How to grow a money tree?

Today the site “” will talk about how to grow a money tree. Surely you already have heard about this low-maintenance and hardy plant.

The tree jade tree, known under the name money tree is small fleshy leaves that resemble coins. It is believed that it attracts prosperity to the house. Of course, only if feeling well. Therefore, we offer you to learn how to care for money tree.

How to plant money tree?

According to the tradition to grow a money tree you need with a small petiole, secretly cut off from the adult plant. Of course, you can buy jade already in the pot, this plant can so quickly take root in a new place, and grow the process of the money tree you will not be difficult.

The main thing — to follow some simple rules:

  • Recommend to first be dried a little broken twig. To do this, simply hold her on the air during the day. The cut time for it to dry, and the plant will be immune from further decay.
  • To properly put money tree, advance purchase of a small pot and the appropriate soil mixture. Jade feels great in the ground for cacti and succulents. You can buy ready-made soil or prepare it yourself — for this you need to add a bit of sand and ash in a conventional hardwood ground.
  • Put the stalk of a plant in wet earth. To create an appropriate climate you can cover the pot, for example, a food film. Money tree likes warm and humid climate, and therefore take root in such conditions is much faster. However, don’t forget to lift the film for ventilation.
  • How to care for money tree?

    If you decide to grow a money tree how to plant process you already know. It remains to deal only with how to properly care for the plant.

    To grow big and healthy jade is a snap. It’s enough to provide her with sunlight, regular watering, feeding and fresh air.

    • Money tree loves the sun and excellent feel in well-lit areas. However, direct sunlight is often harmful to him. To understand, if the plant of the sun, pay attention to its leaves. If they become yellow and faded, it means that the money tree needs more light intensity. If they get red and even purple, it’s time to move the pot a little deeper into the shadows.
    • If you are wondering how to grow a money tree, then we say that jade should be watered regularly, but to ensure that the land has time to dry out. Otherwise, plant roots will begin to rot, what will immediately notify the crumbling leaves. Water for irrigation is desirable to insist.
    • To properly grow a healthy money tree, also once a month to feed him. The lack of trace elements has a negative impact both on the health of the plant and its appearance.
    • From spring to autumn, the money tree can be kept on the balcony. Jade loves the fresh air and often this period is even beginning to bloom.

    Money tree as a way to attract wealth

    If you decide to put the house money tree to attract prosperity and improve their own well-being website advises to adhere to the appropriate rituals.

    • When planting a money tree lay on the bottom of the pot 7 coins, and under the pot 3 any paper bills. Preferably in the course of the year the money not to touch. Watering jade steep for 10 coins.
    • Next to the money tree not recommended to grow cacti, thorns represent problems that hinder the acquisition of wealth.
    • To enhance the positive energy money tree, tie it around the pot chain gold color, and the plant itself hang the ribbon of Golden satin.
    • For the speedy bringing in the wealth of the branches of trees is recommended to decorate the various coins. Once a week these coins should collect and spend. It is believed that around so you activate a more powerful financial flows.
    • Don’t be touching your money tree to strangers. They can frighten away your good luck.
    • Don’t forget to talk with the plant. Tell him about their hopes for a speedy wealth, try to persuade him to grow big and attract to you the appropriate energy. Money tree is feeling better, if you regularly communicate with him.

    If you care for your money tree correctly it will grow healthy and lush. This plant will be a real decoration of your home. In addition, it will surely reward you for your concern and you will attract a little wealth.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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