How to hold back the tears?

On the website “” today we will talk about how to hold back the tears and not to cry at the most inopportune moment. Cause tears can any situation, especially during a woman’s “hormonal storm”. But it is not always appropriate to give them the will.

There are women who skillfully manipulated with tears, receiving concessions in the work or attention in their personal lives.

But what if you don’t want someone to see how you’re upset?

Any psychologist will tell you that if want to cry, you do not need to restrain myself. Crying is the body’s response to stress, emotional discharge, which quickly relieves stress.

Unfortunately, not always to do this allow place, time, and often the pride of the “victim”. Remember though as it looks on the street crying bitterly lonely girl. It causes passers-by to pity and desire to help. This is the best.

Many people prefer to just stare or even shy away from such a spectacle. Crying in the street is not accepted. It is believed that the man who does not know how to hold back tears of resentment, weak; there must be reasonable cause to shed “tears”.

To cry means to stay in shape, with normal makeup, complexion and size of the eyes, to get out of the situation a winner.

To tears at work so to give occasion for gossip. Some recruiters prefer to interview in a hard style, to check whether the applicant is to work in stressful situations or under pressure (we talked about the so-called stress interviews).

So, information on how to learn coolly to hold back the tears, in the modern world can be useful.

Fool the brain

There are several ways to force the brain to focus on other feelings and “forget” about emotions:

  • Pinch yourself in a sensitive place such as the inner thigh or arm, bite your lip. So the body will focus on physical sensations and emotions will recede into the background.
  • Hold your breath and try to survive as long as possible, the body will set aside secondary things in order to prepare for possible emergency.

How to hold back the tears when talking – ambulance

In a situation where you were unfairly hurt and lump in the throat, recommends several limiting sobs techniques:

  • Breathe in slowly, fully concentrating on the process of breathing in and out.
  • Switch your attention to something else, must be a lot of small parts. For example, remember the multiplication table, or mentally go recite favorite poem, remember the phone number of a colleague or count the leaves on the branch of a flower.
  • Drink water slowly in small SIPS, focusing on the process.
  • Your goal is to reduce the intensity of stress at the time when the throat come the tears. To effectively relieve stress with a few sudden movements. Walk around the room, open the window, pull the chair out.
  • If possible, try to immediately leave the premises where the conflict occurred. In times of stress any word of sympathy or pity from other “third” parties is not a way to hold back the tears from the sudden resentment and the password that opens the “celestial abyss”.
  • Go to the ladies room and dampen with cold water whiskey, forehead, hands, elbows, neck. This will help to overcome stress.
  • Keep your eyes open as widely as possible and try not to blink.
  • Try to watch distant past, people better off.
  • Highly raise your eyebrows and hold this, while emotions had calmed down.
  • Lift up your eyes, not raising his head.
  • Relax the muscles of the jaw widely open and close your mouth several times.
  • How to learn to hold back the tears

    If the cause of tears is a person who has wronged you, for example, an angry boss, it is necessary to do everything to your resentment at him firmly replaced by another, equally strong emotion, preferably opposite.

    Imagine how his nagging wife for not handed down in may the tree, as he was teased in school or how he is afraid of spiders. The offense is once reduced, and you will be happier.

    So as to hold back the tears during emotional conversation difficult to spend “a correction of mistakes” when emotions subside. Think about whether you to worry about this situation after six months or a year? No? So crying about it makes no sense.

    “Plug” the question in her head every time you begin to choke back sobs. Remember what the word or expression have caused you and negative emotions? Why are you so upset? Maybe you don’t like loudly? As if this situation has been yours, more stress-friend or girl in is sedatives?

    If you get upset and cry too often, then most likely, you’re not getting enough sleep. Inadequate sleep is a guarantee that at the crucial moment you can’t hold back the tears to cry.

    It is helpful to slightly strengthen the nervous system, for example, to drink a course of vitamins or supplements with omega-3 acids.

    If you want to cry, literally from every little thing, you may want to consult a specialist about the functioning of the thyroid gland. Crying is a way of self – regulation of the body, which will protect your spine and pancreas. Therefore, having mastered the technique of how to hold back the tears, don’t forget a good cry when you’re alone that restrained emotions don’t hurt you.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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