How to improve performance

Women’s website “” today will give you a few effective recipes, how to improve performance, to work was a joy and bore fruit.

Today you are ready to move mountains, and tomorrow morning I can not even make a call to the client.

The colleague in the morning already managed to sign a contract, make a report and even to the gym to go to. And you have more work – the horse is not lying. “That’s quite a commitment, quietly jealous of you – I would so!”. Favorite site will help.

High performance is a relative concept. Someone can work for long hours without feeling tired, and someone concentrates for no longer than 15 minutes.

You can’t start to do something wriggling in one place, thinking about anything but not about work. You can constantly distract various factors – noise outside the window, talking on the phone or even smells. People often have a lack of energy, tinnitus, drowsiness, General sluggishness. In the end the working week ends, and the project was never begun.

Add here the feeling of guilt, insomnia and stress – a vicious circle called the “reduced efficiency”. Given the frantic pace of life, doctors, psychologists and time-managers have started to think about how to improve human performance, and came up with something.

Ergonomics and Feng Shui workplace

Don’t feel that I can start working? Close your eyes and feel, what factors distract you.

Then mercilessly slaughter them: close the window if you’re stopping the outside noise, put on headphones relaxing music, turn off notifications on the mobile.

If we talk about the universal tips, you should be as comfortable at your workplace: put things in order, if that reassures you, or put all the right things (nail file, a favorite photo, a plate with nuts) at arm’s length, if the “creative mess” inspires you.

In front of your eyes should always be a red object, because it is the color that increases the efficiency. Add some more blue and green, as red itself can cause aggression.

Something we had stayed…

It is not for nothing physical inactivity is called the disease of the XXI century. The lack of movement entails oxygen deprivation, failures of the digestive, circulatory, and musculoskeletal systems. After the eight-hour working day you feel like a squeezed lemon. Like not doing the hard work, and you just want to fall down and sleep (and sleep is something just not right).

Physical activity “clarify the mind”, saturate the body with oxygen, increase blood circulation – just what you need for high performance.

Not necessarily every day hour to sweat in the gym, but to pass two or three kilometers of daily – required. Regular physical exercise is the answer to the question of how to increase physical performance, and endurance depends on the quality of mental work.

To fill the shortage of oxygen in the body can help breathing exercises. At least, try to breathe at their full strength, not abruptly. At first, you will need to control myself, but soon full of the breath coming into your habit.


Each person there are periods of rise and decline in performance. Scientists have divided conditionally a day for such time periods and call them biorhythms, the key to how to improve mental performance, but your personal body can be not agree with them. Watch your biorhythms and try to the important and urgent work to do just when you feel energized.

You may have to adjust work schedule – you only have to convince the boss to let you come to work after lunch ?

Another secret is to do at a certain moment only one task. Close the tabs with social networks, put the phone to “airplane”, ignore coworkers, and simply “do what’s in front of your nose” © Buddha. The result is a half finished project for a work day.

If you develop muscles help regular exercise at the gym, increase the efficiency of the brain will help him constant training. To remember phone numbers, to count, to add all the numbers that you see around is a good habit for “hardening” of the brain.

Solve logic puzzles (now the sea of websites and apps for smartphones on this subject), play intellectual games, read and develop imagination – all of this you need to find the time, the more that it must be not so much. A flexible mind is “fired” at the right moments much faster.

Eat and gain strength

When an unbalanced diet of the person will not be able to work in full force, so to start try and have at the same time – at least in order to sort your biorhythms. There are products that increase the performance:

  • eggplant (Niacin helps to enhance brain function)
  • cumin, carrots, ginger improve memory (carrots definitely make the sour cream to better absorb carotene)
  • raisins, dried apricots, nuts and seeds (just don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll gain weight in the stomach and the opposite effect)
  • eggs, fish, buckwheat, oats contain vitamin b, which is well stimulates the brain

Funds performance-enhancing not telling you to increase performance by increasing the number of cups of coffee or tea. It gives a temporary effect, but the body definitely will react a little later by exhaustion.

Psychologists believe that a hidden anxiety is the main factor of low efficiency, hindering to concentrate on the current moment. Therefore instead of energy drinks is much better to take drugs that enhance blood circulation of the brain.

Common and affordable means of fatigue and stress today is glycine. This is a proteinogenic amino acid, which regulates metabolism, normalizes the nervous system, increases mental performance and reduces emotional stress. Simply put, glycine relieve anxiety, and improve performance.

Of all the ways how to increase performance, choose the one which fits you the most, experiment and kombineras several. You easy work and great prizes!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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