How to improve relations with neighbors?

Women’s website “” gives a few tips on how to improve relations with neighbors – people with whom we are forced to live side by side. Even if you have no idea who lives in the apartment opposite, and the house at night, it is better to correct the situation.

The neighbor may be, and will not become your best friend, but to know her name, at least in case of an emergency. We’ll show you how to make friends with problematic neighbors, and how not to become an outcast in an apartment building.

Just in case

Friend of the author one day woke up this morning with a terrible flu. Called the doctor, but found that the apartment does not work the intercom. She turned to her neighbor asking to use her intercom. An elderly woman saw my friend for the first time and, of course, refused.

So the husband of the sick were forced to watch in the January cold waiting for the local doctor to spend it in the house.

This example, of course, is not so significant compared to more serious situations.

Know how to establish normal relations with its neighbors, is at least in order to rely on them, if you lose your keys, you need someone to keep the baby, or to your house trying to get outside.

Repair – the main stumbling block

If your family is planning a repair, it is desirable to notify next-door neighbors. Talk to the residents of each apartment, ask them for some time to suffer the inconvenience.

Talk, how much time can last the repair work. Assure them that it’s in your interest to complete the repairs as quickly as possible.

Sometimes Vice versa – repair do the neighbors, and you need quiet at least a couple of hours in the day to do important work or to put the baby.

Try to agree on a kind of “quiet hours”, during which the crew goes to lunch. It’s important to “time of silence” was observed every day.

How to meet and build relationships with neighbors

Follow the example of the heroines of Hollywood films and bring new neighbors and personally prepared the meal. You don’t need to explain or tell about the purpose of your gift, and also to impose, to be invited into the house and drink tea. Who knows, maybe you came in not quite the right time.

If your family has just moved into a new apartment, you can call neighbors in the area to visit and to make a symbolic holiday housewarming – specially in the purpose of Dating.

The solution combines

Ask the neighbors to clean in the yard or build a flower bed. In winter you can attract the residents of the house to insulate the Windows in the stairwell. This option is ideal if you have been living in the house, but do not know how to establish good relations with neighbors, because none of them know.

After the shock of Saturday recommends to organize a small picnic with homemade sandwiches.

Creative print ad and hang it in the stairwell or the Elevator. There are several things here.

  • First, you as the organizer have to spend on trash bags, gloves and possibly prepare a big thermos of hot coffee.
  • Secondly, be prepared for the fact that you have to Tinker in the garden on their own, if no one will respond.
  • Third, there is a risk that this initiative will result in the fact that your candidate nominated for the post of the head of the HOA.

Unspoken rules of good neighborliness

  • The best way how to quickly build relationships with your neighbors is the friendliness. Always greet the neighbors, even those whom you don’t know close. Not necessarily to start a conversation about the weather, just say “Hello” and smile.
  • Sometimes to restore order in the stairwell, if you do not have a timetable for cleaning. The neighbors will certainly appreciate.
  • No littering on the Playground, not to leave out garbage, especially construction.
  • Handle minor requests, like to look after a neighbor’s apartment, water the flowers, feed the cat, to borrow salt. In this case, you can always count on the same services.
  • To change the extinguished lamp on the ground, not waiting until it will make someone else. You don’t mind, and the darkness in the corridor is unsafe.
  • The perfect way to spoil and not to improve relations with neighbors is to ignore the financial rules. To join the “neighborhood team” will always have to hand over money for needs at home and to participate in meetings and discussions.
  • Have the phone numbers of neighbors from the apartment above and below, if there’s a flood.
  • If you need to put any thing on the Playground or in the hallway, tell the neighbors about it, apologize for the inconvenience, promise to remove it as quickly as possible and fulfill this promise.
  • If you want to establish and keep relations with the neighbors, not listen, and even more – not to spread gossip. New neighbors do not just talk about yourself the whole story, you first meet them.
  • Versatile people don’t exist, so we brought only a few ways to improve relations with its neighbors – the right approach you should find yourself.

    Remember that your neighbors are human beings, just like you, and it is better not to bring matters to a direct confrontation, but if it happened, is always profitable for both parties just to talk and agree!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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