How to hide figure flaws with underwear? 10 problems and 10 solutions

You never had to see a woman with four Breasts? Or bolsters on the sides? What about the ears? Or ears instead of Tits hanging to the waist? You see, those women you met.

The cause of all these horrors – the extra weight and wrong underwear. And if you are overweight able to fight only the toughest, the right to choose the linen you can learn everything. Below are a few useful tips. As example, take the lingerie brand Anita – this German brand is one of the oldest and most respected in the world, it comes from 1886.

Problem # 1: the Chest will not fit in the bra and tries to dump out

The diagnosis is simple: lingerie is not enough. Women with large Breasts often buy bras one size smaller in the hope that sitting tight underwear will optically reduce the bust. Unfortunately, things only get worse: the Breasts out of the cups not deep enough, and the neckline cuts into the soft tissue under close-fitting clothes that look like ladies, not two, but all four mammary glands. It’s not only ugly – it is also very harmful: impaired blood circulation and lymph drainage, which is fraught with diseases of the breast.

In properly selected bra chest is freely in the Cup, not getting out either from above or from the axilla. Anita lingerie is designed in accordance with anatomical structure of the female body. Properly tailored Cup often has special side podkraj, rolling in the halter – it safely supports even the most massive chest.

Versailles bra from the Anita is hold even the largest Breasts

Problem No. 2: Short / cuts into the skin of the shoulder

If the straps are too narrow and the chest is too heavy, the shoulders are ugly “grooves”. Over the years of wearing the wrong underwear these grooves become more visible and remain on the body forever. What can I say – not aesthetically pleasing, in addition, it is very unsafe for health.

The right shoulder, especially the bra for large Breasts, should be comfortable. Is it wide or narrow – you decide, but it needs to support the bust so that its entire weight distributed on the entire upper body and not just on the shoulders and neck.

Wide straps bra from Anita Flora unload the back.

Problem No. 3: the Back is lifted up

If the back of the bra ride up – then he is great. Saggy itself, the bra only plays the role of the case – no support.

The backrest is properly sized linen must be placed strictly parallel to the floor. Only then will it perform its main function – to support the breast. And you will feel the bra like a second skin. Or not to feel at all.

Padded seamless bra from Anita Twin Art – your second skin

Issue # 4: Bone crash

Unfortunately, in cheaper bras have underwire poorly handled by the edge – they break through the fabric with his sharp end and cut into the body. It is very dangerous.

The right bra bone has properly processed the ends, and its shape is ergonomic, that is, the anatomic contour of the body. Look at the picture: the bones are on the table, it is clear that they are not flat, but curved. They are curved with the female breast.

Problem No. 5: Briefs

I do not argue – small Thong or g-string is very sexy. But admit it – do you? Can you give one example, when a Thong was an unpleasant sensation where they should not be – a narrow web of panty simply rubbing a blister!

If you have problems with excess weight, you need briefs, perhaps even with corrective effect. A dense fabric and the right cut of slim figure.

Bra and briefs to waist Clara from Anita for large Breasts and wide hips

Issue # 6: “Ears” at the waist

If the belt of your trousers and skirts on the sides of the hanging weight, you need present corrective lingerie, for example – grace. Correct grace shapes the body, corrects the waist, hips and buttocks all around (3600)! Anatomic insert in the middle and on the sides, repeating the location of the oblique muscles, make the stomach flat. If you are going to wear a fitted dress without grace you cannot do.

Grace Clara from Anita can be worn under evening dress and just under the jacket as a top

Problem No. 7: “Ears” on the hips

Save corrective knickers. They not only give a sleek silhouette to your hips. For overweight women, they are essential – without them, the legs can appear rubs and irritation.

Corrective knickers from Anita

The problem (but is this a problem?) # 8 and # 9: are You going to become a mother or to feed your baby

Then you need special lingerie for mom! Prenatal bras “grow” along with the growing Breasts of the expectant mother, and postpartum – have a nice Cup opening for nursing with one hand.

Nursing bra from Anita

Problem No. 10 (the worst, but it is solved): If you have had breast surgery

In this case, you need to make a special linen, no internal seams, soft, but at the same time, gently and securely supports the Breasts. You may need hidden pockets for prosthesis.

You’ll never guess what the photo is of a woman who removed one breast. Correctly chosen lingerie Anita helps women who have suffered such terrible operation, feel in society. They are also attractive and desirable for their husbands, they continue to lead an active lifestyle, play sports, swim in the pool and in the sea. And most importantly – they like themselves, because look great in properly selected lingerie!

We wish our readers never encounter the last challenge! Let the worst thing that happens to you is a little cocked to the back of the bra, because you chose a size too big ?

Video tutorial: How to choose the right bra

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