How to help someone get out of depression, to cope, to support

In this article on the website we will talk about depression in the sense in what they say about doctors, not ordinary people.

Depression is not the temporary Blues that pass in the form of new shoes, not in a bad mood because of the lack of award at work and not minute influx of “black doom” after a fight with her husband. It’s a long state – to bring the patient out of it instantly is impossible, and therefore, loved ones should know how to support a depressed person.

How do you help someone depressed?

To know how to help someone get out of depression, you need to clearly understand its current state.

As if he was, others should know what motivates them really bad for him condition. It is useless to blame the fact that he became evil, bad, lazy, indifferent or aggressive to him can not make claims such as “we do everything for you, you ungrateful…”, “come on, buck up!”, etc.

The main symptom of depression – the person loses the ability to assess the situation in a positive way. In severe depressive States people no longer experience the joy and fun of anything-this is caused by changes in the hormonal system, and is called anhedonia.

In addition, a person may begin to experience changes in the physical state, for example, suffer from insomnia or Vice versa, to sleep often and sleep long, feeling weak, you may lose your appetite (or be very selective strange taste preferences – for example, the desire to eat one kind of fruit or just drink tea, etc.).

There are two types of depression – an acute form, after some life events (e.g., postpartum depression) or the depression is chronic, it does not go away for many years, sometimes sharpening, but sometimes almost disappearing completely. Chronic depression is also treated, and the earlier treatment is started, the more successful it will be. And support people that the patient considers close, is really very important!

How to support a depressed person:

  • Talk to him about his condition – tell me that you understand what’s going on with him that I can’t blame him how he feels and behaves. Offer to help – for example, to find a qualified therapist or psychiatrist, to buy the prescribed antidepressants, etc.
  • Help your relative or friend in the everyday things (to go to the store for groceries, wash clothes, etc.). Sometimes acute depression is characterized by weakness and lack of desire to do the right thing.
  • If a person does not happy – still keep it a pleasant and useful things for him! Cook his favorite food, bring hot tea and give cute gifts – usually depressive people appreciate these things, although they are valuable as signs of support and love from your family and not themselves. For example, which will help the friend to get out of depression – banal shopping and a trip to the Spa can do more than a session with a psychologist (though, of course, to cure the present depression some shopping and other amenities).
  • You stick around now. People in the acute phase of depression may be irritable or very lethargic, but that doesn’t mean he really wants to be alone and needs no communication. Sometimes all you need is to sit down and chat about something insignificant, to distract him from his anxious and sad thoughts.
  • Tactile contact is a natural mechanism that promotes having fun and achieve a calm emotional state. Quite easy to hug a sad person, to hold his hand… maybe you could give him a relaxing massage? Well, if the patient depressed the man you love, don’t deny him sex – in this case, it is one of the best medicines!
  • It is very important that people are aware of their necessity. And there is little to care about him (in his particular condition the patient may feel that care of others is insincere, or else he will blame himself that forces the family to make for him too much). Well, if you can… ask help from him! For example, how to help old people cope with depression – ask grandma or grandpa to sit with their grandchildren, or to knit a sweater for you (“grandma, I know you have a gorgeous knit, I would love to wear the sweater of your work!”), or make some kind of workable paid work (for example, to associate the same sweater custom made for one of your friends), etc.

Than still it is possible to improve the condition of a depressed person?

If you are sure you know your loved one, relative or friend (in normal state), you know his Outlook and interests, you can help him cope with depression in these ways:

  • Consult a good “light” book that helps you to get out of depression. For some it’s love stories with a happy ending for someone – an exciting fantasy…
  • Ask him to have a pet. Joke about a single woman with forty cats – just kind of a joke, because Pets are really able to keep a person “in touch with reality”, especially if he is lonely or suffers from social phobia (one of the symptoms of depression). But then, of course, it is important to understand how to relate to animals, your girlfriend or friend, “cat lady” or “dog person”, and whether he has an objective opportunity to keep a house pet.
  • If we are talking about your family member, it is possible to create at home the atmosphere that will be comfortable for him. For example, do not include loud music (especially disliked them), do not watch at full volume for movies (if he doesn’t want to watch them with you), to remove most of the house was cozy, to avoid scandal and talk in a raised voice, not to have noisy parties and get-togethers with guests if this is clearly bad for the person in depression, etc. we are not Talking about “sick” silence and sterile cleanliness – but only of the simplest comfort. By the way, in depression, many people become music lovers, and listening to certain melodies of mood can have a positive impact.
  • Separate conversation – depression in men. How to help if a man have a crisis period in life, if a loved one is truly depressed? Here the best tactics – be it a geisha, “nanny” and friend at the same time. Praise and at the same time ask for his help, as “little woman” to help in all possible areas and, in parallel, to sing his praises motivating… Yes, it’s bad tactics for a relationship with a man when he is healthy, Yes, it can be humiliating for the wife – but it’s good as a temporary “therapy” to “pull” a man of acute depression.

And another important tip from the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Do not attempt to cope with depression at home folk methods, preseptember and applying plantain. Definitely needs to see a specialist (therapist or psychiatrist – because people who call themselves psychologists usually do not cure real clinical depression). In most cases the patient will be assigned to certain medications in addition to antidepressants, it can be medication to restore sleep, sedatives complexes, etc.

Afraid this is not necessary – your loved one is not “crazy”, with his mind all right (and if not, it probably has any additional disorder), just need to make the body earned the right.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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