How to grow Kombucha, how to care for Kombucha.

Do you know what Kombucha is? Do not worry, nothing exotic. Really is a drink familiar to many from childhood. Most often it is called Kombucha, but there are also names such as tea brew or even a tea jellyfish.

Today on the website “” will talk about this amazing product and about how to grow Kombucha and how to care for him.

About the benefits of Kombucha

In fact, tea kvass drink just because it is tasty, quenches thirst, and to grow Kombucha yourself – it is not troublesome and costly. But this drink is also extremely useful.

Here are just some of its properties:

  • It restores the normal acidity of gastric juice, thereby restoring normal intestinal microflora and normalizes the function of gastrointestinal tract.
  • It is used in such digestive problems as diarrhea or constipation.
  • Regular consumption of Kombucha helps to rid of headaches, improves sleep and normalizes blood pressure.
  • It’s also a first-aid hangover. By the way, after severe intoxications it is also useful to drink.

What is a Kombucha

The truth is, he doesn’t look too appealing. The form of Kombucha is a thick laminated film.

Essentially, Kombucha is a tightly – knit community of yeast and beneficial bacteria. It is a living substance, which, rather to the animal or fungal Kingdom than to the vegetable, and to keep a “pet” to grow and develop well, you need to know how to care for a tea mushroom correctly.

The Chinese, who were the first to use this product, considered it a drink that bestows health and even immortality.

The fungus affects the sweet tea, which is alive and growing. As a result, the drink becomes sweet and sour, slightly “carbonated”, reminiscent of kvass. The fact that under the action of yeast fermented, and the alcohol released as a result of this process, under the influence of bacteria is transformed into acetic acid.

Kombucha: how to treat

Most often Kombucha plant, separating the thin top film from adult Kombucha. But it is important to create a supportive environment and properly care for it. Then from thin films will grow a full fungus that will regularly supply you with tasty and healthy drink.

What do you need?

  • Place the mushroom in sweet black tea solution or decoction of rose hips. Healthy mushroom should float on the surface. If he starts to drown – something is wrong. Remember, you may have violated the rules of care of a tea mushroom.
  • Every three weeks do not forget to rinse Kombucha in clean warm boiled water. Infusion, remaining in the Bank, strain, and the Bank itself wash thoroughly before again to put back the mushroom.
  • Sure that the infusion was always transparent. Pouring tea, do not keep it in a jar of tea leaves.
  • Storing capacity of the fungus must in a dark warm place.
  • As the consumption of the drink in a jar with Kombucha poured cold sweet tea.
  • It is best to use two banks: in one of them “lives” mushroom, and the other drain the prepared beverage. This should be done every 3 days.

Many are interested in starting to grow a Kombucha, how to care in winter for this organism? You must protect it from low temperatures, because too cold environment for the fungus are not useful: already at +17 and he stops growing and begins to be covered with dark algae.

Drain the finished drink in the winter as frequently as 1 in every 5 days.

  • Make sure that the thickness of the fungus did not exceed 4 cm If your “pet” has grown, remove the top layers. Maybe someone of your friends or relatives will be delighted with this gift. Remember that the active layers and the lower.
  • You can feed the fungus with nutrient solutions: the infusion of nettle leaves, elderberry, BlackBerry, birch, plantain, strawberries. If you prefer green tea, it also can be used as a nutrient medium for the fungus.
  • Do not store beverage Kombucha over a month. Otherwise, the liquid will turn to vinegar. However, it can also be used in cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.

How to grow Kombucha

But what if none of your friends no Kombucha, and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy drink you really want? Don’t worry, “” will tell you how to grow Kombucha.

Traditionally Kombucha is grown on the basis of sweet black tea.

To make it, take thoroughly washed and sterilized three-liter jar on the ferry. It poured strong sweet tea, cover the hole with gauze and leave in a dark warm place for about two months. As a result, the surface of the tea, the film is formed by a young Kombucha. Wash it with warm boiled water and put in a glass jar, and then pour the cooled sweet tea. It is believed that per liter of water is enough to take 2 teaspoons of welding.

The neck of the banks do not need to close the lid, it is enough to cover the gauze, through which you can then pour the drink. After three days in the warm season or in a week in the winter months your Kombucha turns the tea a wonderful sweet and sour drink with a distinctive faint acetic odor.

You can prepare Kombucha, and on the basis of infusion of rose hips.

Half a litre of water, take 10-15 fruits, put them in a thermos and pour boiling water. Tightly close the lid and leave to infuse also for two months. When it comes time in your thermos is formed Kombucha. In his subsequent “migration” to a new place and caring for tea mushroom will be the same as in the preparation of Kombucha tea infusion.

Now you know how to grow homemade Kombucha, and if you want to pamper yourself for those hot summer days cool the tea brew, it’s time to start cooking it now.

The author — Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site –

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