How to improve self esteem teenager?

Puberty is an important period of personality formation of the child, which he is learning to objectively assess their strength. Parents and other adults surrounding him at this time can have a significant impact on the child: self-esteem Teens or contribute to the formation of a number of complexes.

The website “” today we introduce our readers with recommendations of teachers and psychologists concerning the care of adolescents in the forming of a correct assessment of his ability.

The influence of parents on the formation of the self-esteem of a teenager

In adolescence children begin to worry about what they think about peers and friends, the opinion of parents is for them not so important. However, it is on the basis of a parental relationship to his children-adolescents get their basic ideas about their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, mom and dad, and other adult relatives who communicate with the child almost every day and take an active part in his upbringing, it is necessary to observe some rules.

  • Never compare your child with others. Even if these comparisons are from the series “…you draw much better than Petit and run faster Vani”, any benefit to the child they will not bring and will not help the teenager to raise their self-esteem. From early childhood you need to explain to your child that each person is unique. Compare it to be just him in the past, helping him to notice even very small achievements.
  • The criticism should be avoided overall assessment of the child’s personality, saying he’s “bast”, “caught Napping”, “rude”, “ignorant”, etc. And words like “fool”, “idiot” parents should be excluded from his remarks in the dialogue with the teen. The need to criticize only the act or a mistake, but not most teenagers. For example, if a boy was in school a bad mark due to the fact that poorly prepared for the lesson, you need to explain to him that to blame the laziness with which he must deal. And until he overcome laziness, access to a computer or tablet for it to be closed.
  • The question how to improve self esteem teenager, plays a considerable role in parents ‘ attitude to his personality. Hyper – one of the main culprits for the development of children in school age various complexes. A child must learn to make decisions and take responsibility for them. In the family of a teenager should be seen as an adult, allowing him to Express his own opinion.
  • It is important to teach children to understand that people are not perfect. So do not be afraid to tell children about their failures. Let them know that success in life is achieved not those who have all turned out the first time, and those who showed tenacity and after the first failure was not afraid to try again.
  • Praise is the best means to raise the self-esteem of the teenager, suffering from complexes. Mom will always be able to find in the son or daughter positive qualities for which he will love.
  • The child of this age, especially the boy, it is impossible sharply to deny the request to purchase a good modern phone. Unfortunately, a broken dream of your own gadget has repeatedly been the cause of teenage suicides. If at the time of the request child’s family is experiencing financial difficulties, you need to ask for patience, promising to buy the coveted phone after a certain period of time.
  • The website learned from psychologists that it is also impossible to save money on clothes of a teenager. It is the younger school student can wear the stuff he got from the older children in the family, boy or girl from age 12 to 17 years should try to dress according to the fashion of teenagers, especially girls, give it great importance. For girls, puberty generally everything that is related to her appearance.

How to improve self esteem teenager girl

Even very pretty girls after 11 years you start to doubt your attractiveness, and if the period of hormonal surge, is accompanied by problems with the skin and hair, the self-esteem of the young representatives of the fair half drops very low. They seriously suffer from any defect.

To boost the self-esteem of the teenage girl, mom and dad must make some effort.

  • If the girl really is appearance defects, you need to help her them to adjust or eliminate. For example, in our time, it is realistic to treat malocclusion or to eliminate skin problems.
  • The mother should not ban her to use decorative cosmetics. On the contrary, she must help her daughter to buy the right lipstick, mascara, cosmetic pencils, etc.
  • How to improve self esteem teenage daughter should know a father. It is from the sincerity of his compliments will depend on the attitude of the girls by their appearance. The Pope, who calls their daughter a beauty and a Princess, puts a real gem of self-confidence directly into her unsuspecting heart.

There are also a number of General psychological tips on how to gain confidence in their abilities, which can not be amiss to acquaint young people suffering from inferiority complex.

How to help Teens increase self-esteem

Experience shows, that to become self-confident, maybe even a very shy person. The main thing that he really wanted to.

To raise self-esteem will help the following psychological techniques:

  • Affirmations, or statements like “I love myself the way I am” or “I deserve respect of others.” Such affirmation can be printed in a large font and place on the wall in his room or write on a small piece of paper and put in wallet. Every time before sleep and immediately after waking up, affirmation have to be repeated several times out loud.
  • Fellowship with positive people. To raise their self-esteem, Teens often need to meet friends who really appreciate it and know how optimistic to perceive the surrounding reality. But arrogant, selfish people better to keep at a distance from himself.
  • Something for everyone. Psychologists have long proved a favorite thing saves nearly all the ills of life. An interesting hobby is also considered one of the best ways of gaining confidence.
  • To raise the self-esteem of shy adolescents will also participate in charity events, helping other people.
  • The ability to accept praise and compliments is also an important moment for the formation of self-esteem. In response to your kind words should briefly answer a polite “thank you.” No need to detract from its merits.
  • Challenge your fears. Psychologists say that any fears need to be overcome. Adolescents have many fears, but most of all they are afraid to look funny, ridiculous, unattractive. To help your teen improve self-esteem, you need to show him that to be funny – not so scary. To do this, boy or girl to participate in the fun and play in some ridiculous costume. The game model of the situation that causes fear, will help you to prepare for similar circumstances in life.
  • Parents should understand that shyness of many Teens is not a feature of their age. It is common to only children with low self-esteem who really need the help and support of adults. If not to help a teenager improve self-esteem, children’s complexes can go into adulthood and become a serious obstacle on the path to success.

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