How to help a man to get rid of bad habits?

Today the site “” will help your man to get rid of bad habits, of course, with your support. Even the most favorite people is annoying if constantly doing things that irritate.

Little things like unwashed Cup, the inability to put things back into place or close the tube of toothpaste, after one hundred times of repetition on my nerves. Let’s help your sweetheart to get rid of these and other harmful habits.

The complexity of the forthcoming work you will depend on trying if your husband himself to be better.

If Yes, then your support for him in any case, useful. And if not – should try to influence, guide and motivate. As practice shows, the man to get rid of bad habits is difficult because there is no need. But now he’s got you!

Including creative

The inability of a man without your help to find certain things, perhaps the most common annoying habit. “Where are my socks? What happened to the tie? Can’t find green t-shirt”. And you know, it’s easier to just go and find than watching the endless digging in the closet.

And this does not help, even the most perfect order on shelves – favorite still will not remember where his shirt.

Bright stickers with the labelsattached to the shelves to reduce the search. This approach will help a man to get rid of distraction and other bad habits.

Morning search for keys can be made easier with the help of wall key holders. You can make a list of the most likely places where there might be the required items.

Get a big box or a decorative basket. Every time a man is not sure where should lie the thing, even puts it there. At the end of the week he will set aside time and put everything in its place, you can do it together. It is practical, but, alas, does not solve the basic problem – forgetfulness and inattention to detail.

Dear, we have a problem

With the help of a confidential conversation you can motivate the man to get rid of harmful addictions and habits. Even if your favorite is aware of the problem, and you’ve been shutting him down when he started biting his nails, need to talk abouthow you will deal with it. offers several strategies for conversation:

  • Clearly identify the problem. Be calm and delicate, not to make a complaint, let it be known that worried about the man.
  • Tell me how his habit is affecting your life.
  • Show some sympathy, don’t push, don’t force, convince him that you do not expect changes in one day, but to treat him like a child, too, is not going to.
  • Offer the man to help get rid of bad habits, find their cause, and explain how you would do in his place.
  • Show me how your life will change for the better, if a man get rid of bad habits.
  • A partnership approach

    The division of responsibilities encourages the man to get rid of many bad habits. A tendency to misplace things, to spray water in the bathroom, to leave a mess in the kitchen even after preparing a regular omelet can not spook the woman. This significantly increases the time for house cleaning.

    There are two ways to teach your man to order.

    • First, to share the responsibilities of cleaning on two. If he’s going to clean the kitchen after cooking, or understand what it takes to keep the bathroom clean, it would be more accurate.
    • The second method is to put pressure on the pity ? Explain to beloved that cleaning takes time and effort, and it is much easier to handle, if the house is supported by minimal order. Hint that reducing the time to restore order, you can afford to do more enjoyable things. For example, walk the dog ?

    Be an accomplice

    To the man was easier to get rid of bad habits, also you can opt out of anything – out of solidarity or to help to achieve positive results.

    If you want to favorite lost weight, take him to training, get yourself on yoga classes or to offer to start to stand in the bar of the house.

    To motivate him to stop eating a bag of chips every night, cook his favorite, more healthy “snacks” and try to reduce the number of temptations in the house, for example, give up chocolate.

    Offer in turn to overcome any of his own bad habitthat annoys him. It would be fair and much easier for both of you.

    Of course, with more severe negative habits such as Smoking, alcoholism, gambling addiction is better dealt with by a good specialist. But “home support” from your side also should not be forgotten. Try less annoying, think about what you’re making an effort, and do it with love.

    Remember that you help a man to get rid of bad habits not just because they irritate you, but for the sake of his health and your harmonious relationship!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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