How to get to sleep during the day your toddler?

Today tell your readers about how to persuade baby to sleep during the day. Young children perceive the dream as depriving them of the opportunity to engage in the interesting cases, so when the day they are trying to get, strongly resist. Why NAPs are so important for a childwhether all the children he needed, and what is the relationship between routines and child sleep without tears and how to put the baby to sleep read women’s website ““.

Why young children need to sleep during the day?

And pediatricians and parents agree that good daytime sleep a child needs. Active and inquisitive child spends a lot of energy, and by mid-day he already feels tired: rubbing eyes, cranky, needs more attention from adults.

In order to get rid of the backlog in the morning fatigue and to restore power, you need to coax the baby to sleep.

The results of numerous studies and observations indicate that daytime sleep has a beneficial effect on the mental state of the child. Restoring a spent force, the baby becomes more calm, he doesn’t need a lot of attention, he can entertain yourself.

Besides, a NAP is an excellent prevention of neurological problems and behavioral abnormalities in children of preschool and younger school age.

Despite the importance of children’s daytime sleep, some children can get along fine without him. The fact that at the age of 1.5-2 years the need for sleep is greatly reduced, not for nothing that many mothers year-olds complain that they do not know how to persuade your child to sleep during the day.

If the child is in this age a day, with no sign of fatigue, and in the evening he had no trouble falling asleep, it may be essential for recovery it is enough and a night’s sleep.

But as practice shows, NAPs are still necessary for most children under the age of four years. Therefore, the parents have an important task: to organise a day dream of the child. And preferably make it so he can fall asleep independently and not have to spend much time to get him to sleep. To facilitate the process of stacking will help correct the daily routine.

Daily routine – the key to good sleep

For a small child mode of the day is just as important as sleep. Not focusing in time, your child will remember the sequence of actions and subconsciously is an action.

After the morning toilet – feeding, then the game, played again and had a snack, then a walk in the fresh air, return – lunch, and after lunch, time for sleep. If the same sequence of actions observed from day to day, the child no reason to act up while storing it, and mommy doesn’t need any time to figure out how to coax the baby to sleep.

However, to fully submit to the regime of the day a small child is very difficult. If he moved a lot, tired, no need to wait until the arrow on the clock will point to the correct number, and to put him to bed early. So it is with awakening: if he is fast asleep, there is nothing wrong to Wake him up later.

An indication of the correct mode should be the child’s behavior, not the arrow on the dial. If the baby falls asleep, he has a strong sleep, after which he wakes up cheerful and in a good mood – then you’re doing it right.

Tips on how to coax the baby to sleep during the day

In the first place have to warn my readers about what to get the child to sleep with words is almost impossible.

  • First, persuasion is often accompanied by any promises, and this means that in the future the child will agree to sleep in exchange for something.
  • Secondly, it is meaningless to persuade your child to sleep – this method works exactly the opposite: gives the child to feel the helplessness of the parents in this situation.

Your vocabulary parents can use in order to create in the child a positive attitude to sleep. Young children perceive sleep as a punishment, because when it is its time they should leave all the interesting classes: communication with parents, games, watching cartoons, etc.

Parents need as often as possible (not only when being packaged) to tell the child about how great it is to relax after dinner, you would also like to sleep during the day, but it is impossible, but only such good little boys/girls he/she and stuff like that.

And when you made sure to coax the baby for a NAP will not work, it is time from words to deeds. However, that “” you will propose, will not work in a single moment: it takes time to child has to take NAPs for granted.

So, tips on organizing daytime sleep of the child:

  • The need to coax the baby to sleep will disappear by itself, if parents learn how to “catch the moment”. How would the child resisted sleep, increasing the body will draw my fatigue will be felt, and the baby starts to act up, rubbing eyes, etc at this point, and it should be laid, will make it easy.
  • To come up with a ritual that would set up the child to rest. This can be a phrase, for example: “We’re tired, time to rest,” or activity. You can close the curtains in the nursery to hide from the restless sun’s beams or turn on soothing music to the ears listened, and his eyes closed. For sure, every mom has such a ritual, use it every day and soon the thoughts about how to get your child to sleep during the day, you leave.
  • Putting the baby to sleep, we must act gently but firmly, not yielding to possible “provocation” on his part. However he sees nothing terrible in that, if you lie down with him and he will fall asleep next to you. Once that happens, you will be able to leave it and go about their business.
  • If the child refuses to sleep during the day, this can be attributed to its nervous system: it is possible that NAPs are no longer needed. In this case, you suggest they just lie down, at this time you can read to him or turn on relaxing music. Do not persuade baby to sleep, but explain to him the need for rest: the fingers should rest to hold a pencil while drawing, the legs – to run fast, eyes to watch your favorite cartoons etc.

All the tips are equally good for both day and night.

However, parents should remember that every child is different: what suits the most, may not work in their case. Putting the baby to sleep, focus on his physical and emotional state. And be ready that one day your kid will forever refuse to NAP.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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