How to glue false eyelashes: step-by-step technique

That can make eyes more expressive than false eyelashes? How to glue them up, while they do not know everything. If you plan to use them “on occasion”, you’ll appreciate our advice.

Why? Because false eyelashes are different from the graft. Wear them for a long time is not recommended, it is desirable to remove the decoration from the eyes before going to bed, as prolonged contact with the eyelid can cause irritation. Professional makeup artists suggest to apply false lashes, if you have a significant celebration or perhaps a date, but in everyday life you are accustomed to dispense entirely with natural makeup. If you want to become the owner of a luxury look and during the week, and not waste time on everyday makeup, it makes more sense to build lashes in a beauty salon.

Features false eyelashes

Before dealing with the question of how to glue false eyelashes, it is important to familiarize yourself with what they are. For their production does not use natural materials, only artificial. Therefore, the terms “silk”, “mink” and “sable” did not speak about the materials of which is made false eyelashes. Reviews of makeup artists allow us to divide them according to the created effect.

So “mink” hair as close to natural, “sable” provide the density of the cilia, and “silk” — the thick, glossy. It is better to use to an evening look.

Also distinguish the following types of false eyelashes.

  • Individual or beam. They look more natural to other types, create the volume, so usually they choose the length up to 10 mm. in addition, there are features, how to glue loose eyelash. If other types are applied slightly above the line of growth of your natural eyelashes, these should be attached directly to their roots.
  • Glendowie. Among the most easy to use, so to answer the question of how to choose false lashes for beginners and girls with no experience of applying them. The hairs are initially mounted on a thin tape that is fairly neatly placed on top of their own.
  • For a half century. Create the impression of a more natural look than glendowie cilia. Attach a length of the outer corner that in practice, capacity is referred to as the effect of the “Fox” look.

When choosing false eyelashes, which is better should be determined individually. So for evening make-up perfect glendowie, deep black color. And for daytime or date — the half-century and made in the shade, only slightly darker than the color of your cilia.

Application technique

Let’s now explore how to apply false lashes.

  • Apply makeup: eye shadow if you plan to use them, lightly touch up your lashes with waterproof mascara.
  • Take the false lashes and “try” them to the eyes. If the ribbon is longer than necessary, trim with scissors. You can also reduce the length of the hairs.
  • Heat the hairs: hold them in closed hands, or wrap the band around your finger. So they become more elastic.
  • Apply glue. The right solution how to glue artificial eyelashes, is to apply glue directly to the beam or the tape, but not on your eyelid. Convenient to do it with a toothpick, cotton swab.
  • Wait 20 seconds after applying the glue, so it slightly zagustel. Apply tape from the outer corner of the eye, hold 20 seconds, so the glue “grabbed”.
  • Using tweezers, slide the ribbon as close as possible to the line of your eyelashes.
  • Apply eyeliner and touch up lashes waterproof mascara.
  • There are some nuances, how to glue eyelashes beams in the home. To apply them it is necessary from the external area 1. (bundle) to your hairs closer to the root. The distance between the artificial hairs should be 1 mm. Approximately in the middle of the century, the application ends, at the inner corner hairs do not glue. This technique is correct eyelashes stickers beams, allows you to create a luxurious and natural look.

    3 caveat on the use of the lash

  • Makeup for a party or masquerade, you can not only put false hair, but also to glue on eyelashes with rhinestones. They put on completely dry cilia. First, you need to apply glue to the rhinestones using a toothpick, then put it closer to the line of the century.
  • Make false eyelashes at home and use them safely will allow quality glue. Usually, a tube of adhesive comes with the lashes, but the quality of it is always worse than professional products. Latest different composition, loyal to our skin, causing no irritation of the eyelids. Among these tools — Mod Lash Adhesive latex-based extra strong hold, Navy resin-based, Seven Star brush. By the way, brush simplifies the application of the adhesive composition.
  • To choose the glue you need to your way. So versatile that you can use false eyelashes, is a white composition, which after drying becomes transparent. If you use thick and long hairs, get glue Styler. For evening wear, when the makeup used eye shadow or eyeliner, suitable black adhesive.
  • It is also important to know how many times you can use false eyelashes. Good hairs can be used repeatedly, but only in the case if you tinted them with water-resistant ink and removed with a special tool and carefully washed after wearing. Thanks to this care they will last you long enough.

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