How to keep the male – female secrets

How to conquer a man, we know already 100 times about it read. But each of us know that the most difficult man to hold.

Man like a ball: when a woman releases it from his hands, he dissolved, and when it takes in hand, he disappears.

What to do, so he doesn’t pull up and bloom?

Acquainted with his Prince, intrigued him, engaged with him a beautiful future, until we are happy that you are ready for this relationship to sacrifice almost everything.

Well, how can we not sacrifice? For a loved one — anything! And we dedicate beloved as much time as he needs, often at the expense of their own Hobbies and interests, which is becoming less and less, and the circle of friends is shrinking all the while not confined to a single man. And why do we need someone else? After all, the business seems to be going to the wedding…

So often, walking in lush gardens and its own dreams of a happy inseparable life, we stop noticing almost all the changes taking place in the relationship, as well as the most important changes in the behavior of the partner. And notice, usually too late — after learning about the affair or getting a breakup is supposed to get married.

And starting a long overdue analysis of the relationship wondering — what else did he want? He got everything from me! Such thinking is very common erroneous conclusions: “All men are bastards!”, “They don’t know what I want!” and so forth.

But we’re not going to stereotype! So let’s try to understand the mechanisms that make a man lose interest in once-beloved woman. Understanding them and also putting into practice the tips shown below, you will be able to build such relationships that benefit you and only you, and always remain “number one” for their man.

So, why men are cool?

First, each person is characterized by a desire of novelty. But if women satisfy it by buying new boots or repainted hair, men, conquerors and conquerors by nature, looking for novelty in relations.

Second, it plays an important role in the aggressive instinct. It can not be undone, he can play along. How to do it, read below.)

Thirdly, the importance of women falling due to her behavior. There are people to chat with which can be, whenever you want — they are available, and there are more “scarce”, the availability of which — a matter of chance. Who prefer to communicate in the first place?

As you know, every action has a reaction.
Cooled? Tie it to itself so that it would be manual!

Will saysim its importance in his eyes.

It will have to do some changes in yourself to become the kind of girl he will not get tired to love — strong, independent, successful and even a little bitchy (well, what can you do — it is known that only one loves and the other allows himself to love… and if you’re ready for an endless stream of his love — do a little — let him love you).

1. To cause fear of loss

Keep him in suspense. You shape your value. You’re a darling! You scarce!

Try to play with him in this game:
“Closer — farther”.
Some time to be with him really sweet and nice, and then — again! — and disappear. Designate a meeting — “no, I can’t tonight”, he calls — you are not at home, and, if the house is “Oh, no, sorry.”

The timing may be different. If you meet every day that week, so the separation will confuse him. That’s right!.. If once a week — even missing a month. Sets the period of separation so that, on the one hand, married adopted you, on the other hand, was not for him a reason to think that you broke up.

Let them have time to get bored. He will wrestle with your behavior. And imagine his emotions when meeting!

Most likely, you will not be easy to do. Yes, I know this… of Course you unbearably want to call him or go. You keep yourself occupied. I wanted to make a call dial the number of a friend, I wanted to meet, go to a movie or shopping. Always remember that you are working on the result, and it is, trust me, worth it! Besides, by reading the paragraph 3, you will understand for themselves where to direct their energy and inner strength, and perhaps you will have time to be bored!

And here’s another game that are real Heartbreakers.

“Today or tomorrow”.
Method of carrot and stick. Today, you’re powerful. You like and you praise it just about anything, agree with everything, behave gently and embody the ideal of the ideals.
And tomorrow — cold bitch. Be fancy, do caustic remarks, don’t let them touch you. And not a word about the reasons! Let him seek them in yourself…

Don’t have to do the day change time, so he in any case could not foresee in what guise you come to him today. The most important thing here is contrast. You’re different, you’re always new. He will understand that you absolutely do not know.

The main thing — from time to time to change tactics, to connect the imagination and flexibility. Make him look at himself differently.

2. Constantly create competition for themselves

Let him know that he’s not the only one. Never try to force yourself.

You need to have a choice, the choice of those people who can help (someone to talk to, to go for a walk, etc.), if He says no, that in no case do not force it, not to impose. Better to punish. Then.

“Honey, could you come, I need to move the wardrobe. Not today? Okay, don’t bother, I’ll ask Misha.” Going to fly in on wings!

Around you must be men are not as good as he isthat interested in you. He should understand that you many want, but only receives it. This, combined with your “temporary coldness” and fear of losing you is a great motivation in order to win a woman over and over again.

And to enhance this motivation and give food to his aggressive instinct, you propose a game that E. Bern is wonderful called , “come on damn it!”. She goes on “hurrah” in mixed company. The point is simple: to bring together a couple of his fans and force them to compete for the right to gain your attention. You can maintain a defiantly equal to all the location, and you can pick one, leave another, of course, a loophole for hope. Men “do not feed bread” — give to demonstrate his coolness in front of the beautiful lady!

Be playful. Attitude yourself in Flirty mood — without this, no game will bring the result. Play, you’re a woman! And women is given by nature…

The internal state of the coquetry is the desire to please men, plus confidence in his appearance (not necessarily to do hair in the salon), plus an openness, that is desire to take. Create this state (and there is a cute half-smile and slightly wicked gleam in his eyes) — and more!

Enjoy the game!

Hold yourself in the mood begin serving attentions. It’s so easy and natural! On one man slightly to hold the look, then quickly avert their eyes, then began to look? Hooked! Another way to send a sweet smile in that moment, when everyone will laugh at any joke. Replied with a warm smile — so, and this fell!

Be generous — give away smiles, warm looks, small compliments, a short touch, and you will see that the attention of most men focused on you.

Safety note: try not to send too obvious sexual signals (languid glances, stroking different surfaces, lip-licking, etc.), they can be interpreted not in your favor. Create the impression of cheerful, cheerful, a bit mysterious, Flirty, but no more, girls.

Perhaps you know people have a question like: “How you behave unusually…”, which is cryptically reply: “I Just have a really good mood tonight!..”

3. To expand the circle of communication and to have a hobby

The most common female mistake is to leave their Hobbies for the sake of the beloved.

Men rarely do that. It turns out — he’s enthusiastic about something, it develops, and you’re standing on the ground. So you can really get bored — who likes to communicate with a limited and fixated (albeit very loving) person?..

Find a fascinating hobby — the appearance of your favorite things will give you a great deal: bring your knowledge to new levels (how nice to be professional!), expand the circle (there may be many interesting men — what is the scope for creating competition!), you will always have something to do — increase your independence. A more serious favorite work lead to a natural personal growth. Professional — always an interesting person.

He needs to see that you are a successful womanwho is passionate about something else besides him! And you’re not ready to sacrifice for him.

So, doing interesting work and putting him in his power, you get:

  • Independence and commitment: you have an interesting case and its purpose. Striving for your goal, you increase your identity.
  • New knowledge: you wonder, nice to talk to. You are developing and not standing still.
  • New Dating competition increases. You are interesting not only him but also others. He will have to be in suspense, to you somebody stole.
  • He will know — step right, step left — and he’ll lose you.
  • He all thoughts are only about you. And there will be time for another!

4. Future programming

I mean, it’s not out of the realm of extrasensory perception. Although somewhere very close — in fact, these techniques aren’t noticed by the conscious attention, and therefore very effective.

You need to give him support for planning a future together. So many joint rituals. For example, every Sunday evening you spend together. And nothing else. May develop into a persistent habit, and if he ever can’t spend the evening with you, to be sure, guilt is guaranteed.

Rituals you can come up with a lot: watch a pair of lovers — they have a lot built on rituals. Very useful together to make plans: for a week, for a month on vacation (“we’ll Go this week to the cinema?”, “And come summer, the sea let’s go!”, etc.).

Staying unconsciously, these rituals reshape his vision of the future. He, without knowing it, you enter into their life plans.

Do not forget that, creating the present, you form the past. So — focus on pleasant memories. Make him gifts that will remind about you. Better if it is not a thing to be put in the far corner and forget, and the things encountered daily (the alarm clock with a nice melody, lovely mug, stylish handle).

Giving a gift, accompany it with a comment with the necessary suggestion (“Every time you drink from this mug, you’ll remember me. And with each SIP from it your love for me will be all the stronger.” Nice smile and move the conversation to another topic. He won’t forget it).

But, building joint plans, keep a sense of proportion. Avoid open language about marriage and children, this is a dangerous topic. As said S. Gorin: “the Best way to get rid of guy of twenty years — to say that dream from him to give birth. The best way to bind to a thirty — to say the same thing.” So choose according to the situation.

But this way of programming his behaviour is particularly effective when a small “experience” of relations. Formulate your wish and put it in the conversation in the form of a small sankarachariya. For example, “I love when I give flowers”, or “I really love unexpected gifts”, or “I am pleased when a man praises me,” “I’ll never forget the man who will bring me coffee in bed.” He certainly will consider it.

5. Intriguing and not to disclose himself completely

He thinks he knows you by heart? Well now you can prove the opposite!

Intrigue means to generate a lot of questions in his mind regarding you and your relationship, and hope to receive answers.

Interest is a powerful tool that forces his thoughts to return again and again to you and the topic that you will be affected. Skillfully use this tool, make up your own unexpected solutions, and to start, use the following recipes:

Create innuendo. Call him and say, “Oh, I’ve heard about you, that… (cut off his story, not answering his questions) Sorry, gotta go, late… talk to you later”.

Take its expectation. “I’ll tell you it tomorrow or Wednesday night.” The wait can be anything. For example, a gift (“I got a wonderful surprise. You’ll love it! Only have to wait a bit”).

Reveal his “secret”. Once my friend wrote a Text to my boyfriend about this effect: “I talked with your mom and something about you know. I understand this is your secret. But I can’t believe you really so cruel?..” The result was there! Plenty namuchi him, she told his “secret” — that he once in his childhood he flies to tear the wings.

Try telling him: “today I have your friends met…Talked. And you were talking about. There’s something I’ve heard about you. Now I know one of your secrets”. Then abruptly change the subject and not answer any questions.

Imaginary danger. Call and say you need to talk (“It’s very important can’t say on the phone. Don’t worry though — all will be well!”). Yes, a little scared. But then you calm him down — I would say that, for example, decided to go with him to a sex shop for whips and handcuffs. (Of course, you don’t have to do that. Of course, discouraged).

This list could go on and on, but it would be better and more productive if you keep it yourself.

Safety note: Use these recipes as needed. Don’t push it, and then you just stop believing. And remember that innuendo still have to “finish”, waiting to meet, and secrets to uncover. That is to say something necessary. So prepare in advance harmless (as my friend). Remember that your response is addressed to his mind, so it should be logical, and your intriguing question — to the unconscious, and therefore it must be mysterious and uncertain. And let the outside it will look like the next portion of “female stuff” — we know HOW it all works!

Now you have all the tools not only to keep you need for men, but for self-improvement. It remains only to ACT, your goal will be achieved! You’re a self-motivated woman! explanation of the source

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