one has only to carefully observe their new colleagues.

    The first joint corporate event is another good way to get a feel for the team at work, to determine who is who.

    Psychologists believe that in order to pass all stages, you will be enough two-three weeks. Friendliness, attentiveness, smiling, optimism, and remembering all the names will help you to quickly adapt to new work and to integrate harmoniously in a team.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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