How to help choose a profession to a child?

Mom, dad and other relatives! Let’s agree from website not going to tell you how to choose a profession child instead of him!

This difficult choice a grown man must do for himself, and the task of native people is to HELP to choose a profession, to Orient in the ocean of possibilities to show a maximum of options! This will be discussed in this article!

At what age Teens should seriously focus on the profession?

Of course, every child over the child changes a lot of “future professions”.

But there comes a age when the question “what do you want to be?” ceases to be a “goddamn joke” grandmothers-grandfathers-aunts-uncles, and becomes a very real problem. And the fact that in the last couple of decades, the age final decision on obtaining a particular specialty is rapidly decreasing!

If during adolescence us and our parents visited quite typical situation when a teenager took final exams from the school and only then began in earnest to choose a College (or vocational school after 9th grade), now that can afford is that crazy blockhead with their parents-nihilists…

Usually with 8-9 class responsible moms and dads require their children to decide (sometimes too openly palming his own vision of the solution to the question). And then the last 3-4 years in school to be a teenager not just years of schooling, and “training in this University.”

Subrata items are necessary for admission and successful completion of the exam (passport must be good, because it affects the flow!), to the background leaving all sorts of “non-core” interests and Hobbies – after all, the effort should be directed to important on arrival!

Blame the parents for such assistance in choosing a career is difficult – the strap is really quite high, successful delivery requires good preparation, and to pay enough attention to all subjects and extra-curricular Hobbies, without compromising quality of training is simply not enough time.

But the problem is that even the most responsible student may make the wrong career choice when he was 13-14 years, and prior to his career in the chosen path another dozen years of study! And often the situation is a passing fancy of a child of any job turns into a tedious early training in that University, which later turns out to be uninteresting to him…

How to solve this situation, in average? Perhaps on how to help choose the child choose a profession, to think too early is not necessary.

It is worth to give it maximum opportunities to actively explore really interesting subjects to develop in their Hobbies, trying something new, etc. and more specific solution can be postponed for the last school year – when it will be clear which direction of a teenager more interested in.

As a rule, no specific skills for entry into higher education is not required (except for creative specialties), and any school subject for the exam can be tightened over the last year.

How to help your child to choose a future profession?

There are two aspects how to help your teenager to choose a profession:

  • To provide all opportunities for a variety of Hobbies and interests – because some of them can become the basis for choosing a future profession! Listen to the child what interests him, what he’d like to try? This must be done from an early age, as soon as the baby begins to spot any abilities and tendencies! Indirectly can help to choose a profession child clubs, clubs, art studios, Tutors school subjects and foreign languages, children’s and youth camps (with training anything or language practice), etc.
  • Show the teenager interested in his profession as realistic as possible, to talk about them. If it’s possible for someone on vacation you can arrange a teenager to earn money in your field of interest to him. Very cool, if someone from your acquaintances is representative of the profession, maybe it is sensible to tell. Well, if there is the opportunity to have a tour of the enterprise (for a particular job)! Of course, will help to choose a profession also reading articles, books and other materials about the profession, an interview with its outstanding representatives, etc.

In addition, to help to choose a profession may be a good psychologist – there are many tests to which activities are more inclined to this or that person.

If the child wants to get an unusual profession…

We have already said at the beginning – choosing your own maturing personality can be condemned, and especially – to forbid and to demand to choose some other University or faculty. It’s his life, and he has every right to live it as he wants! Your task is to help the teenager to choose a profession!

But still the concern of the parents for the future of your own child can understand… in a Hurry to comfort the moms and dads of future actors, painters, philosophers, etc.:

  • A person with a degree in creative specialties are usually a lot more job opportunities than written in the “crust”. For example, painters can do the painting in the interior, engaged in illustrating books and other printed materials, design websites, etc. Actors can engage in the events, to be leading festivals, shows or TV programs…that is, as a rule, there is always the possibility, after graduation, little re, if it is difficult to find a job purely on the specialty.
  • There is a “perpetual” profession. These include, for example, those associated with manual labor – it is the furniture manufacturers, builders, seamstresses, etc. of the Master with “Golden hands” will always be in demand, are people less likely to relate to crises and unemployment.
  • Some professions have great potential in the future, but for now they seem exotic. Perhaps the choices your child will be promising in a few years, and he was one of the first will be in demand in the employment market!
  • If a person is really passionate, he has a chance to succeed even in the case where the professional niche is quite narrow!

Want to help the child to choose a profession that he will really like? Give it a “trial year”.

Let him go to the University of your dreams and will study there for a year – during which time he will be able to understand whether he was close to the chosen profession, so if it looks “inside” as it seemed before admission. And if it turns out that it not its path, then try not to judge and support the child when he wants to be transferred or re-enroll in another University – plan B can be considered to much!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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