How to grow herbs on the windowsill in the winter?

Healthy and tasty leafy greens to eat, preferably all year round. Usually in the summer no problems with it. But in the winter and range of greens in stores is limited and prices are often bite. However, even for the winter season there is a great solution. It is enough to figure out how to grow herbs on the windowsill.

How to grow herbs in winter: the basic rules

If you want to create on your home windowsill mini-garden, the website advised in advance to consider the following factors:

  • Place. It should be well lit. That is why greens is recommended to grow it on window sills and balconies. If your apartment is on the shady side, it is better to take care of additional artificial light. If you plan to grow many different greens don’t want to purchase or self-build special racks.
  • The pots and boxes. If you want to know how to grow herbs in the apartment in winter, then be sure to take care and appropriate containers. They can be made of wood, clay, plastic. The only condition — the bottom should have holes through which drained the excess fluid. To install these pots are best on pallets.
  • Earth. The simplest solution is to buy ready-made soil mix designed specifically for home greenery. But you can make it on their own. It is necessary to put layers of peat soil, then compost and then the turf.
  • Fertilizer. All relevant feeding also sold ready-made in specialized stores. Use should be according to the instructions on the packaging of one or another means.
  • Capacity for sedimentation of water. If you want to grow herbs at home in winter, remember — it is not necessary to water the plants with chlorinated water. That’s why she must first settle. Only after the bleach will settle and the water will be the temperature of the environment, you can use it for irrigation.

What herbs to grow on the windowsill?

Many people are wondering how to grow herbs on the windowsill in the apartment, often do not know what kind of greens to prefer. We have prepared for you the list of the most popular plants for the mini garden.

  • Green onions. It is an undemanding and fast growing plant ideal for home cultivation. For planting, take the ordinary bulbs, it is desirable to have sprouted. Drop them in a pot or a box close to each other. It is particularly in the soil, and they can not bury. Any additional care the onion does not require, but the results of his work you’ll enjoy soon enough.
  • Spinach. Grown from seeds. Soak them for days in water, then plant in soil to a depth of 1-2 cm. the First sprouts of spinach will appear after about a week, but if you want to speed up the process, cover the appropriate pots film. Experts recommend in addition to watering also spray the plant with a spray bottle. Use spinach, you can after it sprouts reached a height of about 10 cm.
  • Mint. To grow herbs on the windowsill a house is not difficult. Especially if we are talking about mint. The easiest method of planting — by seed. They should be planted at a depth of 5 mm. Until the first shoots, be careful that the soil doesn’t dry out. Be sure to seat mint after crop emergence. In itself, this plant is unpretentious. In adulthood, it can reach a meter in height, but because of the shortage of mint leaves in winter you will not.
  • Basil. This aromatic seasoning is also great to grow on the windowsill. Before planting the Basil seeds don’t forget to properly fertilize the soil with special mineral additives. To plant Basil, experts recommend a larger tank to a depth of 1.5 cm, This plant loves the sun and abundant watering.
  • Parsley. If you want to grow herbs on the windowsill in the winter, don’t forget about the parsley. The seeds of this plant should be soaked in room temperature water to speed germination. Parsley light-requiring, but it is absolutely not afraid of cold weather. That’s why it feels great on window sills. It should be watered as drying of the soil.

Now you know how to grow herbs on the windowsill all year round. It is enough to put just a little effort and you can always delight yourself and your household fresh and full of vitamins, onions, spinach, Basil and beyond.

In addition, you with your hands grow a complete plant from a small seed. And it is an indescribable pleasant feeling.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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