How to increase eyelashes at home

How to increase eyelashes at home? How to do it fast? What tools can I use? Talk about the techniques that work for 1 day.

No one will argue that the best way to increase eyelashes is. They can be used to heal the hair, enhance their growth, to restore the freshness and health of the skin of the eyelids. But have these methods one important drawback — they work very long. So to get a minimal noticeable effect from using castor oil, you must use it at least a month daily. But what about when you need immediate results? How to lengthen eyelashes at home? Solution would be extension methods and visual extend with the carcass.

Home building

Eyelash extensions at home provides the most instant results when you need to look especially attractive. For it can be used in ready-made sets of cilia: in the form of beams, long or short strips (short applied to the half century). To increase eyelashes at home using false eyelashes will also need glue (best buy safe professional composition that does not cause irritation of the eyes).

Rules and features

  • Cilia bundles will take care of natural and the effect of the opinion, as they increase the density of hairs. The tape will make it luxurious, to create the effect of a vamp or a Barbie doll. Therefore, the first option is suitable for daytime activities, the other for evening.
  • Apply lashes after make-up, so it is advisable to practice doing it. Start with the outer corner of the eye, moving toward the inside.
  • The tape is attached to the eyelid, and bundles — to the native cilia, near the century. In the latter case, the hairs are applied only to the middle of the eyes, not grasping the inner corner.
  • False hair solve the question of how to lengthen eyelashes at home for 1 day. But their lifespan is short. Before going to sleep they must be removed by special means. To sleep with decorations beauticians strongly recommend.

Visual increase

To make lashes long and thick using visual techniques. And the best helper in this matter will be your favorite mascara. To lengthen your eyelash by using mascara, use a high-quality tool. Distinguish it will allow no odor or a mild sweet flavor and smooth consistency, without lumps.

Complete increase eyelash at home in the following way:

  • powder the eyelashes slightly go over them with a thick brush with the usual dust;
  • quickly apply the first coat of mascara. Lightly touching the hair, go over them with a brush like a comb;
  • firmly press the brush to the base of the eyelashes, and start to move to their outer edge. When this spin brush and move it right and left. Difficult? Not at all, just need a bit of practice;
  • paint mascara on the lashes the third time. Do it the usual way, moving from the base to the tips, lightly.
  • It is better to choose a mascara that not only tints, but also cares for the eyelashes. The composition of such funds include vitamins a and E, keratin, Biotin, UV filters, lanolin. They protect the hair, improve their structure and promote growth.

    There are other ways to visually enlarge eyelashes:

    • Curl them. This should be done using special forceps. Thanks to them, the cilia acquire a spectacular bend, become fluffy. It is important not to overdo it, trying to make this bow is extremely expressive, as you risk to break off them completely.
    • Use eyeliner. Using liquid detergents or in the form of a pencil, you will give the hair more density. Choose a concealer in a tone of mascara for the best effect.

    Lash care for their growth

    To make your eyelashes grow long and healthy, to care for them. This can be done using home remedies. So the perfect solution, how to increase growth of eyelashes, becomes:

    • Vegetable oil should be applied to do the hair, avoiding contact with the eyelids. To stimulate growth, use peach and almond oil, helps against breakage sunflower and olive. The best option for complex rehabilitation of the cilia are considered to be of castor and burdock oil. You can improve the tool by adding vitamins a and E. the Tool should be applied daily, for about 1 hour to thoroughly cleansed lashes.
    • Multi-vitamins — their deficiency manifests with fragility, loss of eyelashes. Recommended to take vitamin complexes, which include vitamins a, E, C and B5 and B12. And adjust diet. Include beef, butter, fish and greens, enrich it with fruits and vegetables.
    • Ready cosmetic products — avoid products with hormones, since it is impossible to predict their effect on your body. But very useful are vitamin formulations, where in addition to oils contain panthenol, keratin, proteins, melanin, glycerol. Comprehensive and gentle care of hair, care about their growth.

    To ensure the growth of the cilia in the home will help simple and affordable tools. And thanks to the techniques of visual magnification you can decide how look spectacular in casual time and at celebrations.

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