How to improve complexion?

The website “” this article tells its readers about how to improve the complexion. Because, as you know, it was the color of the skin largely determines the attractiveness of women.

Uniform healthy complexion and a light blush on the cheeks draws attention to itself. Conversely, sallow complexion looks disgusting, and no cosmetics are unable to hide it.

How to improve skin complexion?

Most women do not even think about how to improve the color of your face. They have long become accustomed to your reflection in the mirror and I don’t need to change anything in their appearance.

And with the constant worries when you need to combine work with household chores, taking care of yourself absolutely no time.

This is why the only means used by us in order to somehow improve the complexion, is often only powder and concealer.

We tend to neglect their appearance, delaying her care for the future. But this attitude is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

But if we don’t start to work on yourself now, years later, to return to its former appeal will be either too difficult or too expensive.

But to change the color of the skin can each of us. And it doesn’t take a lot of time.

So, first and foremost, you should forget about the harmful habits. Smoking, alcohol, fatty foods and sweets — all this spoils the skin and makes it look dull and painful. The sooner you start to watch your diet and often on the street, the more likely you will notice a definite change for the better.

Products, improving the complexion

If you are puzzled over how to improve the color of the skin, you should begin with normalization of his diet. Be sure to include in the diet of the corresponding products, which favorably affect the skin condition.

  • So, first and foremost, you need to remember about the constant needs of the body in pure water. Human skin consists of 70% water, and therefore the first to suffer dehydration — it instantly loses its elasticity, it begins to clearly appear wrinkles. 7-8 glasses of water a day is enough to rectify the situation. They will return your skin look younger, gives her a healthy glow. That’s just not worth it to replace the water with tea or coffee, as these drinks have the opposite — the withdrawal of fluid from the body.
  • If the list of products, improving the complexion, not to mention fatty fish. They contain many nutrients as well as vitamins A and E, especially beneficial for our skin. Lack of these vitamins causes the skin to fade faster, and therefore we should not neglect them. In addition to fish, they are also found in liver, butter, sour cream and cream.
  • Porridge. If you’re a daily cook for Breakfast rice, buckwheat or oatmeal, then after a week you will notice their positive effects on your body. These grains remove toxins and effectively eliminate toxins. And, in the first place, the effect is exactly the color of the skin. For variety you can add to cereal milk, various nuts and dried fruits, making them even more useful.
  • Another tool that helps to cleanse the body and rid toxins, are citrus. Oranges, lemons and tangerines beneficial effect on the liver. If you have on these products allergies, then you can feel free to replace them with kiwi, which has approximately the same properties. Thanks to these fruits to your skin will quickly return health, youth and beauty.
  • Carrot juice is another product that improves the complexion. In addition, it is useful for the skin itself, it also gives it a light tan. This will allow you to make the complexion more uniform, without resorting to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. The result from drinking carrot juice, you can watch in a week.
  • Folk and cosmetics, improving complexion

    Today, there are a huge number of folk as well as modern means to improve the complexion. You can give preference to any of them or use them combined.

    • A great mask that improves complexion, obtained from beet, carrot or orange. Good effect has also use raw potato. These masks are made by a simple scheme. So, for example, grated carrot should be rubbed with a little olive oil and apply on clean face. After 20 minutes, you should wash with warm water and blot skin with a towel. Don’t forget after using the mask, apply a nourishing cream.
    • The website recommends for improving skin on the face to resort to natural coffee. It tones the skin, makes it velvety and gives it a light salloway shade.
    • If you are interested in modern cream that improves complexion, then you should give preference to proven and well recognized brands. Be sure to read the indications for use of various cosmetic products and avoid counterfeits. Note that the composition of the relevant cosmetics included such substances as polyfractal and manganese, as they have a positive effect on the complexion.

    More about useful fruit facial masks you can learn from our article here. But if you decided to give preference to cosmetic products that improve the condition and appearance of the skin, we recommend you to read articles of women’s website “” on BB and CC creams.

    Thus, the correct answers to the question of how to improve complexion, now you know. Very often to achieve an attractive appearance without excessive time and cost.

    All you need is only a desire to look better, and, of course, a little effort towards your goal.

    The author — Tamara Belchenko, site

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