How to help your child with homework, and to what class do that?

“Homework” — heavy cross not only for students but also for their parents because to solve puzzles, fill in the missing letters in words, cramming poems and glue acorns for crafts very often together!

How to help your child with homework to parent help to give maximum benefit – tell original women’s website ““.

Do I need to help the child to do homework?

Often the reason for parental pride is what baby is accustomed with the N-th class to do all the homework by yourself and not asking for help. It would seem that it is really an achievement – when He opens himself up books and notebooks and that sort of reads and writes, while the neighborhood Petenka and then pulls the mother with questions and requests to explain. If Kolya still brings home from school tolerable, it would seem, can relax and make joyful the conclusion that your child has grown up and cope with the study itself!

But is it? Always teach the child to perform the “homework” should be a priority for parents?

Sometimes educators and theorists in the field of education make a smart person and say beautiful phrase that homework in the school program is designed for independent execution – after the child has listened to the explanations of the teacher in the classroom.

In fact, the child simply can not understand and do not remember what was covered in class, and the tasks themselves are not always directly based on discussed in detail in the lesson material.

The younger the child, the more he needs parental participation in the performance of the d/s!

So, to help the child to do homework, or hope that he’ll pull through? Need to intervene if:

  • The child himself addresses to your help. Listen to him and try to impartially assess whether it is difficult or unclear and he tries to ease their life, shifting their jobs to adults? But to shy away from asking for clarification of the child (of any age!) impossible!
  • If the child is not taken for homework assignments or does them only when fear of abuse or punishment.
  • If he had poor grades.
  • If you set a lot of things, and you understand that a thorough independent execution of all tasks will only lead to lack of sleep and poor health, but not to a better understanding of the subject. Yes, it happens – because the program is the same, but children are different. Your child will remember the paragraph of the geography textbook just by reading it, and someone else will be really helpful to take some notes this paragraph by hand. Your distracting and starts fatigue on the third task, and the other can easily solve a dozen of these… So if you set a lot of “yesterday”, assistance may be absolutely necessary!

But you can not intervene and really be happy for your independent and responsible student, if he takes lessons himself, assistance is not requested, and thus performance remains at a decent level.

How to help your child do homework?

If aid is to be useful, you need to understand what is required of you? Can be divided parental help in several areas:

  • Explain to the child the General principle, the General rule of assignments of a particular type, etc. If the lesson or from reading a textbook he didn’t understand some common patterns, then it is useless to pick your specific job. Teach him in your own words what is written in the textbook dry and boring, find some popular science film on the topic, please, or take in the library of any children’s guide or other material which obscure the theme explained easier and more interesting. And after that the student will do specific tasks yourself!
  • To help with the calling of the difficulties specific job is to explain what its peculiarity and difference from the other tasks on this topic that was meant in the condition and where to find the “key” to the solution.
  • To do together what set a lot, and the baby obviously is not in time and very tired. But to directly help a student, doing part of the job instead of him, is possible only when you are sure that with sufficient time he could do it himself, that he understands the subject and has already learned to perform this type of job.
  • Motivate the child to take the lessons. It is much more complicated than to help to solve the problem! Good here, of course, and methods of “carrot” — if your idler is clearly not for the first time shirked having enough free time for studying. But children, like adults, sometimes do not enough rest and some motivational “carrots” — and the younger the student, the less he is able to manage your time, to find my own motivation and to focus on “until victory”. It is wrong to assume that all children want to learn and they should be enough motivation in the form of estimates – the truth is, it is not so, and the sound of the ball in the yard still sounds more fun than tomorrow’s “excellent” at the Board… So help your child distribute tasks – for example, “now solve the math, I’ll fry pancakes, you eat and you will be able to take English and Russian write in the evening after a walk”…

For how to help your child with homework?

Somehow it is rumoured that after a class the involvement of parents in the learning process – shame-shame. Say, is not taught the child to independence, and stupid he must be, if in the N-dimensional class asks for help from mom and dad…

But women’s website I am sure it is just stereotypes and prejudices.

To help the child need to as long as he needs it, and until you can give sensible help. What is wrong if dad will deal with 11th grader, how to do integrals? What’s the problem if “groping in the theme” a parent can substitute the tutor on any of the subjects in high school?

How to help your child do homework, if you yourself do not understand school material?

Given the difference of school curricula and teaching methods, and since the end of your school years, you should not be ashamed that you are not able to immediately help the child in preparing homework. There is no shame in that… learning together with your son or daughter! If you help with the lessons every couple of months, and systematically, you can easily get acquainted with the textbook material at the same pace in which the material is fed to schoolchildren – so you can “repeat school” at least until prom!

In our time it is easy to find learning materials on any topic and in any form, from articles, to animated commercials, so additional information is not a problem!

If there’s something strange in modern methods of teaching, it is easy to find manuals for teachers and parents.

And do not think that helping a child with homework, you “cheat” in school – after all, your task is not to the whole family to look good and proper in the eyes of some “teacher”, but the fact that your child really gained new knowledge and learned to use them!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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