How to give birth to the firstborn after 35: pros and cons of late motherhood

To the question “whether to give birth after 35 first child,” doctors around the world say in unison that it was too late. But what if the dream of a tiny baby does not rest and sometimes becomes manic? What are the medical, social and psychological aspects of the first birth in 35-40 years will tell

The social aspect of late delivery

Today in Russia the timing of the birth of their first child moved to 30 years, and the term “starorodyaschaya” and disappeared.

According to statistics, Russian women who want to have a baby after 35, was 3 times more than 15-20 years ago. For this reason, 35-40 years, women have little fear of public censure and safely give birth, breaking the already shattered stereotypes.

Many opponents of late childbirth are confident that giving birth in the age of 35-40, a woman is not able to manage to raise a child.

But statistics show that 35-40 year old moms live longer as women, who decided to give birth after 35 first child, included certain mechanisms that give the body a new impetus not to age and for further development.

Modern woman deliberately postpones the birth of a child, and prepare a favorable socio-economic environment for the education and socialization of the baby.

It is impossible not to note this problem at some age mom – they decide to give birth after 35 child only for themselves, not seeking to create for that full family, virtually ignoring the important role of child’s father in his upbringing. What is not reflected eventually on the Outlook and attitudes of the child to family values.

The medical aspect of late delivery

Of course, a woman’s body is different, but, typically, 35-40 years, many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity suffer from chronic diseases, they have aggravated the disease of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system loses its elasticity.

Therefore, during the “age” of pregnancy often observed high blood pressure, edema, preeclampsia, etc.

In addition, recalled that when late delivery of the baby common congenital chromosomal abnormalities, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, disorders of analysers (hearing, vision, musculoskeletal system).

But here’s the paradox. Definitive proof that the age affects the development and onset of pathologies in the fetus.

Doctors can only say with certainty that the problems of health Ponderosa the mother may affect the pregnancy in General, and, consequently, cause a variety of complications and fetal abnormalities.

Women who decided to have a baby after 35, there are often difficulties with conception, gestation, and increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, fetal hypoxia, preterm birth or post-term baby, etc.

On the General background of musculo-articular stiffness in 35-40 year old women there is a General weakness of labor, so often doctors resort to cesarean section.

But with proper planning pregnancy, medical observation and taking care of your physical and emotional state of natural childbirth in 35-40-year-old woman it is possible and without complications, so it is impossible to state definitely that after 35 to give birth later.

In addition, during pregnancy begin to produce hormones, particularly estrogen, which leads to rejuvenation of the body.

Decreases cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

The psychological aspect of late delivery

If a woman, from a physiological point of view, ripening is already 20-25 years, her psychological maturity comes only by 30-35 years. It is completely ready to be a mother and consciously preparing to give birth after 35 years. Due to the psychological maturity of a woman in 35-40 years perceived motherhood positively, very rarely fall into a depressive state.

Psychological state of women who gave birth in the age of 35-40 are much more stable and more positive. At this age most of her contemporaries are in a difficult period of crisis – “midlife crisis”, fade in appearance, and some even have become grandmothers.

35-40 years the woman already has some experience, some knowledge that she can pass on to your heir.

Late child gets moms with great difficulty, but in that children are given maximum attention, care and love. Psychologists say that children 35-40-year-old mom psihoemozionale more advanced than the children of young mothers.

Later, the kids hard-won, coveted and long-awaited, so, as scientists believe, talented and gifted children among them much more.

But the danger lies in the fact that women who have given birth after 35, you are spoiling and being overprotective of his late child, sometimes not allowing him to develop as independent, self-motivated, able to overcome life’s difficulties personality.

Mom can be for your child as a role model for and a tyrant, hoping to instill in your child the qualities that do not have time to develop. So happiness and well-being of the baby is often dependent on the success, self-sufficiency, education, and intelligence of the mother.

The facts once again age mothers that give birth after 35 first child is a very important step.

Author – Catherine Savicheva, site

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