How to increase milk supply nursing mom?

Breastfeeding is the key to full physical, psychological and mental development of the child. Each mother has a unique composition of breast milk, which is perfect to her child, providing it all necessary for growth and development nutrients. So the establishment of lactation , followed by maintaining it at the appropriate level – the primary task for the young mother.

Lactation depends on many factors and under adverse conditions the production of milk in women can be reduced, so the young mother need to know how to increase lactation if necessary. How to do it, knows a womens website “” and he will gladly share the secrets to increase lactation with their readers.

How to increase the breast milk: General guidelines

On the process of lactation is affected by many factors, chief among which is the woman’s desire to breast-feed her positive attitude on breastfeeding.

If a woman is due to various reasons don’t want to breastfeed, any attempts to increase lactation will be useless.

Often a young mother doubts that she will be able to nurse your baby, it seems that in the breast milk is not enough and the child eats not, she wants to know how to increase lactation. In this case, it is important from the outset to competently organize breast-feeding, and then future problems with the amount of milk will not.

Here’s how to do it.

Feed on demand

The milk in the breast is produced as long as her child is devastating. Therefore it is very important to attach the baby to the breast in the first minutes of his life and then not feed him on time, and on demand.

In the period of lactation (first two months) the newborn need to offer the breast as often as possible, not forgetting about the night feedings.

Feed at night

Night feeding is mandatory, as it is at night the hormone prolactin, responsible for milk supply.

Two Breasts in one feeding

The second breast to offer the baby after a full discharge first. The next feeding is the first to offer the breast, which was completed the previous feeding, it will help to increase lactation nursing mother.

To abandon the nipple and bottles

The substitution of the breast a nipple or feeding, even breast milk, from a bottle can cause a child to be reluctant to take the breast or wrong to capture. To extract milk from the breast he has to exert more effort than sucking from a bottle, so in the future it can and does refuse the breast in favor of bottles.

And about harm of pacifiers we have already told in a separate article.


Another means of increasing lactation, is relaxation. The release of milk from the breast affected by the hormone oxytocin, the development of which directly depends on the emotional state of the nursing mother. If the mother is nervous before feeding, oxytocin is produced is very small, and the child is difficult to suck from the breast of its milk.

Conversely, at a calm and rested mom a child can easily suck all the milk, because the body enough oxytocin to force the muscle fibers to contract and “squeeze” the milk in the ducts.

Eat right and drink plenty of fluids

Nursing mom doesn’t have to eat for two: for the production of milk does not affect the amount of food and its quality. The main condition – the diet should be balanced and contain all the necessary nutrients.

The daily volume of fluids needed for a full lactation, – 1,5-2 l

How to increase milk supply when pumping?

Already long ago destroyed the myth that you need to be decanted after each feeding. Today are increasingly talking about the dangers of constant pumping to breastfeeding and women’s health. If the child gets the breast on demand, the need to Express more often than not occurs.

However, there are situations in which emptying of the breast “manually” is the only way to increase or maintain lactation at the appropriate level.

Episodic (not regular!) pumping is justified in the following cases:

  • problems with sucking because of the prematurity of the newborn;
  • a necessary (short) separation of mother and child;
  • receiving the mother is incompatible with the feeding of the drug.
  • problems with feeding: crack, lactostasis, mastitis;
  • reduction of lactation.

However, when pumping can occur problems with the milk supplybecause no pump can’t empty the breast as would the child. knows when pumping to increase milk supply, and recommends use of the following tips:

  • before pumping take a warm shower or put on the breast with warm towel, this will stimulate blood flow to the breast and will greatly facilitate pumping;
  • before pumping try to relax, look at the baby or think about him;
  • for pumping to choose a time when you will not hurry: at rest the milk will come faster;
  • specific time for pumping should depend on the degree of filling of the breast. Most often, the Breasts filled with milk in the morning.

Foods that increase lactation

“” will not list the foods that increase milk production in young mothers, as it is difficult to single out any specific products, with “lactiferous” effect. In this case, correct to speak of the effect of “placebo”, when the nursing mother attributes to individual products, the ability to increase lactation: feeding on them, the woman seems to milk it becomes more.

Remember: lactation depends on how balanced the diet of nursing mothers!

In order to develop sufficient amounts of milk, every day she needs to eat 200 grams of lean meat or fish, 250 g of yogurt or milk, 100-150 g of cottage cheese 5-9% fat, and 20-30 g of cheese. Proper and balanced diet will save nursing mother from questions such as: how to increase lactation.

We should not forget about the liquid: it is recommended fruit juices, compotes, herbal tea, weak black tea, weak coffee, still mineral and pure drinking water.

How to increase lactation folk remedies?

The most famous plants”moleculename” are fennel, anise, caraway and dill seeds. They can grind and gradually add to food, but you can make them teas and take in the day.

  • Cup boiling water pour a teaspoon without top seed and take a quarter Cup every hour, and after a few hours you will feel how milk arrives. To make a decoction of it is recommended no longer than three days before each feeding.

If I had not happened, you should look for a different grass. It could be lemon balm, mint or oregano, these herbs relieve nervous overloads, thus stimulating lactation.

If these herbs will be useless, you can try nettle, raspberry leaves, marshmallow root or dandelion. Using the suggestions of folk medicine, you will definitely choose a tool that will help to increase lactation.

Of these plants it is possible to prepare infusions or decoctions, using each no longer than 10 days. Before using folk remedies should consult with a doctor to ensure that the child did not appear to them an allergic reaction.

To improve lactation can be used specifically designed for this finished teas and blends. Usually they assortment in every pharmacy and Department store baby food.

Before you rush to the search of ways how to increase lactation, “” recommends that a nursing mother not to dwell on this issue, and to enjoy motherhood and more rest.

As experience shows, have a happy and cheerful mother’s lack of milk does not happen!

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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